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The Real Thing - from

Mar 31, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/31/99

EN subscriber Sentinel of the Online Prodigy Center... :

"About one week after Maxim’s 32nd birthday, Keith Flint turned
30 years old this Saturday (he was born on March 27, 1969)."


EN subscriber Dean Slotar from South Africa has handed us a hugely
enthusiastic report about one of the latest Prodigy gigs! :

"I have been a Prodigy fan ever since I was 9 years old and an older
brother of a mate of mine came back from the UK with the Charly
single, I was hooked...

But until 1999 I didn't think I would ever be able to see the Prodge
perform live in my home country... but...

Wednesday 24th of March 1999 proved to be the greatest night of my
life and possibly the greatest in South African history.

PRODIGY Johannesburg

South African local electro-industrial band Battery 9 (Dodgy as a
Epeleptic Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) opened the night after an astounding
broadcast of DS V1 over the main speakers... Needless to say nothing
was getting me going waiting and waiting for the majority of people
(dodgy rich upper-class yuppies) to stop wanking and for the show to
really begin... Faithless gave a decent performance with the
aforementioned crowd going barmy, I must admit a much better
performance than when they where last here, but I didn't pay 125 units

of our less than useful currency to see a boring show.

So while every dodgy bloke and gal blew there brain to Faithless'
'Insomnia', I tried to formulate a plan to get backstage and meet my
idols needless to say it didn't happen, but I met some friends who the

day after told me they managed to get a pass off a local radio DJ and
get backstage, and the lovely lass got Keith and Leeroy to sign some
dodgy piece of paper for me - an autograph, how nice, I would rather
have met them but hey - bonus none the less!

So while my friends laughed and drank with the Prodigy backstage, I
stalked the crowd searching for a decent spot up front, fighting back
muscle bound farmers with my barefists I achieved the pinnacle of
success in my endeavour, front of the crowd in the centre.

There I remained for the whole perormance getting a response from
Keith (after screaming crazy nutter tapping my head and sticking my
tongue out, he gave me the infamous Breathe grin and tongue-pull -
wicked, splashed by a bucket of water by the nutter and then him
gripping my arm and pulling himself up to us crowd folk), Maxim (near
the end of the set was standing about a metre from me and while I was
laughing at him leered at me as per his usual performance at which
point I leered back and pulled my tongue out again only to see him
glaring and then breaking into laughter at me - madness), Leeroy (gave

me a slight sort of hand flick and head nod as I bellowed his name out

of a bunch of mindless gits who thought - who the fuck is this guy?)
and a sort of what might have been nod from Liam at the end of the

The most appropriate introduction for anything was the slipping of the
punk classic Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK on the dex for a lively
introduction to the festivities

The set began with an earth-shattering base shudder through my
internal organs and the new rendition of 'Rock and Roll'.

The set in no particular order or neccesarily complete included:
Firestarter, Breathe, Mindfields, Funky Shit, Fuel My Fire, "Do what
you want, Say what you want, Fuck what you want", Voodoo People, Remix

of Chemical Brothers Voodoo People Remix, Their Law, numerous live
jams and a mindblowing amount of mayhem, bedlam and otherwise complete


It was fantastic by far the best night of my relatively short life and
by far the most memorable, a while ago I decided that drugs (XTC, acid
and all that shit) were bollocks and I was done with them after
Wednesday night, I can never do it again for one reason, the buzz
Liam, Leeroy, Keith, Maxim talk about tapped into me somehow I was
going the whole night straight and just that spark was better than any

other feeling in the world...

Keepin' the Vibe Alive!

If Tobi is readin' this, well mate, peace, and hey, maybe next time I
see the Prodigy is when I bring them back to South Africa!"


Keith Flint was among celebrities who attended a 'secret' gig by
fellow Essex band Blur, in London a few weeks ago, recorded by the
BBC, in order to plug Blur's new album '13'. Source: Heat magazine.


EN subscriber "Smurf" shows us that Breezeblock host Mary-Anne Hobbs
is a fan of Liam's mix album... :

"I found this on the Radio 1 site, under the "ONE LOVE ALBUMS" page,
I dunno if you can use it or not, but here it is.

You can read about it at the site, the url is :


I'd like to nominate Liam Howlett's mix LP 'The Dirtchamber Sessions'
(XL). This album actually began life as a mix for the Breezeblock. The

Prodigy's mighty leader spent five days with the hatches battoned down

at his studio in Essex, conjouring up this astounding piece of work...

using old skool hip-hop as a bedrock... and spotting in breaks and
bytes from every concievable influence... from The Sex Pistols to The
Mexican. Peerless, in a word."


EN subscriber Poison IV :

"The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One has reached it's higest position
of No.4 in New Zealand's Compilation Chart and is currently sitting
there as at 21 March.

EN subscriber Craig Williams :

"Virgin Compilation: Number 4!
Our Price : Number 49!

This is as of last Saturday!"


EN subscriber Rowland updates us... :

"Just thought I'd let you know what came up on the J-files here in Aus

last Thursday night....if you haven't got any news on it yet....

They played heaps of the commercially available stuff from the albums
and singles and there was nothing of any great interest (a part from
the fact that it was three hours of non-stop Prodigy) - and even their

interview material came mostly from interview CDs such as the Rockview

Interviews and 'Fat's All Folks'.

I haven't a full track list yet but here's a rough sum up:

Firestarter (Empirion mix)
Charly (can't remember which mix)
3 Kilos
Out of Space
Fuel My Fire
Everybody In The Place
Voodoo People
Funky Shit (Mulder Mix)
'Release Yo 'Delf' (Prodigy mix) by Method Man
Smack My Bitch Up
No Good (Start The Dance)
Break & Enter
Their Law feat. PWEI (live from Phoenix '96)
+ 2 or 3 sections of Dirtchamber Sessions

and a couple more + portions of Jericho,
What Evil Lurks & Android
- the latter two of the three being played down
the phone by some fan who'd downloaded them
from the net (sounded pretty crap....)

They also had a Prodigy quiz, and they used Weather Experience in the
background. They mentioned that one of the contestants also had one
of the original copies of 'What Evil Lurks'. Grand prize for winning
was the 'Fat of the Land' book (which both contestants already had!)

All up it was good but nothing particularly special - but to Triple
J's credit they did have some excerpts from an interview they had done
with Liam (mostly on DSV1)."


EN subscriber Neko :

"I happened to watch 'Oops' on Swiss TV (SF2) last Friday, around 7pm
(what I usually don't do anyway!) and they had this competition
between 2 clubs in Switzerland. Both could choose one Video/Song. The
'Schüür' from Luzern chose 'Firestarter' and 'Fri-Son' from Fribourg
chose a song by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Now the viewers could
call in for 30 minutes and vote for their preferred video. Well, at
last Swiss people proofed some taste and Firestarter won!! Then they
even played the video. I'm just telling you this cause here in
Switzerland Prodigy isnt that 'big' at the moment. I mean, people who
know them do like them, but they aren't mentioned in the media or
anything. Not many people actually know about Dirtchamber, there was
only one very small review in a newspaper once. Most record stores
dont even have it in stock, you have to order it. "


EN subscriber Neko writes :

"Guess I got some news for those interested in Janus Stark, because
after their gigs with Pitchshifter they are going to headline some
gigs in the UK :

April 24 - Sheffield Leadmill
April 25 - Bristol Fleece and Firkin
April 26 - London Barfly
April 27 - Chelmsford Army and Navy
April 28 - Leicester Princess Charlotte
April 29 - Cheltenham Attic
April 30 - Reading Alleycat Live"

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Mar 31, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/31/99
The Real Thing - from wrote in message

>"I have been a Prodigy fan ever since I was 9 years old and an older
>brother of a mate of mine came back from the UK with the Charly
>single, I was hooked...
>But until 1999 I didn't think I would ever be able to see the Prodge
>perform live in my home country... but...
>Wednesday 24th of March 1999 proved to be the greatest night of my
>life and possibly the greatest in South African history.

What in the name of "Peter Thomas"? A prodigy concert is better then the
lifting of apartide? The freedom of Nelson Madella?

Silly boy.

Edgar Flores 'EggZ'

Mar 31, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/31/99
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Edgar Flores
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roger waters

Apr 1, 1999, 3:00:00 AM4/1/99
On Wed, 31 Mar 1999 15:45:29 -0600, Edgar Flores 'EggZ'
<> wrote:

>kill file 3 initiated...

i love when people anounce their kills/ignores..

'oh look at me.. im too cool to read HIS messages' haha
then most of the time they dont even do it

by the way- work sucks. everybody pray for me that i win the lottery
one day

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