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Hello from modernsoulrecs

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Aug 31, 2020, 9:44:58 AM8/31/20
Hi Everyone,

My name is Carly and I run an online-only record store based out of New Jersey...I've played in Chapel Hill (at the Cave) in the past (I played drums in The Pretty Greens, No Other, Catriona Sturton) and a Hopscotch party and a few house shows (really fun memories).

Would love to share my record store link with you: and on Insta/Facebook/Twitter I'm @modernsoulrecs I have a few record store day items if you missed anything on your lists from the weekend. Our store focus is womxn artists, but we have pretty much a bit of everything including books and zines.

Also, I wanted to mention that I am doing a pre-sale right now with an NC-based band called Cor De Lux (shoegaze, post-punk) who are releasing their debut LP "Dream Life" at the end of September. We have a limited amount of signed copies currently available of the release left (we're through half of the records we were offering), so if you are interested in an exclusive autographed vinyl variant on milky clear vinyl, we have that, and it comes with two digital download tracks prior to the release.

You can link to the presale here:

Lastly, if anyone is writing for or following any music web sites in the area that I should be made aware of outside of the listserv: please let me know your favorites--would love to hear the suggestions!

Hope everyone is doing well right now in all of this and taking care--glad to see the listserv is still going--I've shared my mixcloud below if you are looking for new music suggestions, as well!

All the best--

Carly M
Modern Soul Records:
Women Crush Wednesday:

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