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Yes she did appear on Good Morning America.

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Feb 23, 1994, 11:20:49 PM2/23/94
About a year or so ago I say a commercial about it and decided to tune in.
I beleive it was during the winter time. I am not positive tho. She explained
all of her musical talents and how a record was made. I have never been so
pissed off after not taping somthing in my life. I don't see why I can't
worship her, she certainly is worshipable. (if there is somthing like that)
I am telling you, I am putting up a personal request, if anyone can
get me her e-mail or snail address I would be indebted to her/her.
(hopfully her)
I love enya and every person in her family / extended family/ anyone who
claims to be a long lost sister of her family. I only regret that
I don't get to Ireland more often. (4 lines up, him/her, sorry)

I love Enya and her whole Irish folk singing genre. (Esp. Tori Amos)

Love peace and hair grease
peace love and oreo cookies for all.
(doesn't the conjure up wierd images?)
monty with the best of them
Jm6...@ark.ship.edu ( where's my autoletter?)

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