SK Pomona, CA Show December 8, 2007

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Dec 20, 2007, 12:03:08 AM12/20/07
Saturday December 8 Shonen Knife played The Glass House in Pomona,
California. The venue is very big with a wide high stage giving good
views from anywhere in the audience. The drum kit was on a raised
platform which gave Naoko and Atsuko the opportunity to jump from it a
few times. Before their set, Shonen Knife was in the crowd watching
the opening acts (there were four opening acts; two local bands, along
with tour-mates Verona Grove and The Juliet Dagger). Shonen Knife
gave a really fantastic show. They were very "genki" (energetic),
perhaps due in part to the nice stage, the good sound and lighting,
and the short drive from their last show (in San Diego). The song
"Fruits and Vegetables" sounded a little different than the recording;
Etsuko played more cymbals which filled it out. The song "Spider
House" also sounded a little different; toward the end the tempo was
sped up which was a nice effect. Naoko was very funny: "I am Nao-ko,
she is Atsu-ko, and she is Etsu-ko. All our names end in ko. It is a
ko-incidence." They wore the Happy Hour outfits. There were around
150 people, but the venue is so large that it seemed like a smaller
crowd. They played from about 11:15pm to 12:15am. After the show
they signed lots of autographs and got their pictures taken with
fans. Setlist: 1. Konnichiwa 2. Twist Barbie 3. S-P-A-M 4. Explosion
5. Whatever 6. Anime Phenomenon 7. Spider House 8. Fruits and
Vegetables 9. Public Bath 10. Sushi Bar Song 11. Cookie Day 12.
Ramones Forever 13. Wonder Wine 14. Riding on the Rocket 15. Influenza
16. Giant Kitty, [encore] 17. Top of the World 18. Baka Guy.
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