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Jun 3, 1998, 3:00:00 AM6/3/98

alright, here is my interp., song by song. i am actually listening and typing
as i go along with each song, by the way. on an overall view, i would say this
is definitly a great record. not many bands today would even attempt new things
like this. some people say some of the songs are not as good as the other, but
the pumpkins were simply trying out new things, not saying "this is us now you
must like it". my point is, if you like it or you dont, people change, bands
change, this is, IMHO, a record for exploring new possiblity, not the future of
the pumpkins. here it is:<BR><BR>

to shelia: beautiful song, very pretty. i like it, soothing, almost as by
starlight, not far off the pumpkiny trail as i see it.<BR> <br>

ava adore: good choice for a first single, wakes people up, screams "pumpkins
are changing, GO BUY THE ALBUM!". well, mabye not. i like it, its one of them
songs, you either like it or hate it. i havent seen the video yet (poor
deprived me), but the way people are talking about it its pretty cool. rawk
song. <BR> <br>

perfect: wonderful lyrics, very 1979-ish in the drums but very not in the
vocals. would be a good single, in that 3:00 - 3:30 attention span some people
have. again, love the lyrics, glad it didnt go downhill from the viper room.
cool song. <BR> <BR>

daphne desends: great lyrics, once again. the vocals are sorta cool, but get
old fast. gets great in the middle, which i think would be on the verse that
begins with "and to the winding vines" and ends with "this boy is here and
gone". really more toward the end. good song. love the lyrics. strange ending
that i have come to love. <BR><BR>

once upon a time: such a sweet song. i love the backround percussion, great
lift to the song. at first i didnt like it (Damn mp3's, i only downloaded 6 of
em tho...i know, heh), but it really grows on you. nice little song, billy
really misses his mommy. great lyrics, once again. love the "time as ravaged on
my soul" bit. <BR> <BR>

tear: strange beginning, almost sounds like a techno-ish (ala ava adore) song
with that little drum intro. but that changes quick. i think its comparing his
mom's death to an auto accident. where he sings "i saw you there. you were on
your way" it means he saw his mom a bit before she died, at the hospital, or
wherever, and she was on her way, as in on her way out. lots of feeling in this
song, i love it. wouldnt make a good single because it would be a little to
un-alternaish for radio stations to play it, and its a bit too long. most of
the best songs dont make the best singles. gotta love the lyrics on all these
songs, including this one.<BR><BR>

crestfallen: i think its about chris. hes taking her point of view (ala "and
where are you when i need you around", hes on tour, recording, blahblah). i
totally fell in love with this song, i love what they did with it. some of my
favorite lyrics in this song. "and you may go, but i know you won't leave. to
many years built into memories, your life is not your own", you gotta love
that. a great meloncholy of a song, great lyrics. <BR><BR>

appels + oranjes: now, this is the most techno i have ever heard the pumpkins,
and they sound pretty damn good! kinda corny lyrics, but they lead up to good
ones (what if what is isnt you, does that mean youve got to lose? digging for
the feel of something new...). great song, i handnt heard it, except for a bit
at the end of ultrasound, but when i did hear it i knew i would love it. good
from the get-go. rawk. <BR><BR>

pug: now, this is what i call rawking without rawking. they add a few guitar
ditties, and there you go. totally awesome lyrics, sorta gets you goin. good
rawk, great lyrics, thats pug (and basically this whole album). kick ass.

the tale of dusty and pistol pete: once you get passed the title, this song is
pretty good. good beat, definitly a strange song. takes a bit to get used to,
changes paths a lot. billy is a little to in-tune i think, the whiny pumpkin
voice might have sound a little better, but, overall, pretty good, but not my

annie-dog: another one of them rawking without rawking songs, it doesnt get
going beat-wise until a little after the beginning, i cant say 2nd verse
because there really isnt a chorus to contrast it with, but you know what i
mean. some more corny lyrics (and by the no, and in the yes, annie goes, if you
couldnt guess), but hey, makes you chuckle. great song, rawkin lyrics.<BR><BR>

shame: great song, much like viper version, except the drums and some added
little parts, but the dont fuck up the song, they add to it, making shame a
simple but great song. about jimmy? possibly, but i dont think it matters. it
just rawks, nothing more needs to be said, great song.<BR><BR>

behold! the nightmare: i am so glad this song is on the album. its a very
soothing song, not that much different then the viper room if you consider
there was only one (acoustic) guitar and billy. the lyrics barely changed,
which is a plus. i really love it, great lyrics (i cant go on digging rose from
your grave...all you have to do is run away and steal yourself from me, become
a mytery to gaze into. your so cruel in all you do, but still i believe you.)

for martha: very sad song. i had cought a bit of the recording on ultrasound
(which by the way made my cry) and i knew i would love the song. "if you have
to go, dont say goodbye, if you have to go dont you cry, if you have to go i
will get by. some day ill follow you and see you on the other side". all the
lyrics are great, and sad. do i hear a guitar? this song definitly is one of
those song that when you hear it it becomes epic, one of the best songs of all
time (IMHO), atop with all the other great songs (most of which are from the
60's, and sad) ever created, its one of the top 5. mabye im exageratting to
some of you, but i really believe it. this song makes the album whole. the best
song on the album, without a doubt. usually i cant pick one, but this is as
clear as day. wouldn't make a good single though, and for that reason it will
not be know by as many people as it should be. makes me sad... <BR><BR>

blank page: graet song. very sencere(sp, god i wish i could spell) and another
of those sad songs. if for martha didnt make you cry, then this tops off the
platter. one of the better songs on the album, makes you think. again, great
lyrics, this definitly proves that sp can make the simplest songs be the

17: good little end to the album. not much more can be said. need in disguise.

so, in conclusion:<BR>
best song: for martha <BR>
worst song: the tale of dusty and pistol pete (even though its not that bad,
just doesnt apel to me as much as the others, sorry) <BR>
most radio-friendsly song: perfect <BR>
happiest song: perfect <BR>
sadest song: for matha, with blank page not far behind <BR>
song that could have been left out: 17, we want need, damnit!<BR><BR>

as you see, i love this album, no more being afraid of the new pumpkins,
album raiting: 10/10<BR><BR>

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going right inside your brain."-Billy Corgan<BR> <-----bootleg page


Jun 3, 1998, 3:00:00 AM6/3/98

god damn!
i know u r trying to be cool and all but how many times do u think u can say
"rawk" before u make us all go insane?

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