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Haven Noahide Fellowship is part of the Advancing Noah Movement. We are 1DF of 7DF. And the Advancing Noah Movement is made up of the Seven Divine Fellowships and, probably indeed, the 70 Assemblies of Faith (Some still to be born). HNF is about Advancing with the eras. We don't change our tunes as the eras come and go. We ADVANCE but the core truths remain the same. The core levels remain the same, but every year it adds on new growth. The ANM is meant to be like that - we put on new growth each era, but the core remains the same. Yes, we progress - but only in adding to our tradition - not taking away from it. True, sometimes things might not work perfectly, and might need to be amended. But the core is stable, and needs to be preserved. So HNF is about ADVANCING from era to era, but its basic philosophy remains the same. We represent Torah - Torah of Noah - the Rainbow Covenant - and everlastingly so. AMEN.


God encouraged Cain to conquer the spirit of sin which was always at his door, tempting him to its evil ways.

All of us know of people in our lives and people we see in TV who talk of troubles of the heart - anxiety, worries, depressions, sadnesses and miseries. It seems so many people are miserable in their lives, all of them searching for an answer which eludes them.

The professional psychiatrists all have various answers which they think work, but the real truth to human existences questions of the soul are found in the religious text of the holy scripture which God inspired millennia ago.

What keeps us from finding true peace of heart is our SIN. It is doing things which are carnal, nasty, vicious, mean spirited and hateful which leads to a sense of anxiety in life. And this anxiety will always stay with us until we learn the fundamental lesson which Cain, who killed his brother Abel, failed to learn. We need to repent of the carnal and sinful ways we can be so prone as humans to fall into and become, instead, children of love, joy and peace.

Finding peace with God is found in learning the principles of scripture and applying them to life. It is found in being honest and truthful towards God and our fellow neighbours and doing the very best to show everyone LOVE coming from an honest heart.

The more we love, the more we show kindness, the more we show integrity, the more peace of heart we will find and the more happy we will end up being.


Faithfulness to God means being committed to God. It means most importantly that when you are having difficult times in life – when things are going against you - when things seem to challenging or difficult to cope with - when everything seems to be going well for everyone EXCEPT you - that THAT is the time to remain

faithful and committed to God.

It is easy to praise God and tell him you love him and do everything to please him when things are easy. But that is not the true test of your loyalty. The true test is this: When everything is against you can you still study the Rainbow Bible, praise the goodness of God and remain faithful? God wants followers who will remain faithful to him - through the good times AND the bad times - for better or for worse. Anything less than that is a 'fair-weather friend' and not a true follower of God anyway. So STAY COMMITTED, STAY FAITHFUL AND KEEP GOD IN YOUR HEART, SERVING HIM CONSTANTLY.


The fall of Adam and Eve teaches us many lessons. But one of the most important ones is this: immediately after declaring their punishment God made clothes of animal skin to ‘HIDE’ the nakedness of Adam and Eve. Because Adam and Eve, after eating the forbidden fruit, gained knowledge of good and evil, God gave them clothing to start teaching them the fundamental lesson that they needed to choose ‘Goodness’ when confronted with a situation in which good and evil were involved. They knew they were naked immediately, but God clothed them very quickly, and helped them in their ‘sinful state’. God shows he cares by doing this. You see, the fundamental lesson we can learn from this historical event is this: God knows we have already chosen to have knowledge of good and evil, but he sets us an example by clothing us to help us to choose the ‘GOOD’. God wants us to choose goodness as opposed to evil in ALL our life choices, and helped us to make that choice right there at the beginning by clothing us.

Thus, in all our life circumstance were decisions are to be made which involve good and evil, God has already given us an example that he wants us to ‘Choose the GOOD’.

We must make ‘GOOD’ and ‘POSITIVE’ and ‘LIFE AFFIRMING’ choices in every choice we make through our lives. God desired ‘GOOD’ and ‘HOLY’ people who make the ‘RIGHT’ Choices.


Children of Noah need to be "Children of Peace". The world’s most popular sign or symbol for Peace is usually the 'DOVE'. As fortune would have it, one of the key symbols for Noah's covenant, alongside the Rainbow, is the 'Dove'. The Dove represents Peace, Purity and sacrifice in biblical language. They were used in official sacrifices because of their gentle nature and their purity for sacrificial food. What we as "Children of Peace" and "Children of Noah" need to be are "Sacrifices of Peace" to all mankind. We need to sacrifice our own egos, desires and ambitions on the altar of Yahweh in service to all mankind for the "Peace Offering" which will heal ALL the children of Adam & Eve and 'Noah'. Children of Peace are not interested in violence or bloodshed. We are interested in bringing healing when others would bring pain. We are interested in bringing love, when others would bring hate. We are interested in bringing 'Peace' when others would bring 'War'. We strive to be friendly and at "Peace" with our neighbour and fellow citizens. We are lawful and try to be Just in all our dealings. We are gentle and soft and kind-hearted. We are Children of Peace and Children of the Dove.

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