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Re: ELO - "Evil Woman" question

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Feb 10, 2023, 9:52:52 AM2/10/23
Op 25-1-2023 om 2:34 schreef super70s:
> Does anybody know anything about an "unedited version" of ELO's "Evil
> Woman"?
> I just heard this version on an online station (RadioStorm - Classic
> Rock -, and the second verse
> had a completely new set of lyrics I'd never heard before, neither on
> the single version or the Face The Music album version.
> I have an ELO FAQ (last updated in 1999) and it mentions nothing about
> an "unedited version" of "Evil Woman."
> The Wiki page for "Evil Woman" mentions nothing about another version,
> but apparently there's an "Evil Woman - long version + lyrics" on
> YouTube.
> Getting back to the Beatles, this was one of the tracks Jeff Lynne
> played (the other one "Mr. Blue Sky") at the Grammys a few years ago and
> sometimes the camera went to Paul in the audience really digging it.

I found a comment under the lyrics of Evil Woman at:

It says:


In 2006, "Face the Music" was re-released,
with several bonus tracks, including a different,
"Stripped Down Mix" version of "Evil Woman".
That version includes a fourth verse:

Hang out for just a while
And I'll tell you a story that'll make you smile
'Bout a dark-eyed woman with a Cadillac
But all she had was on her back
Well, a fool rushed in, and thought he saw
Just the kind of woman that he'd adore
She lay beside him and turned on her charms
But this devil's woman sure knows how to do you wrong

on February 21, 2007


Direct link to this comment:

So: a bonus version to the re-released album Face the Music...

Is this what you heard?


Pluted Pup

Feb 28, 2023, 3:46:23 PM2/28/23

Evil Woman by the Doobie Brothers:

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