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Krak kak

Jul 4, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/4/99

july 4 1999
LA/Orange County

Hello all, this is Lee from Sonic Youth here, we have had a fucked up situation
come down on us over this last night--a brand new Ryder truck parked at a
Ramada Inn in Orange County with ALL OF OUR GEAR IN IT was STOLEN! All of our
guitars, tools, amplifiers, drums, synth -- EVERYTHING. We are fucked, both
for the show tonight at the "This Ain't No Picnic" here in Orange Co., and for
shows upcoming this week in Austin and Santa Fe. Our guitars are all mostly
older and either very modified and/or fucked up/beat up. They are unmistakably
ours, as are some of the amps, including my own 60s Fender Concert with the
red/blue/yellow "Jasper Johns-style" target on it.

We are asking ANYONE with ANY INFORMATION about this to get in touch with us as
soon as possible by calling our man Aaron Blitzstein in New York City at
212.343.2314, or via email to "Masca...@aol.com". Call collect if you want
to. Please no pranks, all, this is really serious--all the gear we've used to
write our last few LPs worth of stuff, instruments used for songs old and new
which if truly lost will mean those songs will be lost forever.

Help us out if you can, there will be a reward for any info, I'm sure. All our
road cases, etc, are fully marked up with our name on them, the gtrs are so
unusual that they won't really be too hard to mistake. ANY info at all will be

If the thieves themselves read this, I'm sure we'd rather buy the stuff back
from you than lose it forever (you fukkerz).

here are some descriptions of gear:\
drums: green satin flame 60s Gretch kit (w "paisley" glow in dark kik head
Fender ToneMaster head and 4x12 cabinet
Fender blackface Concert (4x10) w "Target design" spraypainted on front
PeeVey RoadMaster Head
Marshal 4x12 cab
Mesa Boogie 400+ bass head/4x10 cab/18" cab
Fender Bassman head (two!)/ 2x12 fender cab

Fender presicion Bass
Gibson Les Paul Jr w snoopy sticker
Fender Jazzmasters and Jaguars--lots of 'em, mostly modified to hell (orig
electronix pulled, diff p/u's etc) and usually way beat up.
Travis Beans--1 koa wood, one red beat to shit

White roadcase/briefcase full of gtr tools

we will post more equip info later... thanks in advance for any help...

---Lee/Sonic Youth

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Jul 4, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/4/99
That is so fucked up...


Jul 4, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/4/99
brings into question whether or not they'll ever sound the same again...
their instruments are so incredibly, distinctly "sonic youth"....

Krak kak <kra...@aol.com> wrote in message


Jul 4, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/4/99
Wow this is just awful......the band must be so devastated.......let's
hope the stuff turns up somewhere and back in the hands of the band.
Sorry guys


Jul 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/5/99
Maybe something or someone is telling them to move in a new direction.....

doug m

Jul 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/5/99
On 04 Jul 1999 19:46:04 GMT, kra...@aol.com (Krak kak) wrote:


nothing to add, just terribly sorry to hear that.
doug m
south austin



Jul 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/5/99
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 00:04:01 -0400 was an imagined time.. "Hev"
<dt5...@email.msn.com> thought..:

>Maybe something or someone is telling them to move in a new direction.....

something close to this happened to me once
I had hundreds of photos of my graffiti and all my scetches ect. burnt
in a fire never to return. while it is pretty fukt up thing to happen,
a new style emerged as a result of it.

-lukewarm +hot for mail
run and hide page at deathsdoor.com/thens

The Queen of Cans and Jars

Jul 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/5/99
Chris Lawrence <mus...@islandnet.com> wrote:

> This is absolutely terrible beyond words. I hope I'm not out
> of line in suggesting that this should be forwarded
> to any appropriate mailing lists, newsgroups, or guitar
> shops online that may somehow relate to SY or this
> incident. I'm not familiar with California guitar/pawn
> shops, but if someone is, maybe they should drop this off
> at anywhere that could be deemed useful.
> Thanks,
> Chris

that's a good idea chris.
i live a couple-hundred miles from la
but there are a couple of guitar shops here in town that do a lot of
business...you never know where things will turn up. i'll print that
list up and take it over to them.
this happened to some guys i knew, but they were lucky and
got everything back.
i can't imagine who would do such a shitty thing.


Jul 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/5/99
everything else winds up there...

hope you find it


Jul 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/6/99
Everyone ebay has been getting some pretty kool SY looking shit in their since
a night ago so if you guys look under teisco or jazzmaster yr gonna find some
kool looking sy shit who ever knows lees e-mail tell him to look on ebay


Jul 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/6/99

this is so messed up...any other band it would have really sucked that someone
would do this, but its even worse with sonic youth, where else are you going to
find a 30 year old modded guitar set up for some messed up tuning? so just to
add to the list of suggestions, I think people should be checking EBay and
harmony central classified ads, as well as other places on the net. someone who
does a lot of online instrument shopping should forward lee's message to all
the instrument dealers online that they know of..I'll do what I can myself but
I dont think much is going to turn up here 2000 miles from CA..also Ryder most
likely already has contacted the police on the missing truck, perhaps it will
turn up before anything happens to the equipment. I think with all of us here
on the internet, espescially the ones in the area, we should be able to find
some way of getting it back

Jordan D
remove 123 from address to send me e-mail

demmy is a pretty girl

Jul 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/6/99

this is clearly an elaborate hoax. kim and thurston stole the truck, so
that they'll have an excuse not to play the old songs anymore. they
probably donated the whole mess to perfect circle. the new album will
probably be like banging on pots and pans and DGC won't be able to
complain... convenient, eh?


Jul 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/6/99
I can't imagine that whoever stole the truck even knows what they got.
They're going to be pretty disappointed when they realize that most of the
gear is of no use to anyone but Sonic Youth. I can't image many CA guitar
shops going out of their way to purchase "Travis Beans--1 koa wood, one red
beat to shit" or and other sort of painted or modified gear. I'm clinging to
the hope that whoever took all the shit will either leave the truck
somewhere (since they can't sell anything) or they'll get busted w/ little
to no things stolen or harmed.


The Queen of Cans and Jars

Jul 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/6/99
HotelOpera <hotel...@aol.com> wrote:

> >you're my fucking boy, demmy.
> no way, man, he's my fucking boy.

haven't you heard? demmy is a pretty girl.


Jul 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/7/99


Jul 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/7/99
>>Maybe something or someone is telling them to move in a new direction.....

Yeah - retirement!


Jul 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/7/99
>you're my fucking boy, demmy.

no way, man, he's my fucking boy.


Jul 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/7/99
>>>Maybe something or someone is telling them to move in a new direction.....
>Yeah - retirement!

yes, i'm sure that someone would steal the band's equipment thinking "maybe now
they will see the error of their ways and give up!". is that like
cartoon-villain logic?


Jul 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/7/99
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 21:04:01 -0800 was an imagined time.. mi...@thegrid.net
(The Queen of Cans and Jars) thought..:

>HotelOpera <hotel...@aol.com> wrote:
>> >you're my fucking boy, demmy.
>> no way, man, he's my fucking boy.

>haven't you heard? demmy is a pretty girl.

That's illusive.

Adriaan Tijsseling

Jul 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/7/99
to Krak kak
[[ This message was both posted and mailed: see
the "To," "Cc," and "Newsgroups" headers for details. ]]

Hi all,

Original email, reformatted and resubmitted to a.m.s-y.
Good luck in finding back the stuff!

Adriaan Tijsseling


Hi, if you are reading this you have been identified as a
sympathetic party by us or by someone who knows you and us. Sometime
between 1 a.m. and 7:15 a.m on July 4th our Ryder truck was stolen from
the parking lot of the Ramada Inn, 101 State College Dr. in Orange, CA.
This truck contained all of our touring equipment; the list of missing
items follows and we would appreciate any help or ideas leading to the
recovery of any of it.
Some general information: All of the guitars have been adapted
specifically for use by Sonic Youth. Most of them will have strange
pick ups, none have the original electronics. All have extensive notes
about tunings either written on the paint, headstock, or pieces of tape
on the body. Drum stands all have tape or hose clamps to mark
adjustment heights. The Kick drum has a glow in the dark head with a
custom swirl design.
This was touring gear, it was all in road cases, and those
cases were stencilled Sonic Youth.
Should you hear anything about any of thses things or are
approached by someone offering to sell them to you please contact
either or both of the following:

Aaron Blitzstein (GAS Co. East)

Shauna O'Brien (GAS Entertainment Co.)

Thank you very much in advance for whatever help you can

Yours, Nic and Luc with SONIC YOUTH

GUITARS SERIAL # description
------- -------- -----------

Kimberly Hollow Body Accoustic day glo tiger
sticker, spring
held in place w/wire
Gibson Les Paul Jr. Tobacco Sunburst 5789 Snoopy sticker
Fender Jazzmaster White 126646
Fender Jaguar (leopard paint job) 33 custom paint looks
like leopard spots
Fender Mustang Orange w/racing stripe 259425 Chrome tuner low E,
white knobs all others
Fender Telecaster Thinline F hole 370090 Semi-Hollow Body
Fender Jaguar /blond refin L98559 w/clover sticker
Fender Jaguar dark stain bare wood 12570 deep scratches on
body; DDA, Humbucking
Fender Jazzmaster Burgundy mist refin 44364

Travis Bean Koa Wood 102
Gibson Les Paul Red Sparkle 512510
Travis Bean Red Flat Top 375 Target sticker,
only two knobs,
wood broken around knobs
Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst 176211
Fender Duo-sonic White W/blue pickguard
Fender Jazzmaster Blue SY 006
Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst L68761 Japanese Neck #K625188
Drifter 4 String Guitar NA Four string, obvious
fractures, drumstick
under strings
Fender Jazzmaster Sunburst 100958
Fender Jazzmaster Black refin 614960 28 sticker, chrome
humbucking pickups
Gibson RD Artist 71218092 Controls removed,
holes showing in
Fernandez Sustainer guitar 89802 Dark red, Fender
looks like
threaded rod
Fender P-Bass L64305
Gibson Les Paul Special 400357 Possibly SN 503202
Yamaha Pacifica Red Sunburst Mod.312 NA
Fender Jazzmaster Red 145507 w/Squiggly Pen Lines


Peavey Roadmaster 3A-01673927 In White Hardshell Case
Peavey Roadmaster 4A-1798945 Black Calzone Hardshell
Mesa Boogie 400 Plus Bass Amp B 2589 or 1664
Fender Bassman Guitar Head 22111 Black face amp in black
Fender Bassman Guitar Head A12534 Black face amp in black
Fender 2x12 Speaker box NS
Marshall 4x12 Slant Cabinet A13762 Pink Hardshell Case
Mesa Boogie 1x18 Speaker Cabinet SY020 Self contained in road
case with heavy
duty casters
Mesa Boogie 4x10 C10397
Fender 4x12 Cream Color Speaker Cab.LO-436025 Blue roadcase for same
Fender Concert Amplifier N/A Combo amp,
target painted on grille

Sovtek Big Muff Distortion Pedal (two)
ProCo Turbo Rat Distortion (three)
MXR Phase 90 (two)
MXR Blue Box Distortion (two)
Jimi Hendrix Octave Fuzz (three total)
Mu-Tron Volume Wah 5806
MOOG Moogerfooger Ring Modulator #00608
Korg EXP2 Expression Pedal
DOD PDS1002 Two Second Delay FX994837
Maestro Ring Modulator RM-1B AE-914248 2 prong black cord,
LED and
Footswitches (custom
Maestro Ring Modulator 3 prong white cord,LED
and footswitches
(custom mod)
Hughes and Kettner Tube Factor 244117
Hughes and Kettner Tube Rotosphere 229974
Ibanez AD-80 Analog Delay 121817/111519
18 Volt Power supply
soldered in
Mutron Bi Phase Effect unit 1321 In wedge shaped suitcase
w/pedal and templates
Mutron Expression pedal 1197 In suitcase W/above
Electro Harmonix Hot tubes Vintage pedal, some wear
Electro Harmonix Micro Synth pedal Re-issue fairly new


Gretsch Green Satin Flame Drum Kit:
Kick Drum 22x14
Rack Tom 12x8 Model 4415 124369 Yamaha Brand
Tom Mount Hardware
Rack Tom 13x9 Model 4416 133636 Yamaha Tom
Mount Hardware
Floor Tom 16x16 Model 4418 133660 Yamaha Tom Mount
Yamaha Cymbal Stands 3 boom stands 3
straight stands
New with purple bands
DW 5000 Kick Drum Pedal New version with
clamp on side
DW 5000 Kick Drum Pedal Old version, clamp
under pedal
Two boxes Pro Mark TWJZX drumsticks
Assorted felt mallets in black stick bag
Zildjian Constaninople 20" Light Ride In Zildjian Cymbal bag
Zildjian 16" Constantinople Crash Cymbal In Zildjian Cymbal bag
Zildjian 17"Crash Custom Dark In Zildjian Cymbal bag
Zildjian 16" Crash Custom Dark In Zildjian Cymbal bag
Zildjian 20" Ride W/rivets Custom Dark In Zildjian Cymbal bag
Zildjian 14" Custom Dark Hi-Hat top In Zildjian Cymbal bag
Zildjian 14" Hi-Hat New Beat bottom In Zildjian Cymbal bag
DW 5000 Hi Hat stand Tube cut for low
playing position
14" Zildjian Nipple gong
16" Chinese gong
10" Chinese Gong
Small Bells in Cow shaped frame
Iron Pipe Gong Rack


R&R CASE CO. "Coffin" 16085 Red Case on Casters
R&R CASE CO. "Coffin" 20237 Purple Case on Casters
R&R CASE CO. "Coffin" Maroon Case on Casters
R&R CASE CO. "Coffin" Green Case on Casters,
last seen full of
R&R CASE CO. "Coffin" 24664 Blue case containing
Kick Drum and Floor Tom
R&R CASE CO. "Coffin" 24665 Blue case containing
Ludwig chrome snare drum (2) NA One has numbers written
on pieces of tape on it
White Briefcase containing: "AMPTOWN CASES", misc.
stickers on outside
Bank bag with Soldering tools
Bank Bag with Misc. Guitar tools
Bank Bag with misc. small hand tools.
Makita Drill, charger, and Battery
Fluke 65 Multi-meter
Boss TU 12 Guitar Tuner
Black Case Containing Cordura Covered Rack
("soft case")
Alan Smart Stereo Compressor
Brook Siren Systems DPR 901
Audix D4 Microphone
Audix OM 6 Microphone
Boss Momentary control Pedal
Shure SM 98 (three) with cables and adaptors
Shure SM 91 with cables and adaptors
Audix OM 6 (three) in black Audix pouch
Audix D3 (two) Marked with tape
(snare top and bottom)
Shure SM 58 in pouch
Sennheiser MD 409 (two) in pouch
Small Calzone briefcase Containing:
Miscellaneous small hand tools For guitar work


84 Cotton T shirts, size "Adult" Dog Silkscreen Design,
seagrass green color
110 Cotton T shirts Jane Birkin screen
print, scoop neck
408 Cotton T shirts Magic of Sonic Youth
screen print, maroon
47 Cotton T Shirts, Size "2T" SYR Records Screen print
12 Cotton T Shirts Size "Adult" SYR Records screen print
275 Cotton T shirts SYR Records, Green color
228 Cotton T shirts Astronaut screen print,
white color
85 Cotton T Shirts Astronaut screen print,
mustard color
Sequential Pro One Synthesizer NA in black Road Case W/
Violin Bow, Guitar Slides

demmy is a pretty girl

Jul 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/7/99

no, but it's probably deranged SY-fan logic. seriously, this could have
happened. in fact, i might have stolen that truck myself. they've all been
stalked before, right? so we know that they have plenty of fans who are,
in essence, fucked-up criminals. if i suddenly found myself driving down
the freeway with a truck full of SY's gear my first reaction would be
pride at having pulled off such a momentous joke.

demmy is a pretty girl

Jul 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/7/99
> > you're my fucking boy, demmy.
> no way, man, he's my fucking boy.

i'll have sex with anyone who sent away for my album.

Westhe Mess

Jul 9, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/9/99
eBay Rules..........tons of hard to find items there,I'm sure
the police will somehow incorporate eBay into their

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