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CAD Gorilla - For Autodesk AutoCAD-Inventor-Revit Video Training

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Maxima Pniewski

Dec 2, 2023, 5:17:12 PM12/2/23
Maya is a professional 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering toolset, designed for creating realistic characters and blockbuster-worthy effects.
From fantastic creatures to sweeping landscapes and explosive battle sequences, top artists, modelers, and animators rely on Maya’s award-winning toolset to bring today’s most-loved animated and live-action films, TV shows, and video games to life.
"}]}," type":"Question","name":"Who uses Maya?","acceptedAnswer":[" type":"Answer","text":"Maya is used by 3D modelers, animators, lighting artists, and FX artists across the film, TV, and games industries.
"]," type":"Question","name":"Maya vs 3ds Max","acceptedAnswer":[" type":"Answer","text":"Maya and 3ds Max are used by creative studios around the world for animation, modeling, visual effects, and rendering. Learn when to choose Maya and when to choose 3ds Max.
"]," type":"Question","name":"How do I download Maya?","acceptedAnswer":[" type":"Answer","text":"Autodesk provides download and install instructions for individuals and administrators. Your available downloads appear in Autodesk Account. Find your product, select a version, platform, language, and download method. For more information, visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network.
"]," type":"Question","name":"Can I install Maya on multiple computers? ","acceptedAnswer":[" type":"Answer","text":"With a subscription to Maya software, you can install it on up to 3 computers or other devices. However, only the named user can sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time. Please refer to the Software License Agreement for more information.
"]," type":"Question","name":"How do I convert my Maya free trial to a paid subscription? ","acceptedAnswer":[" type":"Answer","text":"Launch your trial software and click Subscribe Now on the trial screen or buy Maya here. When buying your subscription, enter the same email address and password combination you used to sign in to your trial. Learn more about converting a trial to a paid subscription.
"]," type":"Question","name":"How much does a Maya subscription cost? ","acceptedAnswer":[" type":"Answer","text":"The price of an annual Maya subscription is  and the price of a monthly Maya subscription is . The price of a 3-year Maya subscription is . If you have infrequent users and are interested in a pay-as-you-go option, please visit to learn more.
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CAD Gorilla - For Autodesk AutoCAD-Inventor-Revit Video Training
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