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Antal Adriaanse

14 feb 2011 19:16:0214-02-2011
I just got back from the Keneally Beller Minnemann gig at the Paradox in
Tilburg, my first MK/BB show in a bunch of years. The Paradox is a small
club, capacity of 175, and I'm guessing there were about 120 people there.
And these people saw and heard a great gig. Especially the first set was
tight, strong and excellent. To me the best bit was Mike's solo in Cave
Dweller. That Marco guy knows how to play the drums! They played a mix of
songs by all three, well balanced, but not the easiest stuff. I hadn't heard
any tracks from the Evidence Of Humanity album, other than some youtube
stuff. Wow. Insane music. And Beller just played along as if it's a 9 to 5
job. Anyway, I had a good time, good to see a couple of the regulars again
(Marcel, Karin & Frenci, Pieter) and good to catch up (although briefly)
with Mike and Bryan. The show was recorded for future broadcast on Dutch
Radio 6, sometime this spring.

(Wow, a review. Remember when we had those after every gig, here, at ammk?
Hello? Anybody in there?)

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15 feb 2011 04:22:5515-02-2011
Thanks Antal! It's been way too long since I've seen an MK/BB
production. Those were the days. On a totally unrelated note, it's
simply amazing to me how one little stray eyebrow hair can appear so
huge while looking at the computer. Tweezers.

Ron Moses

15 feb 2011 11:19:4215-02-2011
On Feb 14, 7:16 pm, "Antal Adriaanse"

<> wrote:
> (Wow, a review. Remember when we had those after every gig, here, at ammk?
> Hello? Anybody in there?)

I actually feel guilty about this from time to time, like I'm not
doing my part, but the years 1996-2002 pretty well burned out my more
psychotically fanatical MK circuits. Now, with the help of
medication, I'm able to enjoy a Keneally performance with a certain
detached perspective that leaves me feeling refreshed and invigorated
without the burning need to document every detail of the performance.
My warm memories suffice. In my defense, I think I earned my
rest! :-)

So yeah, I don't do that shit anymore. But I'm glad you do!



16 feb 2011 02:17:3716-02-2011
Yikes! That bird on the drums is something else. Great job Marco, Mike
and Bryan. Thanks for sharing the video from Tilburg.

16 feb 2011 12:29:4916-02-2011
On Feb 14, 4:16 pm, "Antal Adriaanse"

I just emailed you the Tilburg setlist, Tal, but just to be amazing
I'm posting it here as well:

Set 1:

Hello (Keneally) >
Streets (Minnemann)
Nonkerchunk (Keneally)
Cave Dweller (Beller)
Evidence of Humanity (Keneally/Minnemann) >
3 People Ran Naked Thru School (Keneally/Minnemann) >
Train Trax (Minnemann)
Hallmark (Keneally)
2nd Chaton (Minnemann)
Day of the Cow 1/Snowcow/Day of the Cow 2 (Keneally)

Set 2:

Round Trip (Minnemann)
Skunk (Keneally) >
Them Dolphins Is Smart/1988 Was A Million Years Ago/Yep, Them Dolphins
Is Smart, Alright (Keneally)
Backwoods (Pattitucci)
Mr. Kempinski (Minnemann)
Greasy Wheel (Beller)
Taster (Keneally)
'Cause of Breakfast (Keneally)

Way too much material (including a lot of stuff we hadn't done before)
to play with only six hours of rehearsal, but hey, it was freakin'
fun. Hello from the dressing room in Heiligenhaus, wish you were all

Antal Adriaanse

16 feb 2011 17:56:0316-02-2011
<> schreef ...

Plus Uglytown as an unrehearsed encore, right?

the mike keneally band tour chronology
e: chronology(at)


16 feb 2011 18:03:2116-02-2011
On Feb 16, 2:56 pm, "Antal Adriaanse"
<> wrote:
> <> schreef ...

Yes! I was just coming here to say that! Thanks Tal!


21 feb 2011 08:59:2721-02-2011
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