[LONEPORT MUSH] Newly Opened and looking for Furry RPers and Builders!

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Jan 1, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/1/97




Loneport is a fantasy furry themed MUSH world set in the
medieval/renissance city of Loneport 'The Loneliest City'. Being a furry
MUSH you get to play animal like humanoid such as a tiger, fox, wolf,
skunk, equine, feline, or any other animal. Also you can play mythical
beast such as unicorns, griffons, gnolls and the like as long as they are
of a furry version. It is posable to be a dragon, but due to the theme of
the world all dragons must be goodly creatures. Loneport is a 100% furry
MUSH, so humans are not allowed.

<Picture>Loneport the MUSH takes place in the city of Loneport. Loneport is
a northern sea side city where adventures come to relax, and traders come
to make money. There is a large harbor port. The city is very large, and is
over looked by the city Lord. Inside the walled city one will find Tavers,
Inns, shops of all sort selling everything from cloth to magic.

You can role-play being anything from the upper-class down to a common
street waif or worse in Loneport. If you would like you can start up your
own Tavern, Inn, or simply create a home for yourself inside the city.
There will be a vast sewer system built under the city and rumor has it the
it is home to the Theives Guild. If you would like you could even make a
temple complex for one of the gods of Loneport and allow others to look
about. Or maybe you want to be a mage and live in a tall tower that reaches
into the clouds. You can do that in Loneport. And always is you just want a
simple home to relax in and have guest over that option is yours to.

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