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Aug 13, 2000, 3:00:00 AM8/13/00
Well, it's now been about a year and 4 monthes and I've yet to receive
anything from Matias Volco or Daniel Andersson, both from Argentina.
I still have emails from as early as Thursday May 13th, 1999 from these
jerks.. claiming they sent their part of the trades.

We'll start with Matias.. his previous email address, used up until
about last July or so, was He was maintaining
a trading webpage on one of those free servers, and it very well may
still be up. I believe it was GeoCities.

Anyways, we were trading 6:6 SP CDR boots, then I was to give him 2
$6.99 Siamese Dream posters in exchange for a double boot he *claimed*
to have taped himself (I doubt this because monthes later, a trader
contacted me inquiring about how I got that boot because he'd taped it
and only traded amongst a few people - I had it on my Coming Soon list
at the time) and 3 2CDR boots for an Adore mono LP. I packaged and
shipped everything to him via the fastest shipping available to
Argentina (that alone cost me $35--I still have the receipt) on June
5th, 1999.

A long amount of time passed and I didn't receive anything..I kept
emailing him and got no response for a while..2 or 3 monthes after I
had shipped his stuff, I finally got a response from him sayin he'd
received the stuff a while ago but had had email or computer
problems..and he claimed that it had been very hard for him to contact
all the people he was trading with. He assured me that he'd shipped my
stuff around the same time I did. I believed him because we'd traded
once previous to this, and I *did* receive my stuff, however it wasn't
exactly what I expected (the posters were smaller than I was told and
it wasn't packaged well) but I thought I'd give him another chance with
CDR trading.

I waited another month or so and tried emailing him again, this time
the email was returned to me. I begin to get upset. It was around this
time, I saw on the old SP Collection Trading Post that his name was
plastered everywhere as a bad trader. Others had had trouble with him
and not receiving their stuff. I was pissed. Also around this time, I
got an email from Daniel Andersson, who often refers to himself as DMA
Pumpkin, saying that he wanted to trade. He was also from Argentina,
but a different part.. I didn't think to relate it to Matias Volco.

We set up a very large trade for various merchandise.. I was giving him
a Radiohead TShirt, some bootlegs (SP and other artists) and some SP
7"s, Ava Adore and Perfect (promo).. all in exchange for about 22
bootlegs I believe. This was later, around August, when he emailed me
and said he's shipped my stuff. He emailed me Wednesday, August 4th,
1999 to say he would ship my stuff the following Monday. I casually
asked him if he knew Matias Volco, and he responded and said he did,
and that he was a fraud, constantly ripping off many fans, not just SP.
He told me he'd changed his email address to,
which is his current address.

I emailed him and asked why he had lied to me and not sent my stuff,
and that he's changed his email without notifying me for several
monthes..he wrote back, apologized, still claiming to have sent all my
stuff back in June. I waited longer, and when I still didn't receive
anything by February or March of 2000, I emailed him again. He assured
me that he'd resend everything because it must've gotten lost in the
mail. He blamed this on some Argentinan postal strike, which I can't
deny or confirm.. anyone know? I was skeptical.

Finally, about 2 monthes ago, I sent him a really pissed off email
stating that it had been a year and I hadn't received anything or heard
from him in a long time..and that I'd seen his name all over as a bad
trader. He responded and laughed it off, saying I was being RUDE and
that he refused to re-burn the stuff for me because I had offended him.
HAH! As if I don't have a right to be pissed about being ripped for
this much money!

Time continued to pass and I didn't receive anything from Daniel as
well. I had even asked Matias if he knew Daniel. Matias said the same
thing about Daniel as Daniel had said about Matis. Something's fishy.
They lived in different parts of Argentina, yet they're both horrid
traders. They both accused the other of being bad and both asked me NOT
to tell the other what they'd said behind their backs. More bs.

So, it's been a year and a half on Matias' trade and a year on
Daniel's. I emailed Matias again 2 days ago and he responded, trying to
tell me he hadn't received my stuff yet! What the hell!!? I have an
email saved from him stating that he'd received my CDs and LOVED them!
Talk about fucking shady! Daniel still refuses to email me back,
claiming he never received my stuff. Matias said Daniel DID receive it
and that he's been away in NY in the US on vacation for the summer.
Something is fucked up about this. These two know a little too much
about the other, or they're in on this together.

I've been ripped for about $200-300 in US money from all the
merchandise, CDs, postage, etc. and I'm really pissed. But I've made it
my goal to destroy these guys everywhere I fucking see. I don't want
some other innocent soul to get ripped by these assholes. That's pure

The last address I had for Daniel was:

Daniel Andersson
Cabello 3150 4a
Buenos Aires


Unfortunately, I can't find the paper right at the moment that contains
Matias' mailing address, but I will post it when I do.


If you know anything that might help me, please post. Otherwise, just
don't get involved with either of these bastards!


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Before you buy.

ryan n*ms

Aug 13, 2000, 3:00:00 AM8/13/00
to 's got chiiiiiiiiiiiiiils, they're multiply-in'

>got an email from Daniel Andersson, who often refers to himself as DMA

Hoo..i got i message on icq a while ago from somebody saying they were DMA Pumpkin's
friend and they wanted me to participate in once of those refferal things where you
make someone money...and..this freaked me out.. mostly because i didn't know who DMA
Pumpkin was. So i put whoever that was on ignore.

Dec 10, 2012, 2:30:08 AM12/10/12
Shandi if you're still around please email me, I can explain, apologize, and pay you.

please, I know it's been 13 years but we're both adults now, please try and contact me.




Jan 10, 2013, 11:07:10 AM1/10/13
A friend notified me on Twitter that Mati replied to this post. Feel free to email me at


Jan 10, 2013, 11:10:55 AM1/10/13
It doesn't reveal the email address so I'm not able to send you anything directly.

Apr 15, 2013, 6:19:31 PM4/15/13
Did this get resolved? I've been waiting over a decade hoping this works out!
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