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Same Sex Civil Union Policy

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Dec 14, 2019, 11:54:53 PM12/14/19

Same-Sex Civil Union Policy

This is the policy of the Rainbow Parade, but generally the same sort of ideas apply for 7DF in general and other AOF's (Assemblies of Faith)

* We allow civil unions between Same Sex couples

* We recognize in these unions

- a relationship of love, care, fidelity & respect can and does occur

- that the sexual behaviours in these unions can give pleasure and excitement

* We do not recognize any valid 'Sexual Union' between these couples. There is no sense of a One Flesh relationship in such relationshps recognized by us, as in the One Flesh relationship ordained in the Rainbow Torah between a man and his wife.

* We recognize that sexual activity does occur and we allow and tolerate this behaviour

- but we do not recgonize this behaviour as valid in any way as justifying a 'Sexual Union' or 'Mateship' of such a union

- having said that we recognize, allow and tolerate this sexual behavioiur (without discrimination) but do not recognize any valid unionship in terms of 'Mateship' in relation to this behaviour

* We recognize this union in terms of friendship, respect, committment, love, affection and kindness between the couple, but we do not sanction sexual union, yet we do recognize that sexual activity does occur. We do not sanction this sexual behaviour as something necessarily approved of – we are not pro-gay sex – but it is something we do not argue against or attempt to prohibit, thus conversely we do not discriminate against it.

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