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Jul 31, 2018, 3:29:18 AM7/31/18
Life is a work in progress. And we get more than one chance at it. God speaks to me

about spiritual things. Using my own voicebox, he speaks in my mouth. It is not my

own mind speaking, or a subconscious aspect - he speaks knowledge I don't really think

or know. One thing that God has spoken to me at times about is that there is a life

after death, and that it is not really that surprising. You won't actually be surprised or

taken aback in how it works. Because it works just like the life you are already living in

very many ways - but it is usually an improved model. In the common era calendar, those

nations which use it are judged by it to a certain degree. In this sense God, who has very

good knowledge of our world, is aware of our calendars. Systems are judged in years by

God. Each year on Earth has a new level made for it in the next life. In older times, when

population was much less, it worked in decades. There were not as many people so he didn't

have to construct a new level every year. These years in heaven HOUSE us. They give us a

spiritual home to live in. If you know history you know mankind goes back many thousands

of years now. In the reckoning of myself there has been approximately 6181 years Since Creation

in this year of the common era calendar 2018. When you think about it, if heaven were just

above us spiritually, and it was just one level, it would really be starting to get pretty full,

wouldn't it? It's not. It's not, because God creates new levels of heaven regularly to house

the new people which arrive in heaven. But it is more than that. God doesn't give people

born on Earth just one chance - their Earthly life - to have children. This is available in the

next life. That is where the rest of your brothers and sisters will be born if you make it to

the heavenly afterlife. And that is where you have forever to find family of your own if you

haven't had any yet. And because of that each year has a level of its own, were you heavenly

offspring can find homes. But, as you could imagine, they would need children of their own,

and so on forever. Each yearly level of heaven has sub-levels (which are actually built upwards),

and progress on forever, when God builds a new level for each year upon sufficient demand.

Now that you understand the structure of heaven, you can also know that whatever you acquire

in life there is a heavenly copy made for it. It is your fundamental rights on that products. But

all equivalent rights - goods, services, geographical places visited, institutions joined and so on.

This includes your abode - an abode in each year you have owned it in the heavenly equivalent

made for it. Now, quite obviously each of us is born in a certain year. That year of birth to the year

of death is the equivalent of the years of life you have access to in the heavenlies. Going further,

it is judged, in the common era calendar, in cycles of centuries. If you lived from 1922 to 2013, you would

have a span over two centuries. In the 'Dead Time' of the time before 1922 to 1900 and in the dead

time from 2013 to 2100 God leaves you alone to do your own thing mostly - he is not largely concerned

about the dead time. What matters to God is your 'Living Years'. That is when it all counts and

determines things. The centuries in the common era calendar repeat every century. There have been

20 repeats of the first century so far, currently being in the 20th repeat of the first century. So, if you

are from 1922 to 2013 in your lifespan, you will be in dead space currently until the 'EARTHLY' year

ahead of us of 2122 (which is the yearly level year of 1922 in the heavenlies). And you would repeat

the obligations of your life till the year 2213 in Earthly years, but the Yearly Level Heavenly equivalent

of 2013. And this, after the period of the dead time elapses again, repeats again, and so on for

all eternity. This is what God explains to me. Now, to get to the point of what I am driving at, life is

a work in progress, and we get another chance to improve upon the one we have just lived. We make

mistakes - that is only natural. But the next life is an opportunity to get it right and improve. Don't

worry so much about the mistakes you and others make in the first life - you have eternity to get it

right and make a better effort of it next time. When you get your second life you have tremendous

opportunity to make a better fist of it. Not stuff up so much next time through. So don't sweat it

if someone makes mistakes with you, if they care for you. They might get it better next time through.
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