Dead End Playlist 7/7/98

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Jul 9, 1998, 3:00:00 AM7/9/98

Dead End Radio...Tuesday night from 10 pm until midnight on WUSB 90.1FM
in New York sounded kinda like this...

C*nt 55, demo cassette, 9
Hefners, split 10" w/ Swartz, Middle Class Pig, Germany, '79 88
Groovie Ghoulies, Born In The Basement lp, Lookout, The Beast With Five Hands
Devil Dogs, No Requests Tonight lp, Crypt, Jump On You/Soul Shoes
Swingin' Neckbreakers, Kick Your Ass lp, Telstar, Pool Hoppin'
Danny Noie & the Catalinas, Essential Pebbles vol. 2 comp. cd, AIP, It Ain't A Big Thing
Hate Bombs, Here Comes Treble cd, 360 Twist!, She's All Right
Mummies, Fuck C.D.'s It's The...lp, Hangman, UK, Shut Yer Mouth
Steve & the Jerks, Jerks Not Dead (The Complete Joke) cd, Solemente, Hate To Hate You
Drags, Stop Rock And Roll lp, Estrus, Who's Got The Electricity
Baseball Furies, Sounds Of Mayhem 7"ep, Big Neck, Night Of The Rock-N-Roll Rumble
Oblivians, 7"ep, Crypt, Strong Come On
Castros, demo cassette, Just Want Your Mind
Boyz Nex' Door, Radio Honolulu cd, 1+2, Japan, My Girl Sue
Dawn 5, Essential Pebbles vol. 2 comp. cd, AIP, Mike's Bag
Skeptics, Monsters Of The Mid-West vol. IV comp. lp, Monster, Bit O' Honey
Castaways, Hang It Out To Dry comp. cd, Satan, You Were Telling Lies
Humans, Back From The Grave vol. 5 comp. lp, Crypt, Warning
Mods, Back From The Grave vol. 3 comp. lp, Crypt, You Got Another Thing Coming
Distractors, 7"ep, no label, Dont You Just Know It
Monarchs, Et Vincere Et Mori lp, Pin Up Germany, Lipstick On Your Collar
Thee Headcoats, Jimmy Reed Experience 10", Get Hip, Baby What's Wrong
Thee Headcoats, 7", Dionysus, It's Your Own Fault
Thee Headcoats, Earls Of Suavedom lp, Crypt, I'm A Headcoat Baby
Thee Headcoats, Thoughts Of A Hangman 7"ep, Royal, France, Reasons For Hating You
Splash Four, 7"ep, Wild Wild, France, She's Too Young
Thee Cybermen, Peabrain 7"ep, Cave, France, Ou Est Le Cahier
Discords, Second To No One lp, Hangman, UK, I'm Leaving Here
Defilers, demo cassette, Runaway Baby
Fall-Outs, Here I Come And Other Hits lp, Estrus, Here I Come
Fabulous Mach Kung-Fu, 7", Dionysus, Rockin' At The Phil
Krontjong Devils, On Tour cd, Telstar, Potato Chips
Royal Nightmares, 7"ep, Solemente, Thunder Beach Stomp
Gnats, 7", Clamarama, (I Wanna Be In Your) Car Crash
D Is For Dragster, 7"ep, Speed Nebraska, The One On The Left Is The Brake
Whittingtons, Cops Think We Did It! 7"ep, Sack O' Shit, Can't Baby
King Normals, 7"ep, Hillsdale, So Natural
Original Sins, Skeletons In The Garage, Spare Me, Help Me Rhonda
Prissteens, Scandal, Controversy And Romance, Almo, Beat You Up
Donnas, s/t lp, Super*Teem!, I Don't Wanna Go
Thee S.T.P., split 7"ep w/ Bingo, Rapid Pulse, Action
Idyls, The Sonic Boing! 7"ep, Ken Rock, Sweden, I Get Around
Magnitude 3, 7"ep, Giant Claw, Australia, The Hump
Makers, Psychopathia Sexualis cd, Estrus, Sharp Leather Walkin' Shoes
Los Ass Dragers, Kings Of Cheezy 7"ep, Get Hip, F.U. Dirty Old Man Beatles Fan
Hot Rod Honeys, The Thrills, The Booze,The Dope, The Chicks And The...7"ep, Demolition Derby, Belgium, Turn Me On
Surf Trio, split 7"ep w/the Boss Martians, Blood Red Vinyl, Wine Wine Wine
Countbackwurds, 7", Sumppi Werhimer, Rip It Up
Jackie & the Cedrics, Great 9 Stomps Set cd, 1+2, Japan, Let's Dance
Trashmen, Bird Call 4xcd box, Sundazed, Roll Over Beethoven
Hollywoods, Strummin' Mental vol. 1 comp. cd, Crypt, Scramble
Hesitations, Go Go Go To Surfin' School split cd w/the Del-Tinos, Norton, Just Teasin'
(note: all releases US unless noted otherwise)

Preceeding Dead End Radio...from 9 to 10pm, it's Bop Street and that
went something like this:

Sammy Masters: Pink Cadillac
Ronnie Allen: Juvenile Delinquent
Cochran Brothers: Latch On
Hal Harris: I Don't Know When
Wayne Busby: Rock n Roll Atom
Tiny Morrie: Bernadine
Rockin' Bradley: Lookout
Dean Beard: Shiverin' And Shakin'
Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: Ten Cats Down
Brian Setzer Orchestra: The Dirty Boogie
Big Sandy: Yama Yama Pretty Mama
Four Teens: Go Little Go Cat
Sid King & the Five Strings: Gonna Shake The Shake Tonight
Luke McDaniel: Uh Huh Huh
Ronnie Dawson: Short Skirts
Red Melson & the Missourri Nighthawks: Rockin' Thru The Tunnel Of Love
Rudy Grayzell: You're Gone
Johnny Carroll: Rockin' Maybelle
Benny Joy: Spin The Bottle
Hillbilly Hellcats: Hillbilly Cat
Carl Perkins: Dixie Fried
Ray Taylor & his Alabama Pals: My Hamtramck Baby
Glen Barber: Shadow My Baby
Hal Paige & the Wailers: Thunderbird
Brian Setzer Orchestra: Jump, Jive And Wail

Hey! You can still tune in over the 'net...
just hit up the web page:


Jun 11, 2014, 1:39:36 PM6/11/14
I need a time machine...sighhhh <3
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