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The No Code Polaroids Revealed

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Brad Comer

Dec 13, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/13/96

Here is what the No Code Polaroids are to a few people:

The letters represent the lines going down, and
the numbers represent the lines going across.
Example: K-9 is the No Code logo.

A-1 A blue marble
A-3 Eddie Vedder in a wig smoking a cigarette
A-4 Mouth with chipped tooth
A-5 3 bullet holes
A-6 A pencil alongside the eraser and bent metal part
A-7 A hair under a microscope
A-8 Cigarette butts
A-9 A painting of a woman playing guitar
A-10 A ball bearing
A-11 A piece of skin cut out lying next to the hole
A-12 The top of a shotgun shell

B-1 A friendship bracelet
B-2 A painting of a face
B-3 A shoe
B-4 A Rotary phone
B-5 A statue of a head, like those found in ancient ruins
B-6 A weird view of the Earth and cloud formations
B-7 The top of a black walnut
B-9 2 people dancing
B-10 A luggage bag
B-11 The Eye of Ra
B-12 A notebook cover

C-1 An eye
C-2 A camera lense
C-3 A nose
C-6 A man folding his body up with a leg coming from each side
C-8 A man playing guitar
C-9 A glass of beer
C-11 A mouth with decaying teeth
C-12 A statue or painting of a mouth with rotting teeth

D-1 An orange
D-2 A cartoon-like drawing
D-3 A man from the "Vitalogy" book
D-4 The end of a cigarette
D-5 Legs from the back cover of VS
D-6 A broken windshield with a hole in the middle
D-7 A porcelain doll missing an eye
D-8 A broken statue of a face
D-10 A belly button
D-11 The pistil and stamen of a flower
D-12 A doll's eye

E-1 Dennis Rodman's eye
E-2 Screws around a yellow arrow
E-3 A liquid level
E-4 A ball bearing
E-5 A flower
E-6 An eye
E-7 A ball bearing
E-8 A man surfing
E-9 A close-up of a doll (From the Pearl Jam X-Mas single)
E-11 A CO-2 cartridge
E-12 A heart valve

F-1 A pill, called Premarin 0.625 mg
F-2 An eye
F-3 The top of an aerosol can
F-4 A neck
F-5 A rhino
F-6 Remains of chicken
F-7 A cat's eye
F-8 Spilled salt
F-9 A dead bird
F-10 A suit
F-11 A drawing of an eye
F-12 The side of books

G-1 Mike McCready spitting blood
G-2 A tattoo
G-3 A seahorse's tail
G-4 A face with a rope in front of it
G-5 A tank of some kind painted like a watermelon labeled "ZCP"
G-6 The face of a wooden puppet
G-7 The face of a statue
G-9 A painting of stars, an eye, and arches
G-10 A lady with a white face with a blurred person behind her
G-11 A blood orange
G-12 A gold capped tooth

H-1 The same man surfing as in E-8, yet a bit higher
H-2 A guitar
H-3 A baby holding a finger with a ring on it that says "Love"
H-4 An eye
H-5 A plant
H-6 A pottery statue
H-7 A man with a cape on a motor bike
H-8 A ripened banana
H-9 2 keys from a typewriter
H-10 The mouth of a plastic doll
H-11 A guitar
H-12 A man in the ocean reaching for a rope from above

I-1 A stitch
I-2 A high voltage sign
I-3 A T-Shirt with a dog of some kind on top of a hill
I-4 A bullseye on a dart board
I-5 A wave from the ocean
I-6 Birds on a wire
I-7 The button on a seat belt
I-8 A plug-in slot
I-9 A man falling from a window
I-10 A part of the guitar also in H-2
I-11 The top of the encasing of a record player needle
I-12 A painting of a mouth

J-1 The side of a building and power lines
J-2 Part of a transformer box
J-3 Legs walking
J-4 Eddie Vedder taking a picture of himself in a rear view mirror
J-5 Misc. Washington DC monuments with a rainbow
J-6 A taxi
J-7 The top of an apple
J-8 A button on a white sweater
J-9 A cut
J-10 The same bullseye as in I-4, but with a dart this time
J-11 A camel
J-12 An eye

K-1 A nail with a wire around it
K-2 A medalion with an elephant's tusk
K-3 Raisinettes
K-4 An eye
K-5 An old musical instrument
K-6 The front of a toy plane
K-7 A dog's eye
K-8 Dennis Rodman's nose ring
K-9 The No Code logo
K-10 A young girl
K-11 A zipper
K-12 A cat's mouth. Possibly same cat as in F-7

L-1 A triangle with a "G" in the middle
L-2 A chicken behind a fence
L-3 The face of a doll
L-4 A skeleton head with a hood on.
L-5 A goldfish
L-7 Dog's teeth
L-8 A coat hook
L-10 A man with a jig-saw puzzle tattooed on the side of his face
L-11 Blood in a sink. The same blood spit by Mike McCready in G-1
L-12 A # 5 billiard ball

This list compiled by:

Brad Comer (
Jon Fessler (
Matt Goody (
Laura Musselman (

Brad Comer


Dec 16, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/16/96

i love this album cover.... it reminds me of that part in Highlights
Magazine (anybody else remember that?) where they had the super close up
pictures you were supposed to try and guess. it was always something
goofy like a toaster, though. just a few trivial comments...

>D-5 Legs from the back cover of VS

hmm... i've heard this before, and i thought so at first, but it doesn't
really match. the "ground" is different. my guess is a weathered
seashell... really old ones kinda look pitted like that when they're worn
away to almost nothing

>D-11 The pistil and stamen of a flower

maybe an azalea?

>G-9 A painting of stars, an eye, and arches

this is really familliar, but i can't quite place it. it reminds me of a
cover of _The Great Gatsby_ that i once saw, but i don't have the book, so
i can't check and see
>H-5 A plant
broccoli (spelling?)

>I-9 A man falling from a window

looks like a picture of something on TV

>J-5 Misc. Washington DC monuments with a rainbow

looks like a classically cheesy snow globe...

aw well, anyhow...

goofus or gallant?

Endings-- the kind Austen tacked onto her novels-- are for romance or for
daydreams, but not for life.
--Heilbrun, _Writing a Woman's Life_

george stopka

Dec 17, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/17/96

Brad Comer ( wrote:
: G-5 A tank of some kind painted like a watermelon labeled "ZCP"
: Brad Comer

The pictures are a lot easier to make out on the vinyl cover.
G-5 looks like a metal toy dirigible with "Zep" on the side. Led Zeppelin.
Get it?

There's also a picture around d-10 or somewhere (I don't have the album
with me) of a contraption for dispensing liquor. It's a little grey
statue of a boy on a pedestal taking a leak. Guess where the liquor
comes out. The picture is sideways. My parents had one.



Dec 26, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/26/96

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, Brad Comer wrote:

> G-1 Mike McCready spitting blood

everything i've heard says that is not mike spitting blood. (not mike at

L-6 Part of a plastic-dart dartboard

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