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the appearance of the anti-Christ in Jerusalem

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Mar 13, 2009, 9:19:50 AM3/13/09
His name is Mark ansd he is not. He is a human being. The Lord Jesus
Christ the Messiah told me to tell you between 10 to 20 years after your
third temple is built he will appear in your temple. Do not be deceived.
Vhrist is the son of Man Remember what Saint Peter said about the son of
man. He was Jesus Christ Son of the Living God and that's whom I serve
and He is my Lord and I know His Father too, and His Holy Sprit. I've
been born again and baptizxed by HIs Father and also Baptized by Jesus
with Fire.


Mar 13, 2009, 8:04:47 PM3/13/09
excuse me!!!!!!!!!! the last temple in Jerusalem. There are four empires
to go through, and we are in the third. Right now we are IN the third
empire. Not the 4th. That is when you will see him apear I was
distracted by an avater last night. There are things to be done Irsael.
Your Lord God Jesus Christ the Messiah told me to treat you well. You
were his chosen people. I too and half hebrew. but I am not Christ. Nor
am I Jewish. I am Christian. The seed has been sown. Many years ago. It
was done by the man who ou thought would deliver you from the
Babylonian's. He is not I I am his messenger I am the Captain of North
America.I liv a sinole yet comlex life. I require my privacy. I do not
like attention. I wish to be left alone.I am forsaken.

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