Jason McNinch = Trent Reznor ???

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Rainer Neske

May 26, 1994, 3:48:00 PM5/26/94
Hi there! It's 21:27 here... <yawn!>

I'm Nils, a friend of Rainer and also a real NIN - Madman !
Well you will hear more from me in a few weeks, when I will be able to write
by using my own account!
But I have something,which is to important and I think it shouldn't wait....
Today I bought the new Pigface Album (by the way,I think it's great).
As I listened to the Song "Steamroller",I thought that i`ve heard that beat
before. Well that's in no way a special thing,cause it's a regular thing to
sample beats from other songs, but that beat is exactly the same,than the
Beat in "Ruiner" !!!
Then I read the credits in the Booklet for that Song and I read "Recorded &
Engineered by Jason McNinch" !
I heard that song now for a few times and I think it could be,that Jason Mc
Ninch is a pseudonym for Trent!
There are a few reasons for that: 1) the beat at the beginning of
"steamroller" is th same as in "ruiner", 2) that song sounds ill !!!,3) the
song is ill! (just like trent's songs!), 4) there are no credits for "jason
Mc Ninch" in the Booklet (which is often the case,if musicians do things by
using a pseudonym), 5) the name really reminds me to Nine INCH nails !

So, does anybody know more about "Jason McNinch" ???
Maybe i am totally wrong,but I think there are to many parallels for that.
By the way: Jason McNinch also played Guitar on the song "divebomber" and he
engineered two songs (steamroller & Slut/Blood/Pain) on that Album!
We (Rainer and me) wanna know your opinion for that ! Answer !
see ya
Nils & Rainer

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Russ Murphy

May 29, 1994, 3:38:31 AM5/29/94

I have a list of people involved on the new Pigface that was posted a while
back and it says Jason McNinch is from a band called Lick. I doubt Trent
would have any more involvement in Pigface and if he did he probably
wouldn't use a pseudonymn.

c. spencer yeh

May 29, 1994, 5:55:36 PM5/29/94

Is it me, or did pigface banish Trent for good ever since GUB?

"it's not like 3-D but it's like the same effect..."


May 29, 1994, 8:31:01 PM5/29/94
y...@merle.acns.nwu.edu (c. spencer yeh) schpoozed:

>Is it me, or did pigface banish Trent for good ever since GUB?

Since GUB? I thought they decided to ban him after he put "Suck" on
_Broken_, claiming that he could since after all he had a hand in writing
it. Either way, I think it was said that if Trent was Pigfacing again, he'd
put his name on it.

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May 29, 1994, 9:18:19 PM5/29/94
c. spencer yeh (y...@merle.acns.nwu.edu) wrote:
: Weeell...

yeah i thought martin atkins hated trent nowadays...why would he let him
into pigface...
>feeling disease<

Russ Murphy

May 30, 1994, 4:24:24 AM5/30/94

If anyone wants to see how Pigface feels towards Trent, check out the
credits for Suck on the Truth Will Out LP. Also at the last Pigface show
in Cleveland someone in Pigface (I forget who, I think Martin) yelled "fuck
you Trent, we're stealing this song back" before playing "Suck".

Wai Cheng

Jun 10, 1994, 6:37:16 AM6/10/94
Russ Murphy (ec...@cleveland.Freenet.Edu) wrote:

Yeah, but I bet Reznor by putting suck on Broken, probably helped sell a LOTTA
pigface albums. And if Martin Atkins hates Reznor, I'm sure its a personal
sentiment 'cos En Esch (probably the second main member of PF) surely doesn't
since the KMFDM includes NIN remixes. anyway, just my 2 lires worth.

Ed Snible

Jun 10, 1994, 5:04:46 PM6/10/94

Wai Cheng (w...@bu.edu) wrote:
: Russ Murphy (ec...@cleveland.Freenet.Edu) wrote:

IMHO, I think that these copyright issues are both legal and personal, in
some cases. On "Suck" on GUB, the songwriting credits are
(Atkins/Rieflin/Barker/Reznor), which could indicate that Trent wrote
less of the song than Atkins. During GUB, as noted in the credits to the
album, it also says "Pigface is Martin Atkins and William Rieflin with
Paul Barker Chris Connelly En Esch Ogre Trent Reznor Matt Schultz William
Tucker and David Yow)...I don't really think that from Atkins' view that
selling Pigface albums would ok any infringement, legal or personal, that
he might have felt. Of course, I am not Atkins or Reznor, so how would I

On a very side note (Please, don't flame me), when Doug Hopkins, formerly
of the Gin Blossoms wrote many of their songs, was kicked out of the GBs
due to his own fault, and the GBs made videos, released singles, and
performed his songs live, it was a bone of contention between the two
parties. He died with quite a bit of money (royalties), but many people
wonder if his suicide was partly due to his disenfranchised feelings
towards the GBs and their success....Just a thought....

On yet another side note, I had the business opportunity to talk with
Atkins (though only for a few minutes), and he was very, very nice and
very, very professional. Pigface (most likely without Trent, huh?) is
touring this fall, so be on the lookout for them. Hope Nichols (sp?)
will most likely be with them, hopefully....

c/o ed snible

John Itchon

Jun 11, 1994, 9:05:53 AM6/11/94
in an interview i had with en esch before their show he said that he is
the only one left who DOESN't hate trent! then he said sometimes him and
trent talk on the phone together. kinda cool, i guess the bills arent
that large cause en esch lives in new orleans now


oh yeah i have that interview on VIDEO tape, yup we filmed it but its
being edited right now


Nov 15, 2017, 4:24:23 PM11/15/17
I know this is old, but I came across it - Jason McNinch is a real person and not a pseudonym for Trent. I went to HS with him and have been friends with him up until his recent death. https://www.discogs.com/artist/79642-Jason-McNinch
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