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Norman Spiney

Jul 30, 1992, 3:27:28 AM7/30/92

It seems that few people have heard of or care about SKREW
For someone like myself who loves the MINISTRY album Mind...
this new album is double plus good!
What album you ask ?

Burning in water, Drowning in flame

It sounds like some cross between Death Metal and the Ministry.
Now I don't know anything about this band apart from the
fact that Al Jorgensen helped produce the album and playes
guitar on the track Charlemaine. Apparently their live lineup
is different from that in the studio.

Here are some questions;

Has anyone seen them live and are they good?

Do they receive any air play in the states? I seem to be one
of the few people playing it here in Brisberg Australia. We have
a national alternative radio station here that won't touch any
really new and innovative music, even the Ministrys JBMH which sold
very well here. So luckily old Public Radio 4ZZZ that plays the
newest and bestest of the alternative and underground music.

So if anyone can enlighten me with any more info on SKREW, I would
appreciate it very muchly

While I'm at it, how about some info on airplay given to bands such
as The Cranes, Therapy?, and Silverfish. These bands are quite popular
on the Zed are many others.

By the way Neuosis' new album Souls at Zero is funtastique...

Contact me personally if you have anything interesting to say.


Variety is the spice of life-Rock Hard.

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