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NIN Concert Review - New Orleans, LA - Feb 18th

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Feb 19, 1995, 1:27:18 PM2/19/95
I caught the concert last night in New Orleans... Here's a review...

I got there around 7:30pm, and there was this really huge line outside. Got in, and waited for a while, and
Prick opened the show. Then, PWEI came on a hour later (they rule). Then the Jim Rose Circus Show which
added a stunt to the show since it was their last. They said they were coming back for a two hour show
later this year.

Then NIN hit the stage at around 11:00pm. Pinion opened, and I was hyped up. The crowd seemed dead
up to this point, but when Mr. Self Destruct started, everyone was standing. Unfortuanetly, I could
not get on the floor even though the show was GA, they were checking for bracelets. :( By the time
MOTP came around, _EVERYONE_ was alive. It was great. The playlist was the same for the second half
of all shows as it was tonight.


* After the last song (before the encore) a bunch of people jumped on Trent and all the band members
threw their instruments down and started beating the shit out of them. (so did security).
* Happiness in Slavery. The Destruction. It ruled.
* Me sitting in beer on the floor. :(
* During Closer, this fat fucking dude with a pig mask on came out and grabbed Trent from behind
and started making notions of butt fucking him. Again, the band members came and started beating
the crap out of him too.
* Seeing the guy pickup bricks with his nipples. (OUCH!)
* Screaming along with Trent.

Trent said that this will be the last show he does for awhile. :( Glad I caught it.

And I'm kind of sick of the people that were there. I have nothing againts Preps, it just it pisses me
off when they get Floor and just stand there, not even moving.

The videos were awesome! Espically Hurt, god it was good.

Sorry I could not post a comprehensive report, I am sure someone will. I'm just so tired right now, haven't
had that much sleep. :(

Long live NIN...long live Trent...


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