Plummet 2012 Vocal Attack BRAND NEW mix release, New RemixEvolution 2012 Trance mix set, URLs and Descriptions Here Now 2012!!!

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Apr 9, 2012, 11:00:33 AM4/9/12
Hi All Music Lovers!!!, some new releases from RemixEvolution! *** :) :)

Links/URLs to HD videos and Descriptions below, first a summary!
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1. Plummet Damaged 2012 Vocal Attack mix - New Fiora vs R.E. vs Antillas
2. 2012 Latest Trance mix set - BeatPort's Best (Oceanlab v Ronskispeed)
3. Lady 2012 Romeo remix - new release Alexey Romeo vs Modjo vs R.E 2012

1. Plummet Damaged 2012 Vocal Attack mix (RemixEvolution, Antillas, Fiora)
You should enjoy this one, I freaking love it!!! One of my all time
favourite tracks, and one I remade in 2006 with great success (it's
listed on the channel if you wish to

play it)...this time around I take Fiora and Antillas re-worked 2012
remixes and combine those with some effects and vocals from each remix
and the original, and re-order

the track completely. I also have taken around 10 hours to manually
insert several background sounds and sections from the original to give
this a much fuller sound and as a

nod to the original, updating it in a better way IMO. Numerous staged
build ups are setup with vocal climaxes. Taking a progressive line with
the entire track this is great

up very loud when you can appreciate the many nuances of background
instrumental insertions and vocal loop overlays. I'm really happy with
the end result on this, it comes

off sounding better than either of the standalone remixes yet it is
distinctly original and has its own unique feel and sound. Published in
720p/HD high quality HQ 44100khz,

this is also available for download so inbox me if you want the link,
otherwise watch in on here in 360p or preferably 720p to get the full
audio quality.
Released just in time for Easter 2012!!! Enjoy!!! this track is so
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2. 2012 Latest Trance Mix Set DJ HQ Oceanlab vs Andain vs Ronski Speed)
"top 10" BeatPort 720p New


Hi all, hope you enjoy our Top 5 Trance mix set as produced on
20/03/2012, this features some awesome tracks, all remixed prior to
being placed into the set. Some were sped

up, some slowed down, all had effects and great emphasis placed on key
chords and vocals. Some spatial effects too. Overall im really happy
with how several of the mix joins

turned out too. Track list in no particular order this time:
Above and Beyond presents Oceanlab - On A Good Day (Daniel Kandi Mix)
Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel and Dresden Unplugged Mix)
Ronski Speed Feat Sir Adrian - Seen It All (Alexander Popov Dub)
Utah Saints vs Drumsound and Bassline Smith - What Can You Do For Me
Emma Hewitt - Colours (Armin Van Buuren Remix Edit)
also this release is deliberately cut short by about 5 minutes as its
due to be released on our Album next month!! (to be released for digital
download on here and several

other torrent locations)
All mixed live in one go and with an amazingly levelled and smooth
waveform thanks to the mackie mixer, was put together using the vestax
decks, cooledit pro, some alberton

work also. effects from the korg pad (KP3) and some of VDJ's effects suite.
Really enjoy all of these tracks so hope you guys like the mix set, and
stay tuned for a download link for the full version of this and our
entire album featuring many

remixes from our Youtube channel and also some unreleased ones!

Released of course in maximum audio quality and 720p visual;
*visit us at:

3. Lady 2012 Romeo remix new release Alexey Romeo vs Modjo by
RemixEvolution HD 720p love!

Welcome to our version of Lady, labelled the 2012 Romeo remix out of
respect to Alexey Romeo for the significant contributions. This is a mix
I've been working on for a few

days now and it initially was quite tough to get these tracks to come
together, and then by accident around 3am I discovered a really great
lineup for the midrange of Lady.

I then also noticed the -1 beat bar offset and managed to use that to my
advantage to bring Lady's vocals in from midway through the track on. I
hope you'll agree the build

up is sensational, taking full advantage of Alexey Romeo's brilliant
bassline and tempo, then crescending nicely into Modjo's classic Lady. I
really like the way this turned

out and it took approx. 3 passes in VDJ on the Vestax VCI100mk2 to get
it right. Using the Mackie ProFX8 and Korg KP3 for effects throughout
the track. In particular I'm

using FLT1 and NOD3 for filtering Lady and subsequently remixing that
back into Alexey Romeo's bass. Highly enjoyable and very different (for
once, lady remixes always sound

the same hence their drop in release rate in the last few years), I hope
you enjoy this as much as I am!! I will be posting a direct download
link for the 320kbps MP3 in a

few days after the views on the video are up! Released here in 720
(1280x720) and 44100khz audio this should really be played in 720
quality mode if you have that option

with your internet bandwidth. Youtube have fixed the 360p audio quality
a little now though.

Again, please support as by visiting our YouTube channel and spreading
these video links across the internet! Thank you!

-RemixEvolution Australia

************************* 2012
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