LOVE MY COUNTRY! Is The Ultimate Compilation Series Featuring 20 Hot New Hits

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Jan 13, 2018, 8:57:03 PM1/13/18
'LOVE MY COUNTRY!' is the Ultimate Compilation Series Featuring 20 Hot New Hits by the Hottest Breakout Artists in Country Music - Vol. 1 Out Now - Giving True Music Lovers More of What They Love!

True music lovers live for hearing hot new music first & falling in love with more great artists that make them feel good. HOT NEW HEAT is the new Entertainment portal with the best daily news on Music, Movies, TV Shows, Concerts, Festivals, Nightlife & more of what you love! Part of that portal is the discovery & launching of the greatest TALENT that everyone should know about, from a massive ongoing non-stop worldwide talent search. Great compilation albums with 20 of the Hottest New Hits & Artists at a low price, called 'LOVE MY COUNTRY!' come out twice a year & give true Country music fans MORE of what they love - great songs & artists to fall in love with! A promo video for Vol. 1 is here :

Seeing a truly gifted artist come from 'nowhere' and touch the world with their talent is one of the greatest joys in life! A deserving artist connecting with a welcoming audience, that loves their songs & talents - is very exciting, uplifting & inspiring. Spearheaded by top music industry veterans, who have helped launch countless stars, bring you these musical treasures from a massive never ending worldwide talent search. Fact is the 3 so called 'major' labels are no longer American owned & no longer 'develop' artists, so they only give music fans an infinitesimal number of deserving & talented artists that are in the world. "The music industry has traditionally not been fair to artists", states one of the founders Jay Warsinske, "turning down most, chewing up & spitting out most they touch, putting them on the shelf to never be heard from again & dropping/discarding them seeing many give up on making music all together, doing a great disservice to the music lovers that have an insatiable appetite to be entertained, this platform aims to change that & gives the fans more of what they crave!"

LOVE MY COUNTRY! compilations are distributed by some of the leading companies in the industry, & available at AMAZON, iTunes, BEST,, leading independent chains & great retailers across the country and around the World. A LOVE MY COUNTRY! Radio Show is launching & a reality TV show marking the rise & development of real artists is being produced. LOVE MY COUNTRY! Concerts are being scheduled and a LOVE MY COUNTRY! Tour is being organized. Jay states "This is a true grassroots driven platform, by the People For the People - all for the LOVE of great music, artists & songs that become the 'soundtrack to our lives'! Combining classic talent & artistry in it's roots, combining with cutting edge technology & innovation to give artists & fans exciting new opportunities, while maintaining the authenticity & artistic greatness!" The feedback & response has been phenomenal - from major Country stars proclaiming their support to industry & media accolades like "it's about time!' and 'this is great for artists & fans alike" - one thing all agree on... the love for new country music is growing as is the pride in our nation, making us exclaim "LOVE MY COUNTRY!"


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