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Interviews: Stiff Little Fingers, Subway Sect, Velocity Girl

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Jason Gross

Jul 31, 2023, 10:15:08 PM7/31/23

In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever <>, you'll find (among other things):

Interview- Belfast punk style by David DiPietro
"Henry Cluney formed Stiff Little Fingers in Belfast, Ireland in 1977. He wrote and played on the first 4 classic SLF albums: Inflammable Material (1979), Nobody's Heroes (1980) and Go for it (1981). He also appeared on the superb live album Hanx! (1980), and the final studio album of the classic era, Now Then... (1982) before the band split in 1983."

Interview- London would-be punk legends by John Wisniewski
"In the onslaught of UK punk in the mid/late '70's, one of the bands that stood out in the scene but didn't quite get their due was a London foursome who were one of the earliest groups, playing with the big names then and there. Subway Sect's record output was two incendiary 1978 singles. But nothing else was forthcoming until a reconstituted version of the band put out their 1980 LP What's the Matter Boy? with the group then splitting up a few years later. Singer/founder Vic Godard tells the story of the beginnings of the band, how the Pistols and Clash management encouraged them early on, what the punk scene was like from his view and how he stays in touch with his former bandmates."

Interview- Sub Pop goes indie pop by Pete Crigler
"Velocity Girl, out of Maryland, were one of the first non-Pacific Northwest bands to sign with Sub Pop and immediately courted a lot of indie success. With the angelic voice of the girl next door, Sarah Shannon, out front, the band stood out from the grunge and angst that was coming out from the Sub Pop label and they used that to their advantage. With some of the poppiest hooks to come out of the era, the band made their impact known. Their music still sounds as fresh and original today and that's quite the amazing feat."

We also have a Spotify playlist with most of the artists above here:

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