The Second Torah of Noah - Laying Down the Law

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Jun 7, 2018, 2:39:31 PM6/7/18

The Second Torah of Noah

(Canon for the Kingdom of Noah & the 7 Divine Fellowships)

The 247 Next Set of Rules for the Kingdom of Noah and Mankind

1) The prior set of rules remain binding, authoritative, and eternal

2) The prior set of rules are to be followed, in principle, with good intentions of being decent, moral and kind and lawful. They primarily apply to Haven Noahide Fellowship, but have relevance to the Assembly of the Divine Creator.

3) Any problematic principles within the prior set of rules can be modified in their obedience towards them if they are deemed immature, inappropriate or morally unacceptable

4) In general, it should still be assumed that there is a strong and reasonable basis in law for all the prior set of rules, and only careful consideration by an individual or society should set aside any particular rulings as morally unacceptable

5) You shall have appropriate food and hygiene rules for the manufacture of clean and wholesome foods, available for eating in private domiciles and for resale in the general marketplace

6) Health rules of your society should be generally observed

7) The laws of mankind, enshrined in their legal codes and constitutions, are to be generally considered applicable for observance. Be discerning, though. Not all of them are grounded in sane truth.

8) The legally authorised institutions of nations - a nation generally and usually defined by acceptance as a nation into the charter of nations of the United Nations as of 6175 SC - are intended to be viewed and accepted and followed as the institutions of society, and a functioning and real part of the lives of Noahides - members of Haven Noahide Fellowship and the 7 Divine Fellowships - and Mankind in general.

9) To reiterate, the laws of member nations of the United Nations are to be deemed applicable for observance by Noahides, members of the 7 Divine Fellowship and, under our divinely approved authority, by all members of mankind. As time progresses, future obedience the legal codes of law from member states of the United Nations is still encouraged, but caution over liberal elements is warned.

10) Study of the legal codes talked about in the prior rulings of this second kingdom of Noah Torah, in the next life - the world to come - is deemed as appropriate and important and should be ideally complied with by everyone.

11) Flexibility to individual behaviour, were society generally accepts this behaviour for you on a personal level, can be regulated and adapted to.

12) It is important to adapt to the particular lifestyle yearnings of other individuals within society where this does not compromise your own quality of life

13) Live and let live is an important principle of the Kingdom of Noah Torah

14) Being too flexible, conversely, is not wise

15) A complete reading of the Rainbow Bible in the world to come and in life on earth should be viewed as a work worthy of undertaking.

16) The fictional Pseudepigrapha - the 'Chronicles of the Children of Destiny' - should be deemed as appropriate reading material as an aid in the way of life of the Rainbow Bible and its teaching. It is the Advancing Noah Movement's spiritual culture.

17) Through revision of doctrinal understanding as corrected by the Spirit (as of 16th of July 6178 SC) it has now been deemed that the World to Come is generally understood as our heavenly reward upon physical death from the Earthly world. But this is not stated as absolute fact, because the possibility of a future resurrection is acknowledged, as well as the possibility of just living the life of trees in length, or long age.

18) What you acquire in life on earth you acquire in life for eternity.

19) It is important to be a good person, to love God and to get along with our fellow human beings.

20) There will be 272 rules of the Kingdom of Noah Torah in the third rainbow Bible, and the final 228 rules of the Kingdom of Noah Torah in the fourth Rainbow Bible. This will culminate the rules list at 1000 rules.

21) The more Rainbow Bible you read on earth, the greater your blessing becomes over time.

22) The Pseudepigrapha of the ‘Angels of Hope’ in the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny is an important accompaniment to the Second Section of the Rainbow Bible for the Assembly of the Divine Creator.

23) Repentance should be something you consider from time to time.

24) The Assembly of the Divine Creator is made up of individuals who voluntarily accept the teachings and rules of the Second Section of the Rainbow Bible. It is done so on a voluntary basis. We believe in the universalization of the entire 7 Rainbow Bibles.

25) Tithing to your pastor for the spiritual sermons and teachings and administration of Assemblies is an appropriate thing to be given in the Assembly of the Divine Creator. In general, we follow the principle of Full Members of ANM to tithe, associate members to give occasionally, and guests to give an offering perhaps if they choose.

26) Acquiring things in life for eternity should be a particular focus for your life, but you also have to live life in a regular way as well, remember.

27) Doing the will of God is important for Noahides.

28) Doing the will of God is important for Noahides. Following the leading of his holy spirit is important as the world works better following the wisdom of Almighty God.

29) The 1000 rules of the Kingdom of Noah Torah are not just simply rules - they are also principles, ordinances, words, statements, imperatives and proverbs.

30) Judgement on Salvation belongs to God Almighty.

31) We recognize the notion of Branches of Noahidism and the importance of each branch functioning as it is supposed to in the divine Tree of Life of God's faithful religion and adherents. We believe that other movements of Noahidism could arise if others were passionate enough and dedicated enough to the Rainbow Covenant tradition.

32) Practice Goodness.

33) Practice Kindness.

34) You should seek to be a law abiding and responsible citizen of mankind with a good and decent reputation.

35) Say sorry when you should. Perhaps mean it when you should.

36) The Assembly of the Divine Creator has a strong focus on the ‘Anglosphere’ and English, Scot, Irish and Welsh culture. But we don't ignore international culture either.

37) Hopefully people can find a second chance if they can acknowledge their mistakes.

38) Archangel Gabriel is hopefully a wonderful Angel.

39) Archangel Michael is hopefully a wonderful Angel.

40) May all the angels of God praise Yahweh forever, for he is a glorious God, creator of all things, and to him we owe our love, loyalty and eternal devotions. Praise the God of all mankind and all angelicdom, praise the creator of glory, praise the most high, the God of victory, prosperity, and abundant love. Praise his name forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Amen. Alleluia. Amen.

41) There are rules at the beginning of the First Torah of Noah which may sound sarcastic. Rules about rock and roll and swearing and so forth. Yet, disguised in this sarcasm, are simple and pragmatic ideas that teach 'Keep the Peace' and don't let the party get out of hand. This is actually sound advice, despite the colourful language employed to belabor the point. Sometimes people use colourful language in life. There is, perhaps, a time for these things, and a time to refrain from these things. The first Torah of Noah employed it somewhat. There is far less in the second.

42) These Torah rules are, as well as principles and proverbs and so forth, ultimately commentary as well, and other things, on its own nature of the rules and principles of Karaite Noahide faith as well. The term Karaite means we follow this Kara - this Word - this Scripture - the Rainbow Bible. We are people of the Kara, the Word or teaching of God.

43) The Full Torah of Noah should be revised on occasions to correct improper legalisms, rulings, immaturities and inconsistencies. Ultimately, a final product is indeed the aim, which does not change its core morality or structure, and lasts eternally. For earthly purposes, upon my passing, the Torah of Noah is to remain unchanged from that point. In heavenly realities, the work is to be continued to be analysed and, were appropriate and necessary, corrected to bring forth a purer and better legal code for the administration of 7DF and whoever adheres to the principles of the Kingdom of Noah Torah. It is important that all prior copies of the code be preserved historically. It is also important that the work is continually modified until a satisfactory final product is realized. Further, the final product must, to a reasonable degree, reflect the intended decency and integrity of the original full Kingdom of Noah Torah and, upon completion, it must be stabilized and set without any further allowable change eternally. It should be 'Covenanted' upon all final amendments having been made. Ultimately it should be a 'True' work of theology.

44) Live and let Live. Live and let die. Which will ye choose? asketh I, asketh I?

45) Is there really any point to endless studies of doctrinal disputes which go on forever? Or reading endless arrays of spiritual tomes on living the enlightened life? Or praying endless prayers? Or going to service after endless spiritual service? Is it, as one might say, all chase after the wind? For the moral heart which has just enough religion may, in the end, seek to live its own life, and be the kind of person bible stories are written about, rather than being the kind of person who reads bible stories.

46) There is a way which seems right to a man, but in the end it is the way of death.

47) There is a way which seems right to a repentant man, and in the end it is the way of life.

48) Knowing God himself, and conversing with the Most High, if he would ever deem you worthy of this glory, could be the ultimate experience in a life hoped to be eternal. For why wouldn't you seek the hallways of eternity, to bask in the fiery glow of Torah's purest caress, and ride the wild stallion of dream, fantasy and adventure in the arms of a faithful companion who has chosen virtue and kindness to embellish the life you have chosen to live in a moral and decent way? For what prosperity is there in endless argument, of people who should know better by now, when so much more comes to those who put a little effort into their spirituality to seek a better way, a kinder way, a purer way, a happier way.

49) 7 Rests.

50) And then a celebration.

51) God has infinite knowledge. Perhaps you should take his advice.

52) The master of all creation delights in his work. And mankind is the pinnacle of earthly glories. You are important to God, and he loves you even more so when you repent of your wrongdoings, your crass ways, your insulting behaviours, and practice kindness and peace with your fellow man. Caring for the poor and disaffected, indeed true religion, and giving charity when you can, even if only a little, shows your heart cares and considers others, for no man is an island, and well all need to get along in this world with everyone else.

53) Respect for God. Respect for your neighbour. These are principles of Torah in a nutshell. Torah is the teaching of the Rainbow Bible. Torah means teaching.

54) Watching your tongue for the words it speaks is often very good advice, for a blasphemer must repent much to earn God's forgiveness.

55) Even in your sin, do not forsake the faith. For tomorrow is a day away, and you can repent later on at times and genuinely still really mean it, despite thinking you might be unforgivable. But do not take that for granted, for deliberate sins are gravely wrong to the Almighty one upon the throne of Glory.

56) Never defiantly say 'I am just going to sin,' for if God pricks your conscience because of it you could be in for a hell of a ride.

57) Forgive and let the grudge go if they are sorry enough and decent enough in their new behaviours.

58) Get along with people, but be cautious about new souls.

59) Reconciliation can often be a good idea, but wisdom needs to be applied to that idea.

60) Cleaning your body with water regularly and giving it a good scrub is a good sign of health and wellbeing.

61) We are of the view that in the future of mankind's history, ultimately, public domain ownership of copyrights should cease and products copyrights and patents (etc.) be given to the family/clan of the authors and creators of the work.

62) The resurrection of the dead in a future world would be an interesting idea, but heaven is the probable place of eternal dwelling when we die

63) The world to come is likely, in practical terms, the heavenly afterlife.

64) Heaven is your reward for service to God, and all should seek it.

65) God is good. So give him some respect.

66) Follow God and keep your religion pure.

67) Therefore, how much you want to please God is based on how much you actually want to please God. As a Noahide, your walk with God in holiness is in your own hands.

68) Genesis teaches that humans are made in the image of God. Because of that we all carry the divine spark - we are all bene elohim or children of God. As a child grows up it hits its turbulent teens and craves independence. So, also, in our relationship with God. We learn to take care of our own lives and deal with our own problems.

69) Tell the truth.

70) Avoid most arguments.

71) Find peace in nature.

72) Sabbath observance by a Karaite Noahide is purely voluntary. It is a practice you may choose or not choose to employ. Periods of Sabbath observance is also an acceptable option. It is up to the individual Karaite Noahide to decide for themselves.

73) Observe society law and culture.

74) What? Are you an idiot? Trying to disobey the laws of truth, peace and love of God & neighbour? Shame on you.

75) Eternity should be a focus in your life at times.

76) God is good. So you can probably trust him. Pray to him. Ask him to guide you. Seek out the problems in your life and try to amend them as per his spiritual leading.

77) The international law codes are often good ideas. Go study them. They are not always perfect though so exercise biblical caution.

78) The United Nations Charter of Human rights is judged as a good idea by the Advancing Noah Movement. Study that also.

79) Follow the way of peace.

80) For law guides our conduct and helps us to get along.

81) The Law of the Land applies in general.

82) This is a good saying and worthy of all acceptation: holy religion should involve charity, care for orphans, and concern for widows. Those disaffected in your society are those who need the most help. Love of brother, love of neighbour and love of God are the spokes of a society which will inevitably prosper. Wise sayings are the hallmark of the wise, but the hypocrite speaks one way yet acts contrary to his own words. More hope for a fool than him.

83) Those made in the image of God can find morality in their own hearts. The religiously bigoted believe the world owes them everything, that they invented morality, and that they are the centre of all wisdom. I know a people just like that.

84) The bigoted say 'Only we can interpret our holy book.'

85) Humility comes before Honour.

86) Pride comes before the fall.

87) Searching for spiritual truth might seem vague, but there is a time in life to ask the big questions.

88) Pray - Just to make it today

89) It is ok to be proud of yourself if you have earned it. But it must be humble pride. Unfortunately people can often end up believing, in their pride, they are greater than the truth really declares, and it leads to arrogance. It is arrogant pride which comes before the fall, as the saying goes.

90) So get a grip. Don't think yourself something you are not, and have a true recognition of your self worth, not an over inflated ego.

91) You can't take it with you when you die. The Psalms rightly teach this truth. Though heavenly copies of your belongings are put aside, for the Lord rewards a man according to his deeds. Ashes to ashes - dust to dust - the spirit remains forever. Sow to the spiritual realm, and pray to God to bless you in the world to come. Earn your blessing through seeking God's will. Ask for your heavenly reward in prayer and how you may earn the things you desire. Clear things with Almighty God.

92) A PSALM: Lord God, bless forever the Seven Sovereign Nations of The United Kingdom, Australia, Guyana, New Zealand, The Republic of Ireland. Canada and The United States of America, please. Amen.

93) A PRAYER: Lord God, bless forever the Anglosphere for all eternity. Amen.

94) The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny' is the primary 'PSEUDEPIGRAPHAL' work of the Kingdom of Noah and its religious documents. It is 'Scripture' but not authorized for doctrine in a binding or authoritative sense, instead, mainly in a practical and sensible sense. It is perfectly appropriate material for ANM sermons. It is to be utilized in harmony with study of the 'Rainbow Bible'.

95) The Kingdom of Noah acknowledges International Copyrights. We are NOT separatist from society, and take part in all the standard conventions of societal behaviour. Members of society who wish to study our material online without joining our assembly are free to do so. If you make it quite a long and detailed study, you know, we think it is kind of fair that you make a wee bit of a donation. Just in a decent fair way, ok.

96) I have decided that this second Torah of Noah will be the primary Torah of Study for the 2nd of the 7 Divine Fellowships 'The Assembly of the Divine Creator'. The Third Torah of Noah will be for the 3rd of the 7 Divine Fellowships 'The Universal Faith Assembly'. The 4th Divine Fellowship operates on the theological premise of the primary law it follows just being the 'Rainbow Torah Scripture' itself, which is Genesis 1 - 11:9. This is the 'Assembly of the Living God'. As such the fourth and final section of the Kingdom of Noah Torah will not be in the Fourth Rainbow Bible pertaining to the Assembly of the Living God, but instead delayed to the Fifth Rainbow Bible for the 'Universal Truth Assembly'.

97) The Assembly of the Divine Creator functions around 'Anglosphere' theology. The 7 Sovereign Nations are fundamental concepts of the Assembly of the Divine Creator. The 7SN theology promotes English as the Primary Language for the Anglosphere. It does NOT promote family-based racial concepts. It certainly DOES promote Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Cultural concepts to all citizens, whatever race, of the 7 Sovereign Nations. It is a cultural concept based on the English language at the heart of its purpose. In this sense it attempts to evangelize all citizens interested within the seven sovereign nations to uphold Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture. All racial family groups within the 7 Sovereign nations are free to join the Assembly of the Divine Creator. There is no discrimination based on family racial origin, but it most definitely promotes Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture and ideals. So we promote Anglo-Celtic culture freely to all members of mankind who have any interest. They are perfectly welcome with us, whatever their genetic race.

98) Pride comes before the fall. So if you fall, try humbling yourself and admitting your pigheadedness.

99) What we do in life echoes in eternity. Your rights on earth establish your rights in the new earth beyond death. It is what you get.

100) God is good. So he probably has concerns for you if you are also trying to be good.

101) Members of the Assembly of the Divine Creator should exercise Prudence, Caution and Wisdom.

102) A fundamental principle of this second Torah of Noah is that what you acquire on earth is what you acquire on earth, but that you also acquire that for eternity. God has said to me more than once the idea that 'You Bought the item.' You own it, you see. It's yours. You have already paid for it. That doesn't change when you die, which is just a continuation of this life anyway.

103) Pride pretends itself perfection long before it has really been genuinely earned.

104) Being a loving person never goes out of fashion.

105) Karaite Noahides should have a sense of community, togetherness and family. Having values which God teaches are an active part of Karaite Noahide faith.

106) God is good. So he probably has decent ideas for how life should work.

107) Try being kind with your family when you don't want to at times. Sometimes it's up to us to be the one who cares a lot, not just mum and dad.

108) God is good. So he probably has good ideas on lots of things, and even on what you could or should do with your life.

109) Serving God in this life and turning from sin is the secret to eternal prosperity. Sin has its pleasure for a season, but catches you out in the end.

110) The Assembly of the Divine Creator is also known as 2DF – Second Divine Fellowship of the Seven Divine Karaite Adamide-Noahide Fellowships.

111) God is good. So you, who are made in his image, probably can end up good with some concern and effort.

112) A sinful lifestyle is never a wise choice.

113) God is good. So he probably likes people who try to be decent in life.

114) It is true - God is a loving and giving and caring God. As Karaite Noahides we can expect God to make great personal sacrifices to us from his deepest heart to provide for us when we are in need. God will see to it to answer all our prayers, in great and magnificent ways, for he cares for us amazingly. If we need families and wives or husbands, if we need children, or jobs or other things in life, God will always be there, for all eternity, providing for us, for the blessing of Jehovah Jireh is amazing indeed.

115) For God is a great and wonderful and glorious and loving God. And he turns all our sarcastic life commentary into a blessing of unbelievable proportions. For God loves a soft heart, and a heart which loves God, despite its desperate straits, and still trusts in his amazing abilities to bless, even at the nadir of despair. For God is good, alleluia, amen, and amen.

116) Recycling things in life is sometimes a good idea. Often you build up things, and run out of room, so don't think you have to hold on to every bit of your wealth your whole earthly life. Let it go. Let it be. It will likely be there for you in eternity regardless. We encourage hoarders not to worry, to let possessions go, and start their hoarding again. We don't think hoarding is a problem, as long as you let the items go after a while, and trust that they will be their in eternity for you. Please, though, make sure you take enough of an interest in the items - make sure you genuinely and sincerely want that particular item, and it is not bought just for the heck of it. Want it, or God might not necessarily give it to you later. Take an interest in it, primarily. Keep it for a while - after a while, and having taken an interest, you can let it go and move on.

117) And God is Amazing by the way. A top guy. A good heart, a good soul, kind and considerate.

118) Really amazing. Someone worth knowing.

119) Really truly amazing. His wisdom is seen in creation, which has an amazing manifold array complexity in its various designs.

120) Be at peace.

121) God is a God of restoration. You might go through hell and lose it all, but sometimes you will gain it all back. Remember Job. He didn't like his suffering, but hopefully it was all worth it in the end.

122) God has always been answering your prayers. But it is always a good idea to make sure you really mean them, genuinely, and they are not childish impulsive wishes soon forgotten.

123) God is good. So goodness in your heart, and towards other people, should also be something you chip away at improving at.

124) Obey the Law. It usually means a more smoothly and happily running life.

125) For God is loving and graceful and kind.

126) God is good. So the Torah probably makes sense in the end.

127) Seek holiness. It improves your character.

129) Repent of sin. It does away with nasty aspects of life.

130) Obey God. He knows what he is talking about.

131) May the eternal blessings of God Almighty rest upon the 7 Divine Fellowships, keeping them impervious to every curse of man and angel, god and devil, beast and woman and other, for all eternity, free from harm and sin and evil device, free from wrongdoing, and sledge and every hurtful word. May God bless the 7 Divine Fellowships, his eternal servants, and bless them this time forth and henceforth for all eternity, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever, AMEN and AMEN and AMEN.

132) God is good. So creation probably has a lot of merit to it.

133) God is good. So there is probably a lot of goodness you can find in your own life with some effort.

134) God is good. So there are probably good people in the world if we are all made in his image. Try finding some of them.

135) God, really, is very good.

136) God is kind as well.

137) God is smart. He made you, didn't he?

138) God is merciful. He puts up with you, doesn't he?

139) Practice Kindness. Life is usually the better for it.

140) There are 140 Seraphim angels in the Realm of Eternity, 70 male and 70 female, in the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, which is Noahide Pseudepigrapha.

141) Semyaza is an angel name

142) God is good. So he probably is easy enough to get along with.

143) God is good. So you can rely on him, if you serve him, to help you out when troublesome times come along.

145) Sow seeds of friendship with your fellow man. They can reap a harvest.

146) Do Not Steal or Rob people. You wouldn't like being stolen from would you?

147) Do Not Commit Bestiality. It's really just kind of perverse in the end, you know.

148) Speak the truth. You will probably get more of it returned to you if you do, and it give you the reputation of honesty.

149) Do Not Eat Animal Blood. It's a biblical command as well.

150) Do Not Blaspheme God’s Holy Name. He's actually quite a decent God.

151) Respect God and show him devotion. He is genuinely worthy of it.

152) Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is God. He is the great 'I AM WHO I AM'.

153) Yahweh is God. It's a way of saying his name.

154) Jehovah is God. It's another way of saying his name.

155) Elohim is God. Elohim is a Hebrew word which means 'God' in English.

156) Hashem is God. It means 'The Name', which is the holy name of God.

157) God is good. He helps people in mankind.

158) God is great. He has a sense of grand things in his creations.

159) God is fantastic. He is capable of doing a lot of things at once.

160) God is amazing. He knows a heck of a lot of how it all fits together.

161) Following the truth and speaking the truth is vital for a well flowing and orderly society. People in positions of authority, especially, should avoid lies.

162) Do not indulge in magic and the dark arts.

163) Smoking should not exceed sensible boundaries. Keep it under control, thanks.

164) Watch your alcohol intake. Too much is not good for the inner organs.

165) Try being kind and considerate with people. They will often like you better because of it.

166) Try empathising with people. They may often return the favour.

167) Try understanding the other sides perspective on things. It enlarges your world view.

168) You are important in the world, but so is your neighbour.

169) Try giving people love and respect. It shows you care when it all comes down to it.

170) Try arguing less with your family. Hey, they support you in the end.

172) Make sure you provide for your children. You had them for a reason, you know.

172) Treat your pets well and ensure they have access to vets when necessary.

173) Make sure your children get a good education. You want them to be successful in life don't you?

174) Make sure you clothe, feed, shelter, educate and entertain your children, and spend some quality time with them on a regular basis.

175) Jewish pride is very insulting towards Noahides, and Noahide pride is very insulting towards Jews. Keep bigotry, pride, prejudice and snobbery well under control.

176) Noah was perfect in his generations. That said he was still probably a regular type of guy.

177) Do not steal.

178) Do not rob.

179) Do not move boundary markers. Good records show honesty, and are the fact of the matter when it comes right down to it.

180) Stop having sex with your neighbours wife. Get your own.

181) Don’t have sex with pre-pubescent children. You will be mocked a long time if you do.

182) Honour God with your heart and devotion to rule of law.

183) Copyright laws and Patent laws are important and part of the eternal plans of God.

184) God is honourable. And he has a good reputation with a lot of people.

185) God is decent. He doesn't do things which are sick and twisted.

186) God is lawful. He has a good attitude on society and its morals.

187) God is holy. He is very decent in many ways.

188) Do not eat animal blood. The life of the creature is in it, and, for whatever reason that implies, you are not supposed to eat it because of that.

189) Do not commit violence against people.

190) Do not torture or maim people.

191) Torture in war, were necessary, can be justified to a limited degree. Do not make permanent damage, though. Make sure you have the right person.

192) Food and Health and Safety standards are a crucial recommendation to maintain eternally as advised by the Assembly of the Divine Creator.

193) We favour biological parents and their rights as, ultimately, superseding adoptive parent’s rights. But in some cases, were criminality is involved, adoptive parents might have to be the way to go.

194) We believe a raped woman who becomes pregnant should still give birth to the child, and love it as her own child.

195) We think abortion at any stage of the pregnancy is wrong.

196) Same sex marriage is just stupid. We do tolerate civil unions if the gay couple insist.

197) Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman.

198) We do not believe in hassling gay people.

199) We do not believe in practising violence against gay people. When gayness reaches 'Sodomistic' levels of behaviour in terms of crudity, violence and sexual harassment, we do preach the death penalty as appropriate.

200) All lawful people should be treated with courtesy, love and respect. Sinners should be treated with caution, but we remember their human dignity.

201) Teaching people to repent of their sins is a good idea, but needs to be done sensitively and with care and forethought.

202) Worshipping idols is dumb. Worship Jehovah God.

203) Do not worship idols you fool. They are lifeless.

204) Follow the Truth.

205) Avoid arguments with other religious people. They can be very antagonistic towards our faith.

206) Let love rule. It breeds a better attitude in the world.

207) Love your mother. She gave birth to you.

208) Love your father. He usually works hard to provide for you.

209) Respect the Police and Judges and Lawyers in your community. They do hard work for society and its maintenance on core law issues.

210) Respect the Doctors and Nurses in your community. They take care of us all.

211) Respect the Public Servants and other workers in your society striving for a lawful and civilized world. It helps when we all care about the work of those trying to better our world.

212) Coveting your neighbours property is not wise. Work hard and gain your own property instead.

213) Do not murder people. They deserve to live out their days unmolested.

214) Do not tell lies. They only lead to confusion and often false accusations unknowingly and often embarrassingly.

215) False witness is dishonourable.

216) Working in a job for a living is a sensible way to go.

217) Raising a family is a sensible way to go. Work hard to do it wisely and with commitment.

218) Use your creative talents. They show your heart and spirit to the world.

219) Spend quality time with your family. They are often the biggest source of comfort in your life.

220) Being loving and kind to people builds a good heart and a good name.

221) Show people love. It can never really hurt.

222) Love people.

223) Love God.

224) Being kind never goes out of fashion.

225) Practising hospitality shows a good heart.

226) Be considerate of other people. They like to live happy lives as well.

227) Practice respect towards God, Man and Nature

228) The Font of Eternal Wisdom is to follow a Torah Code like the Second Torah of Noah.

229) Follow the way of Respect for your fellow man.

230) Respect the Kingdom of God

231) Respect the Kingdom of Noah

232) Avoid religious discussions on other religions. They only lead to confusion.

233) Noah is our father, and we love him so.

234) God is good. He has a heart of gold.

235) God is great. He has a grand vision for what could be.

236) God is awesome. He is able to get along with a lot of people really well.

237) God possibly has an ego.

238) But is probably too humble to admit it.

239) Heh, heh, heh. Just joking God.

240) Seriously.

241) Obeying the laws of your society and nation is a good idea.

242) Being an upright, decent and honest citizen is commendable.

243) Get some holiday time.

244) Get some great hobbies.

245) Collect a lot of enjoyable and fun things.

246) Collect a lot of enjoyable and fun things and use them.

247) Keep the Law.

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