NAshville (Mufreesboro) show sucked!

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Grand Gizzard

Jan 31, 1995, 12:38:50 PM1/31/95
The following show sucked enourmous dick. First of all...
PWEI was sick and could not play, then NIN played and played less than
3/4 of the setlist they usually do. I really don't blame him all, the
crowed sucked so bad. I think what one man said to me on the way to
the pisser illustrates it all,
"Nine Inch Nails, are they good?"
Most of theses fuckers looked like they made a wrong turn and
thought they were at a Jackyl or Billy Ray Cyrus concert... Not to
mention the fact of standing in the cold a long period of time just to
catch a glimpse of Trent, not even an autograph and anytthing, but he
stayed in there until the securtiy harassed us enough into leaving.
As soon as we were on the way to the car, we saw the bus leave with
Trent on it...
Not to mention the fact that the car that we went in was
broken into and my friend's jacket and CD player /w my TDS CD in it
was stolen... If you are reading this then FUCK YOU! for stealing you
bastard motherfucker...
Grand Gizzard
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