HNFI WORLD NEWS DIALOGUE AUGUST 6182 SC / AUGUST 2019 CE DIALOGUE (Excerpts from Daniel's Facebook) In the end, though, pro gay is swallowing the devil's seed. You reap hell. If you want to rise in fame you have to learn politically correct bulls

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Aug 27, 2019, 11:31:29 PM8/27/19


(Excerpts from Daniel's Facebook)

In the end, though, pro gay is swallowing the devil's seed. You reap hell.

If you want to rise in fame you have to learn politically correct bullshit. To get ahead in this world, if you are religious, you have to compromise your faith and kiss the sinners arse. Otherwise the mainstream world just won't want to know you.

As bad as the right wing is these days, the left wing is just an abomination. Too liberal the doctrines currently in the left as far as I am concerned. I do agree they are allowed to represent their position on things, and they are allowed to vote these positions in if they can get the consensus. But way too liberal for my liking. I support civic law in general, and uphold their rights to legislation if they can get it passed. I think gay marriage laws are really crappy laws, but I uphold society and its right to self determination.

When society knew that homosexuals were sinners they still had some sense. When homosexuals admitted they were sinners they still had some sense. It was about keeping it in the closet. Society didn't really care as long as the gays kept it to themselves. Keep it in the closet gay community - no need to flaunt it. It's just trying to justify crude behaviour. We religious people don't really care if you are gay or not, just keep it to yourselves.

Noah hated his son looking at him naked. Gay stuff is an abomination. But God is merciful, and when gay people are lawful, as is taught in progressive judaism, I also teach we should get along and accept gay people in society.


The established political authorities just use power and the sword to enforce their laws. There is no reason a human has to obey the laws of the land. They are just other people's opinions. Don't validate society and what it demands of you. Validate your own opinion on morals and law. I do advocate a basic sense of civic responsibility and lawful conduct. This is left to the individual to work out what they think they should be doing. The Rainbow Torah is Genesis 1:1 - 11:9. I contract myself to the Rainbow Torah. I also will not steal, which is not clearly elucidated in the Rainbow Torah.

I advocate people follow God and the Rainbow Torah - Genesis 1:1 - 11:9.

There are probably moral principles - a way of life - which if people follow their life will function better. Legalism is a good idea in this sense. Again, I advocate people develop their own sense of morals and legal views. I wear a long beard at times, but often I will trim it down to about 1 centimeter and let it grow again. I don't object to a shorter beard.

Karaite Noahides represent that Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 (The Rainbow Torah - From Creation to Babel) is the universal obligation of mankind. We feel it should be mankind's spiritual constitution. We promote the faith, but we don't try and convert people away from their own beliefs. We believe in live and let live and accepting people where they are at. People of other belief systems, we feel, should add in observance of the Rainbow Torah to their religious duties. We disavow idolatry - worshiping idols which are not God the Creator. We don't tell people what to do - we don't try and order or command people to follow our faith. It is represented and we leave it at that.

I've been a Noahide since January 1999, and a Karaite Noahide since 1999/2000. For the first number of months of my Noahide faith I followed the 7 laws of Noah and was a Talmudic Noahide. When I obtained some Artscroll Tanakh's and read in the commentaries quotes from the Talmud I knew straight away they were not consistent with scripture. When I found out about Karaite Judaism (Tanakh only Judaism) I soon based my Noahide faith just on the scripture.

I don't believe Jesus was the Son of God or the Messiah. But I accept Jesus the Jew. Jesus was a mustard seed which grew into the church. I like the 'Our Father' prayer. I like the Beatitudes. I quite like the parable of the Prodigal Son. I'm fond of Jesus of Nazareth. I agree with some of his gospel messages. Jesus is a friend - he's a buddy.

I'm a Torah Noahide, but I'm NOT into the Jewish people. I don't associate with em. I am Karaite in faith and recognize the rights of the biblical covenants.

My works have been submitted to God for use as Karaite Noahide scripture.

If they are the kind of gay people you can be friends with because they are polite, then that is ok for religious people to be friends with them. When it comes right down to it gay lifestyle choices are sinful, but I am pro being tolerant of gay people when they are lawful enough. They are still sinning, but if they keep their civil behaviour within reason I am happy enough to live and let live with them. God gives us the ability to make choices and the ability to sin. We have free will. In the Noahide scripture we are not taught to try and stop the rest of the world sinning. Noah was instructed to save his own soul and his family's and let the rest perish. Our job is to simply get along with gay people - live and let live. If they can work out some sort of salvation plan, if they so desire, with God, that is their own responsibility. Noah could probably get along with people if they were friendly enough, despite their flaws. I think it is reasonable to expect a Noahide should get along with all sorts of people, despite their flaws. The more decent they are, the more tolerable they become.

READ A LOT OF BIBLE AND IT WILL DEAL WITH A LOT OF YOUR DEPRESSION. My experience with religion and bible is that the more you study it the more blessing comes your way and the more knowledge you get in your mind over time on positive sorts of things, or constructive sorts of things, and the strength to cope with moody and down times.

Try listening to the Book of Genesis on Youtube. You'll cheer up a lot. Genesis helps a Noahid reaffirm the basics of his or her faith, grounds them, and gives them a sense of hope and a meaning and place in this world, as the faith does in general. It grounds you, keeps you with a sense of a point to your life, which gives the strength to cope with the difficult times. Reading Genesis is good for this work.

We generally should be trying to get along as humans. Call a spade a spade, though. Society works a lot better when we are not at each others throats all the time. But when someone is really ordinary and acting in a way which is too crude for society, note that, and sometimes just avoid such people and let the authorities deal with them.

Colour up your life with a 10 year plan. Have a 10 year Goal, and fill in 10 years. It could also be a 20 year plan. But sometimes you live day to day, and having a basic plan you work on in life gives it meaning and simply just something to do with your time and life. The better you colour up a working plan for the future, the more happy and content you will be with things to do and not being bored with no plans.

Ordinary Tales: The Lightbulb.
'Listen, Max. Replace the fucking lightbulb.' 'Uh, uh. No way. It blew when you turned the switch on. I turn it on sensitively,' replied Max to Rachel. 'Bullshit,' she said. 'It always frikking blows when I turn it on. And I don't know the frikking right brand. Is it screw on or twist or what the fucking hell it is. Buy another fucking lightbulb Max.' Max went out to the shed and borrowed the lightbulb from the shed. He'd get a new one tomorrow. 'There,' he said, putting in the lightbulb. 'Turn it on.' Rachel did. It lit up for a few seconds, then blew. 'Asshole,' she said. 'I'll get the electrician,' he replied.
The End

In the 80s they sold their souls for rock and roll. Now they sell it for Blood, Sugar, Sex & Magic. And they can sell it so cheaply too.

When you know your cultural product from your lifespan - smoother with the world. The more knowledge you have with the way the world works and the things which go on and are popular and accepted, the easier it is to relate and simply converse with society.

The basis of Noah's Covenant is with all humanity. Not just a group or people.Abraham and Israel's covenants are particular to a group of people. The Rainbow Covenant - well, rainbows appear to all of us, don't they.

I follow the position that a life conceived in a woman's womb has a right to life. While a human is being formed in a woman's womb the woman has a duty of care to that new life. She doesn't have the right to deny that human its life. A human life has value. I just think its rather crude to say it only really begins at birth. From conception life is going on, and it's just the right thing to do to let that life come forth and have a chance at life, no matter how it was conceived.

I follow the position that if a human murders another their life is forfeit. They are just too much trouble and not really trustworthy after they have murdered.

I don't believe in equality between the sexes. Feminist claptrap. Biblically men are supposed to respect women. If a woman has passion to argue her case on an issue, fine. Not a problem. If she can persuade, use her wisdom, and win the argument, that's totally cool. But not using legalism as an excuse to force equality. It's not right. Man's natural strengths over a woman are part of nature, and designed that way by God. What strengths the woman has, and can use, that is fine also. Further, it is quite apparent that men and women are designed differently by God. They serve God in different ways, and the role of a man is not the role of a woman. Modern secular thinking lumps us all together as androgyny - it's not accurate thinking about humans. With whatever passion a woman can bring to the table, fine. Not a problem. But not forced legally.

I do believe in the possibility of a Judgment Day. Definitely still considered. Not 100% sure on the subject, but the Bible and its prophets might ultimately have to be honoured, believed and prayed about to see proper fruition. Or God is simply taking his time in getting around to fulfilling his plans with the prophets words.

What do you expect - read the Hebrew Bible 20 times - eternal life on Earth ideas. I have a feeling that if you keep on reading the Hebrew Bible MORE LIFE HAPPENS.

Read the Hebrew Bible 20 times - God will start literally talking to you. I didn't have to read it 20 times. But I had read it probably a dozen or so when God had talked to me with his Almighty voice.

I recommend the JPS Tanakh Hebrew Bible. 1985 edition. It's a particular favourite. Attractive cover, and I like the hardback edition a lot.

I am still against gay marriage, but I accept society's right to its own decision. I don't believe in trying to force others to agree with me. The vote is a fair enough system, despite what I think is often permissiveness which it can allow. But we all have our opinions on what is fair, don't we?

Flakey Liberalism. No grounding in it. They stand for nothing. Not sure if there is really much of a legal or moral standing in liberal thinking - you often think that people can do just about anything they want, and it's just a sinners paradise in the end if it is left to go on unabated.

Liberal progressives have no consistent teaching. They always change. They are always pushing into behaviours and tolerances which are just too contrary to sound human wisdom and tradition.

Give the liberal what they want, they want more sin the next time. Yep, they always want to reimagine the world, often using love to justify it, but usually so they can tolerate people doing whatever they want to do, no matter how harmful those actions might ultimately be.

The Australian Liberal Party are really Conservatives. The name was mockery.Menzies came up with it I think. It was used as a joke. Joke's gone on too long as far as I am concerned.

The Labour party have the 'Liberal' values. Really, the labour left are the ones who have liberal mindsets and progressive freethinking policies about giving people more permission to do a lot of things they really shouldn't be doing.

The reason we creationists defend our position - we're pretty sure we're right. As far as I am concerned the more you investigate some of the claims of the creationist argument, the clearer it becomes that it is accurate and that the alternatives are really just a sham.

Creationists don't pass off the Adam and Eve story as a fairytale. We believe its correct and can be demonstrated as such. It's accepted because it is scientific that humans, with the same DNA, have the same source of origin.

Are you looking for the answer to life? I claim God exists and gave us the Bible. Religions give answers to the point of why we are here on Earth as human beings, and what we are supposed to do with our lives. My recommendation is that the Hebrew Bible are the correct answers to the question of life and its meaning.

Leviticus 19 - Jews are already contracted with God to love - what's new church? Jesus didn't teach a new commandment. God had already given the instructions for people to be loving.

There are Karaite Jewish people. They follow the Hebrew Bible. I am a Noahide within Karaite Faith. This means I identify with Noah's Covenant from Genesis 9, because I am not of the seed of Abraham or Israel. But Karaite Jews base their faith on the Tanakh - the Hebrew Bible - and that is what my faith is also based on. I am observant of Genesis 1:1 - 11:9, but the faith, or what is believed, is the full Tanakh. So, yes, I am also Karaite as well as being Noahide. I don't really associate with Karaite Jews. My congregational association is with Noahide people. But Karaite Jewish people are acknowledged.
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