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Michael Paige

May 25, 1994, 10:20:35 PM5/25/94

Ok... From Info gathered from and, here is the unofficial discography of Beck!

@7" split single Beck/Bean (Flip46, Flipside)
---MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack
---To See That Woman Of Mine

@12" vinyl Loser/Steal My Body Home (BL5, BongLoad)
-Side A
-Side B
---Steal My Body Home

@7" vinyl Steve Threw Up/Mutherfuker (BL11, BongLoad)
-Side 2
---Steve Threw Up
-Side 3
---(Untitled, but might possibly be called 'What the fuck is up'
or 'Goddamn Cheesecake in my dreams')

@10" vinyl EP Western Harvest Field by Moonlight (FingerPaint02,
-Bic Side (Side A)
---Totally Confused
---Mayonaise salad
---Gettin home
---Blackfire Choked our death
---Feel like a piece of shit(mind control)
---She is all(gimme something to eat)
-Beck Side (Side B)
---Feel like a piece of shit(crossover potential)
---Mango vader rocks
---Feel like a piece of shit(cheetoes time)
---Styrofoam Chicken (quality time)

@Stereopathetic Soulmanure (Flip60, Flipside)
---Pink Noise (Rock Me Amadeus)
---Thunder Peel
---Waitin' For A Train
---The Spirit Moves Me
---Crystal Clear (Beer)
---No Money No Honey
---Total Soul Future (Eat It)
---One Foot In The Grave
---Aphid Manure Heist
---Today Has Been A Fucked Up Day
---"Rollins Power Sauce"
---Puttin It Down
---Cut 1/2 Blues
---Jagermeister Pie
---Dead Wild Cat
---Satan Gave Me A Taco
---(25th Track on some CD's, not all, of various noises
and samples, Backwards stuff)

@Loser CD-5/EP (DGCDM-21930,BongLoad/Geffen)
---Corvette Bummer
---Soul Suckin Jerk (Reject)

@Loser EP---Import from U.K.(GFSTD 67, BongLoad/Geffen, Licensed
in U.K. under MCA Records)
---Totally Confused
---Corvette Bummer
---MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack (Lounge Act Version)

@Loser Single (DGC/Bongload)

@Mellow Gold (DGCD-24634, BongLoad/Geffen)
---Pay No Mind(Snoozer)
---Fuckin With My Head(Mountain Dew Rock)
---Whiskeyclone, Hotel City, 1997
---Soul Suckin Jerk
---Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs(Yellow Sweat)
---Sweet Sunshine
---Steal My Body Home
---Nitemare Hippy Girl

@Rare on Air Live Performances Vol. One(Mammoth Records, MR0074-2)

@Can Of Whiskey 7" vinyl (K records, not yet released, look in
SubPop Catalog)
@V/A in a Cold Ass Fashion LP (JabberJaw, not yet released)
@Golden Feelings CS (Sonic Enemy, Good Luck finding this one)


P.O Box 60790
Pasadena, CA 91116

Bongload Records
P.O. Box 931538
Hollywood, CA 90093

Fingerpaint Records
853 N Alta Vista #9
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(213) 939-4289

1932 First Ave. Suite 1103
Seattle WA 98101
Send $1.00 for catalog

Mammoth Records Attn: Clem
Carr Mill 2nd Floor
Carrboro, NC 27510
Send $1.00 for catalog

If there are any corrections to be made please E-Mail
them to:

Thanks and Good Luck Hunting for these!


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