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James Aspnes

Jul 4, 1990, 4:05:11 PM7/4/90
Monster is a rather large MUD for VMS that got posted to about two years ago. It was written in about 60000
lines of nearly-unreadable Pascal, used shared files for IPC,
supported object creation, and had a lot of complicated special
features which appeared to be designed primarily to allow Collosal
Cave to work in it. As far as I know there were never any
network-accessible Monster servers.

TinyMUD 1.0 was initially designed as a portable, stripped-down
version of Monster (this was back in the days when TinyMUD was
designed to be up and running in a week of coding and last for a month
before everybody got bored of it.) The basic idea was to include the
minimal object-creation and locking features of Monster without
throwing in all the hairy stuff. Since then a lot of the hairy stuff
has been reinvented. It might be interesting to go back and look at
the Monster docs and see how much of its functionality eventually
showed up in TinyMUD.

--James Aspnes <>

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