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Hans-Henrik St{rfeldt

Mar 27, 1990, 9:20:23 AM3/27/90
Hi.. This is some great news for some of the MUD - freaks
out there (in here) (written by

We are some real nasty programmers who want to make the life hard
FOR YOU! We have started to program a mud, that we hope will be
finished some time in the end of the summer. This mud will be better
(we hope) than other muds as we have learned from their mistakes.
(ABER mud is messy with the process: 0.5 Mb. pr player! and gets
s.l.o.w. )
(LP mud has skipped some of these problems, but have some problems
with 'cheating' among its players)
we think the preatent games has lost some of the D&D spirit
(with all respect!) i we will now make it a little different:

Characters die of old age!

A lot of the original D&D abileties is (and will be) implemented

Some of your abilities is altered with age

your movement is slightly limited (you get tired)

Maybe we will make different careers?!

It will be possible to keep your stuff for some time (BUT IT COSTS)

Max 60 players maybe less at one time quinn say

We hope the missions will be longer than the ones in the other muds.

We (i) plan, that it will take aprox. 1 week of playing-time to
finish a player (become immortal).

We are open for suggestions so please write some articles if
you have any (maybe we cant follow all suggestions !)

at the present time these people are working on the program: Tom Madsen Sebastian Hammer (me) Hans Henrik Staerfeldt

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