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Andy Aldridge

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The Galaxie 500 and related artists FAQ
Compiled by Andy Aldridge

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For full details of recordings see the Galaxie 500 and related bands
discography which is currently only available in HTML format.

+ = New in this version
* = Changed in this version
# = Information required


The Questions

PART I - The artists and the songs

1 Galaxie 500 and related artists
1.1 Galaxie 500
1.2 Luna
1.3 Magnetophone
1.4 Pierre Etoile
1.5 Damon and Naomi
1.6 Magic Hour
1.7 Kramer
1.8 Cagney and Lacee
1.9 Tuatara

2 Collaborators
2.1 Angel Corpus Christi
2.2 The Pastels
2.3 The 6ths/Stephen Merritt
2.4 Pee Shy
2.5 Mercury Rev
2.6 Hugh Hopper
2.7 Mutton Gun
2.8 Ivy
2.9 Laetitia Sadier
2.10 Ralph Carney
2.11 Sterling Morrison
2.12 Tom Verlaine
2.13 Tom Rapp
2.14 Kickstand
2.15 Batoh and Kurihara

3 Cover Versions
3.1 Galaxie 500
3.1.1 Don't Let Our Youth Got To Waste
3.1.2 Isn't It A Pity
3.1.3 Victory Garden
3.1.4 Ceremony
3.1.5 Listen The Snow Is Falling
3.1.6 Here She Comes Now
3.1.7 Cheese And Onions
3.1.8 Final Day
3.1.9 Rain

3.2 Luna
3.2.1 Indian Summer
3.2.2 That's What You Always Say
3.2.3 Ride Into The Sun
3.2.4 Dream Baby Dream
3.2.5 Bonnie And Clyde
3.2.6 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
3.2.7 No Regrets
3.2.8 Happy New Year
3.2.9 Outdoor Miner
3.2.10 Season Of The Witch
3.2.11 In The Flesh
3.2.12 Dance With Me
3.2.13 Everybody's Talkin'
3.2.14 Jealous Guy
3.2.15 Neon Lights
3.2.16 Sweet Child O' Mine
# 3.2.17 La Poupee Qui Fait Non
3.2.18 Fly Into The Sun

3.3 Damon & Naomi
3.3.1 Memories
# 3.3.2 This Changing World
3.3.3 Life Will Pass You By
3.3.4 Who Am I
3.3.5 Whispering Pines
3.3.6 Awake In A Muddle
3.3.7 Spirit Of Love
3.3.8 Translucent Carriages
3.3.9 I Shall Be Released
3.3.10 It's All Over Now Baby Blue
3.3.11 Yoo Doo Right
3.3.12 After The Goldrush

3.4 Magic Hour
3.4.1 Sally Free And Easy

3.5 Cagney and Lacee
# 3.5.1 Time
3.5.2 Be Mine
3.5.3 Lovin' You
3.5.4 Six Feet of Chain
# 3.5.5 The Last Goodbye
3.5.6 By The Way
3.5.7 Greyhound Goin' Somewhere
3.5.8 For the Sake of the Children
3.5.9 Memphis
3.5.10 I'm Not Sayin'
3.5.11 Borderline

4 Discography and availability information

PART II - Frequently Asked Questions

1 Where can I see ... play live?
When are ... going to play in ...?

2 Where can I find Galaxie 500/Luna/Damon & Naomi guitar tabs?

3 Didn't Galaxie 500 do a couple of Peel Sessions?
Will they ever get released?

4 Why did Galaxie 500 split?

+ 5 Why were Luna called Luna2 (or Luna squared)?

6 Why did Stanley Demeski leave Luna?

* 7 Haven't I heard ... in a TV commercial?

8 Haven't I heard ... in a film?

9 What is a Galaxie 500?

PART III - Internet

* 1 Web Pages

* 2 Mailing Lists and Message/Bulletin Boards

3 Newsgroups

PART IV - Credits


The Answers

PART I - The artists and the songs

1 Galaxie 500 and related artists
1.1 Galaxie 500
Galaxie 500 were a magical three piece comprising of...
Dean Wareham (guitar/vocals)
Naomi Yang (bass/vocals)
Damon Krukowski (drums)

Seminal is a word often bandied about in describing certain
influential groups and their works. And sadly, I must use the
hackneyed word in an attempt to convey the underrated greatness
that was Galaxie 500. Like the Velvet Underground before them,
Galaxie 500 didn't have a large contemporary audience, but they
had a profound effect on almost everyone who listened to them.
And just as the Velvet Underground are credited as the prodigious
founders of a new movement in rock and roll, the same can be said
of Galaxie 500.

Like contemporaries such as Hugo Largo and the Cowboy Junkies,
Galaxie 500 took a slower approach to constructing and performing
their music. And with Shimmy-Disc founder and producer Kramer at
the helm of the mixing board, Galaxie 500 managed to achieve a
unique sound that both captivated and repulsed critics and

Often brought up in reference to a "slow" movement in rock and
roll today, bands such as Low, Sugar Plant, and Mazzy Star owe an
obvious debt to Galaxie 500. Unfortunately, as with many
intensely creative groups, differences between Dean and Damon &
Naomi led to their premature disbanding. Dean went on to form
Luna, and Damon & Naomi continued on together, under the name
Damon & Naomi.

Maybe, just maybe, if we're lucky, 20 years from now there will
be a Galaxie 500 reunion concert (if the VU can do it, so can
they, damn it!). Until then we have a legacy of three flawless
albums to get us through.
Gary Ruisinger <gruis...@CCTR.UMKC.EDU>

1.2 Luna
Dean Wareham (guitar/vocals)
Justin Harwood (bass)
Sean Eden (guitar)
Lee Wall (drums)

After the split Dean Wareham put together Luna, with Justin
Harwood (bass), formally of excellent New Zealand popsters The
Chills and Stanley Demeski (drums) ex Feelies, with this line up
they released their first album (Lunapark), subsequently the line
up was expanded with the addition of previously unknown guitarist
Sean Eden to their line up. A deal with major label Elektra saw
them achieve a modicum of success, and clinched them prestigious
support slots, most notably on the Velvet Underground's reunion
tour of 1994. They have also managed to get some equally
prestigious guest stars on their albums, the late Sterling
Morrison on Bewitched, and Tom Verlaine on Penthouse.

In summer 1996 Luna replaced Stanley Demeski with Lee Wall. Lee
was previously in NYC based band 44, who, as far as I know never
released anything commercially. He has apparently recently been
playing with 44's singer/guitarist Mark in the band Champale.

In January 2000 Justin Harwood took a "leave of absence" from
and returned to NZ "to prepare for the arrival of a baby in his
life". He was replaced by Matt Quigley formerly of pop duo

1.3 Magnetophone
Sean O'Brien writes...
The lineup of Magnetophone was:
Damon Krukowski (guitar/vocals)
Naomi Yang (bass/vocals)
Jon Williams (guitar)
Chris Guttmacher (drums)
At the time, Chris was also a member of Cul-de-Sac, a band he
left about a year and a half ago He was also the original drummer
in Bullet Lavolta. Jon Williams is probably best remembered as
the original guitarist in Volcano Suns, but is also a very
prolific producer and engineer. If memory serves, Magnetophone
played a grand total of about two shows (one of which I saw) here
in Boston. No recordings were released, although some do exist
(produced by Jon Willaims) I hope this helps a little.

1.4 Pierre Etoile
Before the split of Galaxie 500, Naomi Yang and Damon Krukowski
recorded an EP as Pierre Etoile (it was actually released shortly
after Galaxie 500's demise). After Galaxie 500 split they were
encouraged by Kramer to opt for the less imaginative Damon and
Naomi for subsequent releases.

1.5 Damon and Naomi
Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, have now released three
albums and a number of equally exceptional singles, which they've
fitted around their other careers as artists and publishers.

1.6 Magic Hour
Magic Hour is a project conceived by ex Crystallized Movements
members Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar, who recruited Naomi Yang
and Damon Krukowski as their rhythm section, they released three
albums of very long songs, which are of an acquired taste - but
in my opinion a taste well worth acquiring. After the release of
the third album in 1996 it was decided that Magic Hour had run
it's course. Damon & Naomi returned to work as Damon & Naomi, and
Wayne and Kate became the Major Stars. At the Terrastock festival
in April 1997 Magic Hour re-united for a special one-off

1.7 Kramer
(Mark) Kramer is all things to all men...
Record Company Boss
He is the man behind both the Shimmy Disc and Kokopop
record labels. He was the owner of Noise New York studio
where Galaxie 500 did most of their recording, and is
currently the owner of Noise New Jersey.
Record Producer
As well as being the producer of all of Galaxie 500 and
Damon and Naomi's records, he has produced an awful lot
of the output of Shimmy Disc. Check out Grenadine and
Low for starters.
Recording Artist
Kramer has released records as a solo artist; As member
of Shockabilly (with Eugene Chadbourne), Bongwater (with
actress Ann Magnusson - Bongwater split in 1994 in a very
acrimonious manner); and in collaboration with a myriad of
other artists including Gong, Hugh Hopper, John Hall,
Daevid Allen. He has also toured as a member of the
Butthole Surfers. His recorded output is very variable,
some of it is exquisite some of it is downright irritating,
take your chances.
Kramer could quite easily warrant a FAQ all of his own
(anyone fancy taking on that task?).

1.8 Cagney and Lacee
Cagney and Lacee are Dean Wareham and his wife Claudia Silver,
they released a single, Time/By The Way (I Still Love You) on No6
and followed it up with an album Six Feet of Chain, described on
the cover as "An album of cover versions lovingly performed by
Dean Wareham and Claudia Silver".

1.9 Tuatara
Tuatara are a side project of Justin Harwood's that also features
Pete Buck of REM (more details to follow)

2 Collaborators
2.1 Angel Corpus Christi
American female singer/accordionist.
Released single "Je T'aime" with Dean Wareham.

2.2 The Pastels
Scottish "indie-pop" band who first came around in the mid 80s.
They were a big part of the C-86 scene in the UK - along with the
Wedding Present and the BMX Bandits - and forerunners of the
so-called "shambling" style: bands who wrote simple, heart-felt
pop songs, and couldn't play their instruments all that well...the
Pastels persevered, learned to play, and are generally considered
grandparents of modern twee/indie-pop.
Dean Wareham has guested on two Pastel's albums "Mobile Safari"
and "Illumination".

2.3 The 6ths/Stephen Merritt
Stephen Merritt, the man behind the 6ths, is also the man behind
the excellent Magnetic Fields.

2.4 Pee Shy
Pop and poetry collective formed in Florida in 1993.
Dean Wareham produced Pee Shy's debut Album "Who Let All The
Monkeys Out".

2.5 Mercury Rev
Rock band formed in 1989.
Guitarist Grasshopper played on Dean Wareham's solo single
"Anesthesia" and guested as Luna guitarist in the band's initial
Dean Wareham guested on Mercury Rev's "Car Wash Hair" single.

2.6 Hugh Hopper
Former member of seventies rock band Soft Machine.
Naomi Yang co-wrote the Damon & Naomi track "14 Auspicious
with Hugh Hopper.

2.7 Mutton Gun
Mutton Gun is/was Justin Harwood, Gordon Rutherford, Justin's
girlfriend Lisa, David Boyd (Hut Records UK mogul), and his
girlfriend Sarah.
Dean Wareham has guested on at least one of Mutton Gun's albums.

2.8 Ivy
US based popsters with French lead singer and a couple of albums
under their belt.
Dean Wareham guests on their "Apartment Life" album.

2.9 Laetitia Sadier
Vocalist from excellent avant garde pop sensations Stereolab.
Guest vocalist on Luna's "Bonnie and Clyde".

2.10 Ralph Carney
A member of Tom Waits' backing band.
Guested on sax on Galaxie 500's "Decomposing Trees" and on "Blue
Thunder w/sax".

2.11 Sterling Morrison
Guitarist for the Velvet Underground, also worked for a time
after VU's demise on a tugboat as referenced in the Galaxie 500
song of that name. Sadly died in 1995
Guested on "Friendly Advice" and "Great Jones Street" on Luna's
second album "Bewitched".

2.12 Tom Verlaine
A founder member of influential 70s band Television, he has also
released a number of solo albums.
Guested on "Moon Palace" and "23 Minutes in Brussels" on Luna's
third album "Penthouse".

2.13 Tom Rapp
Was the founder and main man of late 60s band Pearls Before Swine,
between 1967 and 1973 he recorded nine albums of strange and
wonderful folk-rock, at which point he retired from music. He
was coaxed out of retirement in 1997 for a series of performances
and has made some new recordings with the help of Damon & Naomi
for a forthcoming retrospective collection.
Damon & Naomi performed with Tom Rapp at the 1997 Terrastock
festival, a track from which is available on the Ptolemaic
Terrascope celebratory CD, All Access.

2.14 Kickstand
Kickstand were a NY/NJ underground pop trio featuring twin sisters
Tammi & Torry Colichio and independent filmmaker, Jeff Feuerzeig
(director of the feature length film - Half Japanese: The Band That
Would Be King).
Dean Wareham appeared on three tracks on Kickstand's Autostrada

2.15 Batoh and Kurihara
Batoh is the prime mover behind ecxellent Japanese psych-pop outfit
Ghost, Kurihara is a sometime member of Ghost

3 Cover Versions
3.1 Galaxie 500
3.1.1 Don't Let Our Youth Got To Waste
Written by Jonathan Richman, originally recorded by The
Modern Lovers. Initially available on "Original Modern
Lovers" a collection of demos, a live version is now
available on "Precise Modern Lovers Order" (Rounder).

3.1.2 Isn't It A Pity
Written and recorded by George Harrison on the album "All
Things Must Pass" (Apple 1970) - which is currently
available on a Capitol re-issue.

3.1.3 Victory Garden
Written and originally recorded by Red Krayola on "God
Bless The Red Krayola And All Who Sail In Her" (1968)

3.1.4 Ceremony
Written but never released by Joy Division, later recorded
by New Order. A live version performed by Joy Division is
available on the album "Still"

3.1.5 Listen The Snow Is Falling
Written by Yoko Ono, originally recorded by John Lennon
and Yoko Ono as the b-side of "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"
(Apple 1971). Currently available on the Rykodisc re-issue
of John and Yoko's "Wedding Album".

3.1.6 Here She Comes Now
Written and originally recorded by The Velvet Underground
on the album "White Light/White Heat". Still available.

3.1.7 Cheese And Onions
Written by Neil Innes and originally recorded by spoof
Beatles band The Rutles and is available on "The Rutles"

3.1.8 Final Day
Written by Stuart Moxham, originally recorded by Young
Marble Giants on a single (Rough Trade). Possibly now
available on "Colossal Youth", a compilation of all of
their recorded output.

3.1.9 Rain
Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and originally
recorded by the Beatles. Released as the b-side of the
"Paperback Writer" single (Parlophone 1966). Currently
available on "Past Masters Volume 2" (Capitol).

3.2 Luna
3.2.1 Indian Summer
Written and originally recorded by Beat Happening on the
album "Jamboree" (K 1988). Currently available on a Sub Pop

3.2.2 That's What You Always Say
Written by Steve Wynn and originally recorded by Dream
Syndicate on "Days Of Wine And Roses". Slash re-issue still

3.2.3 Ride Into The Sun
Written by Lou Reed and John Cale, originally recorded by
The Velvet Underground. Available on "Another View".

3.2.4 Dream Baby Dream
Written by Martin Rev and Alan Vega, originally recorded by

3.2.5 Bonnie And Clyde
Written by Serge Gainsbourg, originally recorded by Serge
Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.

3.2.6 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
Written by David Byrne, originally recorded by Talking
Heads on the album "More Songs About Buildings And Food"
(Warner 1978). Still available.

3.2.7 No Regrets
Written and originally recorded by Tom Rush. Available on
"Circle Game" (Elektra).

3.2.8 Happy New Year
Written and originally recorded by Shockabilly on the album
"Heaven" (Fundamental 1985). Possibly still available on a
Shimmy Disc re-issue.
Shockabilly featured Eugene Chadbourne and Kramer.

3.2.9 Outdoor Miner
Written by Lewis and Colin Newman, originally recorded by
Wire on the album "Chairs Missing" (Harvest 1978). Possibly
available on an EMI/Harvest re-issue.

3.2.10 Season Of The Witch
Written and originally recorded by Donovan on the album
"Sunshine Superman" (1966). Should be available on most
cheap Donovan compilations.

3.2.11 In The Flesh
Written by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, originally recorded
by Blondie on the album "Blondie" (Private Stock 1976).
Still available on a Chrysalis re-issue.

3.2.12 Dance With Me
Written by Jonathan Richman.

3.2.13 Everybody's Talkin
Written and originally recorded by Fred Neil and recorded
since by scores of people from Nillson to The Beautiful
South to Leonard Nimmoy.

3.2.14 Jealous Guy
Written and originally performed by John Lennon

3.2.15 Neon Lights
Written and originally recorded by Kraftwerk on their album
"The Man Machine" (1978), which is still available.

3.2.16 Sweet Child O' Mine
Written and originally recorded by Guns n' Roses on their
album "Appetite For Destruction" (1987) which is still

3.2.17 La Poupee Qui Fait Non
Written by Michel Polnareff

3.2.18 Fly Into The Sun
Written and originally recorded by Jonathan Richman, the
song should actually be called "Fly Into The Mystery" but
appears to have become confused with an arlier Luna cover
version "Ride Into The Sun" (see 3.2.3).

3.3 Damon & Naomi
3.3.1 Memories
Written by Hugh Hopper, originally recorded by Soft Machine.

3.3.2 This Changing World
Written by J C Oliver.

3.3.3 Life Will Pass You By
Written by C Darrow, originally recorded by Kaleidoscope.

3.3.4 Who Am I
Written by Joe MacDonald, originally recorded by Country
Joe & The Fish.

3.3.5 Whispering Pines
Written by Richard Manuel and Robbie Robertson, originally
recorded by The Band, on the album "The Band" (Capitol
1969). Still available.

3.3.6 Awake In A Muddle
Written and originally recorded by Ghost.

3.3.7 Spirit Of Love
Written by Clive Palmer, originally recorded by C.O.B.

3.3.8 Translucent Carriages
Written by Tom Rapp (see I/2.13) and recorded by Pearls
Before Swine on their second album Balaklava, which is
currently availabvle. Also a new version should appear on a
Tom Rapp/Pearls Before Swine retrospective due out soon.

3.3.9 I Shall Be Released
Written and originally recorded by Bob Dylan. Currently
available on a number of releases including "Greatest Hits
Volume 2" and the Dylan and The Band album "Before The

3.3.10 It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Written and originally recorded by Bob Dylan

3.3.11 Yoo Doo Right
Written and originally recorded by Can

3.3.12 After The Goldrush
Written and originally recorded by Neil Young

3.4 Magic Hour
3.4.1 Sally Free And Easy
Written by Cyril Tawney.

3.5 Cagney and Lacee
3.5.1 Time
(details required)

3.5.2 Be Mine
Written and originally recorded by Martin Rev, on the
album "See Me Riding" (ROIR 1995). Still available.

3.5.3 Lovin' You
Written by Ripperton and Rudolph, originally performed by
Minnie Ripperton on the album "Perfect Angel". Still

3.5.4 Six Feet of Chain
Written and originally performed by Lee Hazlewood on the
album "Trouble Is A Lonesome Town" (1963).

3.5.5 The Last Goodbye
(details required)

3.5.6 By The Way
Written and originally performed by Lee Hazlewood on the
album "Forty" (1971).

3.5.7 Greyhound Goin' Somewhere
performed by Bobbie Gentry on her 1968 LP "Touch 'Em With
Love" on Capitol Records.

3.5.8 For the Sake of the Children
3.5.9 Memphis
Both of these songs were originally written for the
excellent 1975 Robert Altman movie "Nashville", which used
a convoluted set of story lines woven around the country
music scene in Nashville to satirize American politics,
entertainment, and the media culture. The movie was quite
funny, acerbic, and sad. "For the Sake of the Children" was
sung by actor Henry Gibson, formerly of Laugh-In. In
"Nashville" Gibson played diminutive, hypocritical,
sequined, hyper-patriotic country music icon Haven Hamilton
whose family-values-turned-on-its-head theme song was "For
the Sake of the Children (We Must Say Good-Bye)".
"Memphis" was actually written by actress Karen Black, who
played a second-tier singer destined to serve as perpetual
stand-in for emotionally fragile superstar Barbara Jean,
another icon who is accidentally assassinated at a political
rally at the movie's end. "Memphis" was generally
considered an egregiously bad song written by an amateur
whose dislike for country music was evident from the song's
sappiness. At the time it was generally thought that Altman
let it into the film as an indulgence to Karen Black, but it
is certainly a strange choice for a cover. Back in the 70's
there was a soundtrack album to "Nahville", but it's
probably long out of print.
- Bill Jaynes

3.5.10 I'm Not Sayin'
Written and originally performed by Gordon Lightfoot on
the album "Lightfoot!" (United Artists 1965). Currently
available. More significantly perhaps, however, is that
this song was Nico's first single (Immediate 1965).

3.5.11 Borderline
Written by Reggie Lucas and originally performed by Madonna.

4 Discography and availability information
The recorded works of all Galaxie 500 related artists, can be found
in The Galaxie 500 and related bands discography (see PART III/1).

Galaxie 500
Rykodisc have all three Galaxie 500 albums plus a box set, a
compilation album and a very good live set available.

Damon & Naomi
All Damon & Naomi albums are available on Sub Pop in the US and on
Rykodisc in Europe. The Pierre Etoile EP has recently been
re-issued on CD by Spanish label Elefant.

Luna release their material on Beggars Banquet in the UK/Europe
and Elektra everywhere else in the world - as far as I know all of
their albums are currently available. In spring 1999 Luna were
dropped by Elektra just prior to the release of The Days Of Our
Nights. Luna have now signed to Jericho a Sire records imprint,
who will be releasing Luna's latest album (The Days Of Our Nights)
in the US.

Magic Hour
Magic Hour released their material on Che in the UK (first two
albums only) and Twisted Village in the US, as far as I know all
three albums are still available.

Cagney and Lacee
The Cagney and Lacee material was released on No.6 records and
should still be available. A limited edition (500 copies) 7"
single was released by UK independent label Earworm.

PART II - Frequently Asked Questions

1 Where can I see ... play live?
When are ... going to play in ...?
As soon as I hear of any live dates I will put them on the
Galaxie 500 - Luna - Damon & Naomi web page (see PART III/1)
and post them on the mailing list (see PART III/2) and on the
newsgroup (see PART III/3).
I DO NOT get informed as a matter of course by any of the bands
and so I rely on people telling me and by keeping an eye on the
official web pages (see PART III/1). If anyone hears of any dates
I'd be grateful if you could email them to me so that I can
notify people via the web page, mailing list and newsgroup.

2 Where can I find Galaxie 500/Luna/Damon & Naomi guitar tabs?
The chords to most Galaxie 500, and quite a few Luna tracks are
available on the Galaxie 500 - Luna - Damon & Naomi web page (see
III/1), you will also find links to other pages that contain tabs
which I will add as and when I come across them.

3 Didn't Galaxie 500 do a couple of Peel Sessions?
Will they ever get released?
Galaxie 500 recorded two sessions for the John Peel show - the ground
breaking BBC radio show...

Recorded 24th September 1989
Broadcast 17th October 1989
Blue Thunder
Decomposing Trees
Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste (Richman)

Recorded 30th October 1990
Broadcast 4th November 1990
Moonshot (Buffy St Marie)
Submission (Sex Pistols)
When Will You Come Home
Final Day (Moxham)
(this version of Final Day has Naomi doing the vocal)

According to an interview Damon & Naomi gave in Ptolemaic Terrascope
(issue 23) these will "probably surface at some point".

4 Why did Galaxie 500 split?
The generally considered reasoning behind the split was simply that
Dean Wareham decided he didn't want to be in the band anymore.
Damon and Naomi gave a very thorough interview in "The Ptolemaic
Terrascope" magazine (issue 23) where they give their version of
the events that led to the split. As far as I know Dean hasn't given
a full public explanation for his decision.

5 Why were Luna called Luna2 (or Luna squared)?
I beleive that a US new age singer was using the name Luna and so
Lunapark was released as Luna2, after which an
was reached with the artist in question.

6 Why did Stanley Demeski leave Luna?
Stanley's reluctance to tour was the officially given reason for his
departure from the band - these two quotes from interviews given to
music magazine "Stomp and Stammer"
give a bit more insight into the separation...

"But I was never really in Luna. I was an employee of the band and
I made it clear from the beginning that whenever we went on the
road, I had to be paid. Then, they sort of ran out of money and at
that point, they just kept bugging me to tour with them but I just
wasn't that into it to be honest with you."
Stanley Demeski - "Stomp & Stammer" - June 1997

"He didn't like touring I guess that was true with everyone in The
Feelies, but I got tired of begging and twisting his arm. And it
was kind of always that way from the beginning, he made that sort
of clear, that he would rather stay home."
Dean Wareham - "Stomp & Stammer - September 1997

7 Haven't I heard ... in a TV commercial?
The Luna track "California (All The Way)" has appeared as the
soundtrack to at least two TV commercials - Calvin Klein CK1 (in the
US) and American Express (in the UK).
The Galaxie 500 track "Instrumental" from the album "On Fire" has
recently (Sept 99) appeared in a US TV commercial for Acura cars.

8 Haven't I heard ... in a film?
Galaxie 500 songs have appeared in (unconfirmed)...
Remembering Sex (aka: Getting Off) (1998 - dir: Julie Lynch)

Luna songs/music have appeared in the following films...
I Shot Andy Warhol (1996 - dir: Mary Harron) - Soundtrack available
Mr Jealousy (1997 - dir: Noah Baumbach) - Soundtrack available
Thursday (1998 - dir: Skip Woods)
Irma Vep (1996 - dir: Olivier Assayas)

9 What is a Galaxie 500?
It's a make of car. If you're really interested check out this page on
Yahoo -

PART III - Internet

1 Web Pages
The following web pages have Galaxie 500 etc. content.

Galaxie 500 - Luna - Damon & Naomi
Excellent (but I would say that!) and thorough web pages with
full discography, lyrics and the home of this FAQ

Rykodisc's Galaxie 500 web pages
Very smart web page promoting Rykidisc's re-issue of the
Galaxie 500 back-catalogue, with a good discography, pictures
and sounds.
this page has recently gone AWOL during Ryko's restructuring of
their web site - an unofficial mirror is available here...

Damon and Naomi on Sub Pop
Damon & Naomi's Sub Pop web site has recently been relaunched
Flashy new graphics and the usual pics and sounds, as well as
pieces on Galaxie 500, Magic Hour and Exact Change. No news
section though. Sub Pop also have a tours section which will
normally have any D+N dates mentioned.

The old and out of date version is still up and running...

Javier Balanche's Wondrous Web of Damon &amp; Naomi
Half finished, graphic intensive and in Spanish D+N web page

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Originally started by band member Justin Harwood as a repository
for various pics and snippets it became the band's official site
when the rather tame site that origianally held that title finally
gave up the ghost. It was been sporadically updated with pictures
and articles by band members.
In January 2000 Justin, having left the band, handed over the
reins of the site to (I believe) a Jericho records employee and
a prettied up Fuzzy Wuzzy appeared.
The band will still have a major input into the web sites content
and hopefully Fuzzy Wuzzy will be more regularly updated.

The ex-official Luna web page
This site has been officially abandoned, while still available for
viewing there is very little worth visiting for, particularly with
Fuzzy Wuzzy now relaunched.

Chris's Luna discography
Complete Luna discography with lots of scans. All on one page so
make a cup of tea while you wait for it to load. Currently offline
for a refit.

Luna on the Beggars Banquet site
Small but neat page by Luna's UK record label. A quick scour round
the Beggars Banquet site will also throw up a RealVideo Luna

Luna on the Elektra site
Small out of date (surprise) page by Luna's ex-US/World record

Magic Hour on the Che site
This is a tidy one page affair with details of record releases.

The Shrine
A lovingly compiled collection of photographs of Dean Wareham
various stages of his career.

A collection of links to pages with reviews, interviews and features
can be found on the links page of the Galaxie 500 - Luna - Damon &
Naomi web site

2 Mailing Lists & Message/Bulletin Boards
2.1 The Galaxie 500 Mailing List - a lively debate forum for all things
Galaxie 500 related and more
To subscribe email
subscribe galaxie <your email address>
subscribe galaxie-digest <your email address>
in the BODY of the email.
Any problems feel free to email me at

2.2 Fuzzy Wuzzy Mailing List
The official Luna news and information mailing list recently mislaid
all the email addresses. If you wish to receive Luna news from the
horses mouth you'll have to sign up again. Email and ask them nicely to add you to the

2.2 Luna Message Board
A newly established and splendidly fizzy web based discussion can be
found at

3 Newsgroups
In the following Newsgroups Galaxie 500 (etc.) discussion is
both of the above newsgroups have been pretty much nothing
but spam for a few months now. Best join the Galaxie 500
mailing list!
Lively, medium/high traffic newsgroup, with a stress on
independent, so Luna debate may be frowned upon by Indie
Very busy newsgroup, and only recommended if you can cope
with tedious debates about mainstream alternative Rock.

PART IV - Credits

Thanks to gary <gruis...@CCTR.UMKC.EDU> for donating a particularly
good answer for question 1.1, I've never been able to describe
Galaxie 500.

Thanks to Sean O'Brien <> for filling me in on the
Magnetophone project.

Thanks to for donating a fine yet concise history
of The Pastels.

Thanks to Lars Murray from Rykodisc <> - for
explaining the CD-ROM video problem.

Thanks to Rob Gronette, Steve Beeho, Rhys Davies, Brent Aliverti,
Jonathan Litchfield, Static50 - for correcting mistakes and filling

Thanks to Bill Jaynes for filling me in on the two songs from the film
"Nashville" that were covered by Cagney and Lacee, and to Simon Murphy
for a bit of "Greyhound Goin' Somewhere" info.

Thanks to the subscribers and contributors of the Galaxie 500 mailing
list from whom a large chunk of this information was gleaned.

Please mail me ( any corrections, additions or
comments to me for later versions of this FAQ.


Copyright (c) 1997-2000 by Andrew Aldridge, all rights reserved.
This FAQ may be freely distributed by any means as long as there is no
charge (except to cover materials) and that this copyright notice
remains intact.
This FAQ may not be distributed for financial gain.
This FAQ may not be included in commercial collections or compilations
without the express permission of the author.

Galaxie 500 - Luna - Damon & Naomi
Brian -

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