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W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com

Oct 30, 2014, 5:05:00 PM10/30/14
I was brought up on classic country music at an early age. Johnny Cash,
Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell and many more but I don't remember
that much about it.

KISS was my first rock band favorite and despite the departure of founding
members Ace Frehley & Peter Criss, I've enjoyed their latest release
"Monster". If not for the current drummer Eric Singer and his song "All For
The Love Of Rock And Roll", the release would've tanked sorry to say even
though Singers song wasn't a single nor have they decided to play it live.
Singer was ignored on "Sonic Boom" with "All For The Glory" which was a
favorite of ESPN Sport Center.

Currently, I'm trying to listen to Freddie Mercury's last song with Queen
"Let Me In Your Heart Again" via Facebook and the video broadcaster "Vimeo"
it is streaming much better now as I type unlike the first time. Now I
thought "Mother Love" was the last track Freddie recorded and even that was
unfinished but released in 1995 off of "Made In Heaven" with Brian May
singing the last verse. Is this really Freddie? Queen "Forever" is to be
released soon but I'm not buying it, it is full of slow ballads from
previous releases and has a ballad version of "Love Kills" along with a duet
with Michael Jackson "There Must Be More To Life Than This". If you are
interested in a great album by Queen that is up to par with "Bohemian
Rhapsody" I suggest their second release "II" with "Father To Son", "Ogre
Battle" & "Funny How Love Is".

I miss performing on stage and look forward to getting out to the Compound
Bar & Grill for open mic night in downtown Hyannis, it's been since fall
2008 that I performed live at the now defunct Black Spot Cafe of which was
in the same building as the legendary Prodigal Son, 10 Ocean Street,
Hyannis, MA.

How I would love to find a guitarist who would not mind playing acoustic
here in this dining room with great acoustics! Make it up as we go along,
just like Dan Langlias and I did at the Prodigal Son. Two songs, "No
Highway" and "Rip It" came out of that public jam at the Prodigal Son. "Rip
It" was well known by two teenagers walking on a side street somewhere in
New Hampshire back in 2004. I had been blasting it driving my car and lost
trying to find a place to eat so I stopped and asked the kids and they
stated first they knew the song and they only heard like mabye 5 seconds of
it blaring out of my speakers. I've been practicing in this home and when I
take walks. I get into Bruce Springsteen songs and today I covered "Racing
In The Street", "Thunder Road", "Cover Me" & "Badlands" along with my own
material. Now really, what could I come up with while sighting Queen, Kiss
& Springsteen as influences? "Got Me World Wide" and all 21 songs would
thrive with a full band of musicians of whom get into the same genre I do.
I learned that Nashville TN is loaded with open mics, jam bands unlike Cape

I've got 21 original songs for sale via Itunes,, Amazon.Com and more
coming, "Got Me World Wide" went viral two weeks ago and "Teddy's Song" the
first single is shining bright in many music players world wide for the song
streams freely for your listening pleasure along with the rest of the 2014
digital album. Freestyle A-Capella - Bluesy - Jazzy - made up on the spot
first time live in concert performances in studio, on the streets of
Hyannis, Massachusetts USA and in the legendary coffee houses "Prodigal Son"
& "Black Spot Café", captured as it happened with no editing done other than
fade in and fade out all done by the master performer, me myself and I.
Please give 'em a listen and get back to me with your thoughts no matter
what they are, I appreciate your feedback. If you like KISS, Queen, U2,
Melissa Etheridge & Bruce Springsteen, you'll hear the influences of all
those major recording and touring artists in me, W. K. Mahler and I'm
currently seeking local musicians for new collaborations here on Cape Cod,
email me at okay? I look forward to you
writing of yourself so do so soon.

Thanks, take care!

W. K. Mahler

W. K. Mahler

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