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Mar 28, 2009, 12:25:36 PM3/28/09
Saturday, March 28
Oh, Mother (
Papermoons (
Ben Carr (
Bull City Headquarters, Durham

Now that the weather's warming up, it's safe to start going to shows at
Bull City HQ again. Assuming you can find out about them -- I got a TXT
earlier this week telling me that Midtown Dickens were playing a couple
of hours later that evening at BCHQ. Not really enough time for me to
get the word out.

This show has apparently been in my Facebook events invites list for a
while now, but I'd still like to encourage the BCHQ folks to consider
using the website that they have sitting out there, un-updated.

Anyway, no matter, the place looks full with 25 people in it, so I
suppose there's a limited need for promotion anyway.

Saturday, March 28
Caltrop (
Blag'ard (
The Curtains of Night (
The Pinhook, Durham

Maximum heaviosity from two of the Triangle's finest purveyors of the
stuff. Caltrop crank out massive slabs of psych/metal, veering between
optimism and despair, but always searching. Curtains of Night are more
static, piling a single riff higher & higher til it collapses under its
own weight, then starting over.

Saturday, March 28
The Love Language (
Max Indian (
Oh Captain My Captain (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

This is a CD-release party for the new-ish Love Language CD, their
first. It's a great slice of mid-fi pop, with some of the catchy
jangle+punch of frontman Stuart McLamb's old band, The Capulets, but
also a nice dose of slower/spacier stuff.

Saturday, March 28
The Ex-Monkeys (
Ear Pwr (
Juan Huevos (
Duke Coffeehouse, Durham

Saturday, March 28
A Rooster for the Masses (
Death to the Details (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Saturday, March 28
Kenny Roby's Mercy Filter (
Rob Watson (
Mike Roy
Pour House, Raleigh

Sunday, March 29
Whatever Brains (
WXDU 88.7 FM, Durham

Whatever Brains' debut 7", "Mount Whatever," is far and away the
brightest musical spot of 2009 thus far. On the surface it's just
3-chord Buzzcocksy punkrock, but it's chock full of awesome little
touches, from the squealing fuzz that comes & goes at just the right
moments, to the "ooooooooohs" that punctuate the title track, to the
whistling that closes out "Summer Jammin". It'll take a pretty damn
impressive contender (or another Whatever Brains release) to knock this
one out of the top spot in my 2009 best-of list.

So you're saying to yourself "well, OK, but can they pull it off live?"
And I'm pleased to report that I've seen 'em, and fuck yeah they can.
Check it yourself: 4:00 p.m. 88.7 FM or

Sunday, March 29
des_ark (
Amanda Palmer (
ArtsCenter, Carrboro

For reasons unclear to me, Amanda Palmer (as well as her main non-solo
project, Dresden Dolls) is signed to the mostly-metal label Roadrunner
(and is thus, the Roadrunner roster being what it is, one of maybe 3
women out of a total of ~140 people on the label). This point became
salient late last year, when she blogged about a meeting she had with
her A&R guy:

"right before the european tour i went to the new york offices of
roadrunner to say hi and check in. my a&r guy (my main contact at the
label) sat me down in his office and said he wanted to discuss the
"leeds united" video. he told me that there were certain shots that they
wanted to either cut completely or digitally alter to "be more
flattering". my favorite quote from that meeting: "i’m a guy, amanda. i
understand what people like.""

This created a nice backlash/protest movement (primarily involving
photos of peoples' bellies with angry messages to Roadrunner drawn on

Anyway, Amanda Palmer. Since we're talking about the Leeds United video,
it's as good a place as any to get the deal on her.

Oh, and I've just confirmed that des_ark will be opening, in her solo
configuration. Arrive on time, folks.

Sunday, March 29
Dirty Little Heaters (
Romanteek (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Dirty Little Heaters make *way* too much awesome blues-garage-soul noise
for The Cave, so wear yr crash-helmet.

Monday, March 30
Pistil (
The Dogwood Deddy (
Cobalt and the Hired Guns (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, March 31
The Ex-Monkeys (
Many Birthdays (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

The Ex-Monkeys make live trip-hop; they both used to be 2/3rds of the
great 90s Raleigh band Friend Side Monkey.

Tuesday, March 31
Tin Star
Aminal (
The Deep Sea Goes (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Wednesday, April 1
Swan Quarter (
Mysterium Tremendum (
Chainsaw Demons (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Wednesday, April 1
Black Skies (
The Proselyte (
Phantom Glue (
Reservoir, Carrboro

Thursday, April 2
The Never (
Lost in the Trees (
Von Der Hayden Pavilion, Perkins Library, Duke, Durham

This is being presented by the Campus Concert Series, and it commences
at 6:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 2
Clang Quartet (
Black Tusk (
Irata (
Marvell Building, Durham

Thursday, April 2
North Elementary (
I Was Totally Destroying It
Tir Na Nog, Raleigh

This is another in Tir Na nOg's series of Local Bands, Local Beers.

Friday, April 3
Starmount (
Rebus Works, Raleigh

This is an opening reception for "Epic Battle," the new show from Casey
Porn & David Eichenberger. Starmount (a swirly instrumental outfit
masterminded by Greg Elkins) play at 8:00.

Friday, April 3
Steve Howell & The Lonesome Teardrops
The Dune Dogs (
Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh

Steve Howell provided the excellent twangy Telecaster in both the
Backsliders *and* one version of the $2 Pistols, so if it's honky-tonk
you want, this is the place to be.

The Dune Dogs are described as "area executives playing country-fried
swamp ‘n’ roll music," which is the sorta thing that makes a man want to
drive his car right up onto the curb in protest, but I'm not gonna be in
Raleigh that night anyway, so you'll have to use your own best judgement.

Friday, April 3
Tooth (
The Bronzed Chorus (
Caverns (
Pink Flag (
The Pinhook, Durham

This is the first night of Viking Storm, which is either a springtime
Viking-themed Durham music festival, or a 2-day CD-release extravaganza
for the new Hammer No More the Fingers CD "Looking for Bruce." Or both,
actually. It's at the Pinhook tonight, and the Duke Coffeehouse Saturday
night. I shouldn't have to tell you about Tooth, and how crucial it is
that you see them at least once before we're overrun by the
horn-helmeted hordes.

Friday, April 3
Twilighter (
Puritan Rodeo (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Friday, April 3
Octane Saints
Atomic Drops
Slim's Downtown, Raleigh

Saturday, April 4
Cool John Ferguson (
Captain Luke (
Whistlin Britches
John Dee Holeman
Broad Street Cafe, Durham

This is an anniversary party for the Music Maker Relief Foundation,
which locates, nurtures & supports aging & struggling blues & roots
musicians. The full lineup as I read it the other day (essentially a big
chunk of the label's roster) is: John Dee Holeman, Cool John Ferguson,
Sol Creech, Bubba Norwood, Captain Luke, Whistlin’ Britches, Andy
Coates, Billy Stevens

Saturday, April 4
Goner (
The Loners (
des_ark (
Double Negative (
Tir Na Nog, Raleigh

This is a book-release party & show for the latest installment in local
drummer/cartoonist Brian Walsby's highly successful Manchild series.
He's up to #4, and as with #3, you get a rare/unreleased Melvins CD
along with the book of comix.

*And* you get to see four of the best bands in North Carolina, from the
brutal garage-stomp of the Loners and the bittersweet
townie-in-a-college-town rock of Goner, to the skull-removing squall of
des_ark and the brilliant, hyper-evolved hardcore of Walsby's own band
Double Negative.

Saturday, April 4
Future Kings of Nowhere (
Dry Heathens (
Hammer No More the Fingers (
Deleted Scenes
The Beast
Duke Coffeehouse, Durham

Night two of Viking Storm, this time featuring Hammer No More the
Fingers themselves, whose new album, "Looking for Bruce," is one of the
reasons for the Viking invasion. Also on the bill, the long-dormant
Future Kings of Nowhere, the boozy Replacementsy rock-n-roll of the Dry
Heathens, and The Beast, a hip-hop with-live-instruments outfit MC'd by
Pierce Freelon.

Saturday, April 4
Stratocruiser (
Veelee (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Stratocruiser are a huge-sounding power-pop band masterminded by
Sparklefest guru Mike Nicholson. Veelee are the new band of Matthew
Park, who was in Opening Flower Happy Bird. They're also a duo, but this
time around Matt's joined by Ginger.

I know nothing about the Morningstars, but I would like to commend them
for following in the footsteps of that great 90s Chapel Hill band
Starpoint, in naming themselves after a local mini-storage facility.
It's a fine tradition.

What do all these bands have in common? They've all got members who work
at Local 506. Yes, it's the 506 Employee of the Month show.

Saturday, April 4
Transportation (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Saturday, April 4
Pinche Gringo (
Feral Foster (
The Black Twigs (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

This is the monthly FrequeNC Records night at Nightlight. They say
"we're so happy to anounce our second annual ROOTS / acoustic JAMDOWN
!!! come taste some hot flavors representing our love of early blues and
old-time music. historically relevant dj sets will be unleashed. raw
powerful roots (dance???) music will be created. i'm guessing buster
keaton might be back on the screen again... SAME DAY AS THE FOLKLIFE
RECORD SALE. so you'll be in the mood big-time!!!"

Sunday, April 5
Ariel Pink (
Vivian Girls (
Local 506, Chapel Hill

The consensus from SXSW on the Vivian Girls seemed to be that they were
very much still figuring their shit out, and regardless of how much you
liked/disliked their album, their live show wasn't together enough to
justify (or survive) the massive attention being heaped upon them. (And
thus, depending on the writer's feelings about the album, the band, or
fun amateurish garage-pop in general, they were either dismissed
snootily or defended passionately.)

Sunday, April 5
Lonnie Walker (
Small Sur (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Sunday, April 5
Caltrop (
Music Hates You (
Reservoir, Carrboro

If you haven't seen Caltrop by now (and jeez, what's wrong with you?),
and you're remotely interested in checking out what it'd feel like to be
buried under a landslide, without actually dying, then here's yr chance.

Monday, April 6
Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls
Burning Rays (
Left on Cates (
The Cave, Chapel Hill

Monday, April 6
Boyzone (
Yellow Crystal Star (
Amir Coyle (
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, April 7
Brian Jonestown Massacre (
The Flavor Crystals (
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Tuesday, April 7
Anaturale (
Nicky Click (
Miss Mary Wanna
Local 506, Chapel Hill

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Mar 30, 2009, 1:23:51 PM3/30/09
>>>What do all these bands have in common? They've all got members who work
at Local 506. Yes, it's the 506 Employee of the Month show.

We'll also be showing the UNC/Villanova game in it's entirety on our
big screen before the show $1 off all drinks!...glenn

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