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Oct 6, 2003, 2:28:24 AM10/6/03
Tour de Garde Productions:

- GARDE001 ARNSTADT "Comtemplant un monde obscur" CDR (limited to 200
copies) SOLD OUT
- GARDE002 MORS SUMMA "Europa Europae" CD (limited to 500 copies) SOLD
- GARDE003 APUD INFEROS "Apud Inferos" CD (limited to 500 copies) OUT

Tour de Garde distribution list (06.10.03):

- FRANC-PARLER "Numéro 4, Printemps Été 2003" (revue identitaire de
désobéissance idéologique) 5$

- ÂMES SANGLANTES "No More Nothing" tape (obscure death industrial) 5$
- APHOOM ZHAH "Eternal Pain" tape (eastern hateful black metal) 5$
- ASTROFAES "Ancestor's Shadows" tape (pagan black metal) 5$
- ASTROFAES "Heritage" tape (pagan black metal) 5$
- ATROCE/UNHEILVOLL "Que de Mépris..." tape (raw black metal from
québec, limited to 50) 5$
- AUFKREMA "Rehearsals 2002-2003" tape (great instrumental black
metal) 5$
- BILSKIRNIR "Vorväter" tape (newest demo) 5$
- BLODULV "Kristkrossare" tape (raw crushing black metal in the old
vein) 5$
- BRANIKALD "Stormheit" tape (raw nsbm) 5$
- BRANIKALD "To kampf" tape (grim nsbm) 5$
- CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS "Crumbing Of The Heavenly Kingdom" tape (old
school black metal assault) 5$
- DEMIURG "Szwadrony Smierci" tape (cold, raw and atmospheric polish
black metal) 5$
- DEMONAR "Demo 2002" tape (primitive black metal) 5$
- DIATRIBE "Obscured by Birth" tape (evil and primitive black metal)
- DÖDFÖDD "Besjärjelse För Ombvänd Rekreation" tape (obscure black
metal from sweden, highly recommanded) 5$
- DRAUGURZ "Rehearsal Demo '03" tape (black metal in the vein of
infernum) 5$
- EISENWINTER "Reichswinter" tape (raw and primitive nsbm) 5$
- EVIL "...Evil Storming Onwards To The Battlefied..." tape (cult
nsbm) 5$
- EVILWINGED "Crush The Human Factor" tape (misanthropic black metal)
- FOREST "Forest" tape (cult national socialist black metal) 5$
- FOREST "Zarevo Nad Prakhom" tape (cult national socialist black
metal) 5$
- FORGOT "Misanthropy" tape (raw and grim black metal) 5$
- GRAUPEL "Als der Nebel..." tape (german black metal violence) 5$
- HONOR PUGNAE "Résistance" tape (french black metal limited to 300)
- HUNOK "Forgotten Honour" tape (great european dark ambient) 5$
- KLUDDE "Langs Scheld en Denderland" tape (flemish underground black
metal elite) 5$
- MOONTOWER "Aryan Metal Terror" tape (polish nsbm) 5$
- MORS LIBERATRIX "Beholding From The Tower" tape (black metal like in
the early 90's, limited to 200) 5$
- PAGAN HELLFIRE "A Voice From Centuries Away" tape (great canadian
black metal) 5$
- PALUSTER REX/TOLUOL "Split 2003" tape (underground hungarian dark
ambient) 5$
- OHTAR/MOONTOWER "Split Eps '99" tape (cult underground nsbm) 5$
- RAPTUS "Antiphilanthropy" tape (black metal the way it should be,
limited to 200) 5$
- RAVEN DARK "Verdandi" tape (primitive nsbm) 5$
- RAVEN DARK "Berustet av Kriegsdronnet" tape (raw nsbm) 5$
- STURM "Aryjski Sturm" tape (superior black metal from belarus) 5$
- STURM "Ultra" tape (pride, blood, war... ultra!) 5$
- SWASTYKA "Prophecies of Aryan Moon" tape (polish well-recorded nsbm)
- THALLIUM "A Howling From Thousand Years" tape (great pagan black
metal) 5$
- THOR'S HAMMER "May The Hammer Smash The Cross" tape (capricornus
strikes again) 5$
- VINTERRIKET "...und die Nacht kam schweren Schrittes" tape (awesome
ambient like later burzum) 5$
- VINTERRIKET "Winterschatten" tape (great epic black metal, a must!)
- VOLKURAH "Sorrow and Hate" tape (raw and primitive black metal,
limited to 100) 5$
- VROLOK "Resurgence" tape (raw black metal) 5$
- WARCRY "Wotan Stands For Victory" tape (great pagan nsbm) 5$

- BEATRIK "Journey Through The End of Life" LP (great underground
black metal) 20$
- BIFROST "Mythistory" LP (pagan black metal) 20$
- MANIAC BUTCHER/INFERNO "Metal From Hell/Chram nenavisti" LP (cult
black metal) 20$
- NIDHUG "Danmark Aere Blod" picture 10" (raw black metal limited to
696) 20$
- SPEAR OF LONGINUS "The Yoga Of National Socialism" LP (cult nsbm)

- AD HOMINEM "Planet ZOG-The End" CD (elitist french nsbm without
compromise) 15$
- AKITSA "Goétie" CD (raw black metal, last copies) 15$
- ANABOTH "Nie Czas Pomiotow" CDR (cult polish underground black
metal) 10$
- ANNIHILITUS "Blood and War" CD (underground nihilist black metal)
- ANWYL "Bloody Mary" CD (raw, brutal and furious black metal) 15$
- ASTROFAES "Dying Emotions Domain" CD (slavic black metal from the
forest) 15$
- ASTROFAES "The Eyes Of The Beast" CD (eastern black metal at his
best) 15$
- ASTROFAES "Heritage" CD (ukrainian elite) 15$
- BILSKIRNIR/FINSTERWALD "Totenheer/Rammbock" CD (german black metal
elite) 15$
- BILSKIRNIR "Atavismus des Glaubens" CD (the hammer strikes again)
- BLACKDEATH "Saturn Sector" CD (black metal the way it should be) 15$
- BLACKDEATH "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD (raw and freezing
russian black metal) 15$
- BRANIKALD "To Kampf" CD (blaze birth hall cult horde, limited to
500) 15$
- BRANIKALD "Stormheit" CD (raw and primitive nsbm)15$
- CARPATHIAN FOREST "Black Shining Leather" CD (norwegian black metal
that didn't sell out!) 15$
- CRAFT "Total Soul Rape" CD (black fucking metal) 15$
- CRAFT "Terror Propaganda" CD (this is terror propaganda, support the
cause!) 15$
- DARK SANCTUARY "L'être las - l'envers de mirroir" CD (superior and
epic neo-classic) 15$
- DEINONYCHUS "Ark of Thought" CD (depressive black metal at his best)
- DIAMOND EYED PRINCESS "Pagan Rites" CD (raw folkish french black
metal) 15$
- DOCTEUR MERLIN "Péchés de jeunesse" 2xCD (pagan and nationalist
french ballads) 25$
- EMPTY "A Source Of Hollow Essence" CD ("in the nightside eclipse"
reborn!) 15$
- END "Self Titled" CD (black metal) 15$
- FALKENBACH "…En Their Medh Riki Fara…" CD (cult pagan metal, a must)
- FAUSTRECHT "Demoniak" CD (french black metal featuring guest
appearance of ultimatum singer) 15$
- FERRO IGNIQUE "World Wide War" CD (black metal like in the early
90's) 15$
- FINSTERNIS "Eine Finster Nachtmusik" CDR (epic black/death, limited
to 150) 10$
- FLEISCH-MACHT-BOESE "Evolution" CD (noisy dark industrial) 15$
- FOREST "Forest" CD (cult national socialist black metal) 15$
- FORGOTTEN TOMB "Songs to Leave" CD (great depressive black metal)
- FROST "Invoking the aeon of Satan" CD (raw and cult black metal) 15$
- GAUNTLET'S SWORD "The Command" CD (first full lenght from this greek
nsbm horde) 15$
- GOETIA "Hail Satan" CD (pulverizing polish black/death) 15$
- HAEMOTH/AD NOCTEM "Mortuales Delecti" CD (french black metal, raw,
primitive and evil) 15$
- HALLSTATT "Barbarian Warlike Supremacy" CD (great raw and primitive
black metal) 15$
- HATE FOREST "The Most Ancient Ones" CD (brutal nsbm)15$
- HEATHEN DAWN "Wasted Land" CD (celtic black metal with strong
lyrics) 15$
- HEROES IN THE SNOW "That's How It Goes" CD (hatecore on strong
survive) 15$
- HOLY DEATH "Triumph of Evil?" CD (great polish black metal, limited
to 666 copies) 15$
- HORNA "Haudankylmyyden Mailla" CD (raw black metal in the early 90's
style) 15$
- INCRIMINATED/BLOODHAMMER "Split CD" (old school black metal) 15$
- INQUISITION "Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan" CD (old shcool
black metal) 15$
- INVOCATION "Lonesome Was The Last Journey" CD (traditional greek
black metal) 15$
- IUVENES "Empire of Iuvenes" CD (pagan black metal) 15$
- LEVIATHAN "Far Beyond The Light" CD (impressive and violent black
metal) 15$
- LORD WIND "Rites of the Valkyries" CD (pagan folk music, side
project of graveland) 15$
- MAYHEM "Live in Leipzig" CD (european digi-pack edition with dead on
vocals) 15$
- MAYHEM/THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL "Freezing Moon/Jihad" CD (cult mayhem
material with dead on vocals) 15$
- NACHTMYSTIUM "Self Titled" CD (cult underground black metal) 15$
- NOCTERNITY "Crucify Him" CD (greek true black metal warriors) 15$
- ORODRUIN/VINTERRIKET "Split" CD (ultra-raw pagan black metal/ambient
black metal) 15$
- ORNAMENTS OF SIN "Inhale Zyklon-B" CD (devastating french black
metal includind a burzum cover) 15$
- PANTHEON "Jarl Die Freiheit" CD (an album dedicated to the freedom
of Hendrik Möbus) 15$
- PANTHEON "Krihapentswor" CD (cult nsbm, one of their best) 15$
- PEST "Ad se ipsum" CD (great underground german black metal) 15$
- PEST "Hail the Black Metal Wolves of Belial" CD (true fucking black
metal from finland) 15$
- SACRED SIN "Mastery of Holy Imperial Art" CD (death metal) 15$
- SALTUS/LEGACY OF BLOOD "Symbols of Forefathers/In Blacksmith of
Hate" CD (nsbm) 15$
- SATANIC WARMASTER "Strenght & Honour" CD (raw & hateful black metal)
- SATANIC WARMASTER "Black Katharsis" CD (great raw black metal from
finland) 15$
- SHINING "Within Deep Dark Chambers" CD (svensk misantropisk
svartmetall) 15$
- STURM "Ultra" CD (featuring aryjski sturm demo as bonus) 15$
- SYMBEL "We Drink - Hymn and Counsel of Anglosaxon Heathenry" CD
(bathory meets otyg) 15$
- TEMNOJAR/SIEG "Echo of Hyperborea/Der Weg zum Polarstern" CD (great
russian neo-classic and ambient, recommanded) 15$
- TEMNOZOR "Horizons..." CD (russian pagan metal) 15$
- THUNDERBOLT "The Burning Deed of Deceit" CD (cult traditional polish
black metal) 15$
- TRIMONIUM "Of Warriors And Heroism" CD (raw and epic black metal)
- TROUBLE MAKERS "Pax Americana" CD (the best nationalist band from
quebec) 15$
- TUMULUS "Wodereid" CD (awesome pagan metal in the vein of bathroy)
- ULVER "Nattens Madrigal" CD (at their rawest and at their best) 15$
- UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "The Demos" CD (pure underground black metal) 15$
- URUK-HAI "In The Side Of The Eternal Eclipse" CD (grim nsbm) 15$
- VALAR "Magic And Wyrmfire" CD (atmospheric black metal) 15$
- VELES "Night on the Bare Mountain" CD (cult) 15$
- VARIOUS ARTISTS "Collapse" CD (featuring mz.412, folkstorm, heid,
etc) 15$
- VINTERRIKET "Von Eiskristallen ...Mit Und Ewigen Chaos" CD
(transcendal ambient, limited to 500) 15$
- VINTERRIKET "Winterschatten" CD (great epic black metal, a must!)
- VOLKURAH "The Pagan Ritual" CD (raw and primitive black metal,
limited to 500) 15$
- VOND "The Dark River" CD (mortiis' project) 15$
- VOND "Green Eyed Demon" CD (mortiis' project) 15$
- VULTYR "Munument of Misanthropy" CD (old school black metal!) 15$
- WARCRY "Wotan Stands For Victory" CDR (great pagan nsbm) 10$
- WARHEAD "Defenders Of The Blood" CD (great black metal mixed with
rac with honor and nokturnal mortum members) 15$
- WOLF'S MOON "Ethos Of The Aryan Heritage" CD (nsbm with members of
honor) 15$
- WOLFTHORN "Spiritual Supremacy" CD (raw and totally hateful black
metal) 15$
- WOTANORDEN "From the Storm Come the Wolves" CD (american nsbm,
paganfront wolves!) 15$
- WYRD "Wrath & Revenge" CD (raw and primitive black metal from
finland) 15$

All our prices are post paid everywhere. Only orders from Canada can
send Canadian money, rest of the world send US money. No checks or
money orders accepted, only well-hidden money. Always list alternative

Tout nos prix incluent les frais de port. L'argent canadien est
accepté pour les commandes en provenance du Canada uniquement, pour
les commandes de l'extérieur du pays, le paiement doit se faire en
argent américain. Les chèques et les mandats poste ne sont pas
acceptés. Argent comptant seulement, bien caché dans une enveloppe.
Toujours soumettre des choix alternatifs.

Tour de Garde
P.O. Box 32013
C.P. Saint-André
Montréal, Québec
Canada H2L 4Y5


Oct 7, 2003, 9:47:44 PM10/7/03
O.T. is sertainly doing good deeds for U.G. You hail!!!
i did already feast on some good shit (O.T.) wrote in message news:<>...

> - FALKENBACH "?En Their Medh Riki Fara?" CD (cult pagan metal, a must)

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