Use of BIOS calls by various OSes, bootloaders, etc., online references

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Rod Pemberton

May 20, 2013, 11:28:08 PM5/20/13

The general issue of whether BIOS calls are important or not to
bootloaders and OS development came up recently on
alt.os.development. Perhaps, it's best for each to make their own
conclusions. But, you can't do that well without being fully
informed about what uses the BIOS. So, I can help inform by
providing some references that I've collected over the years. I'm
adding alt.msdos.programmer etc in case there is someone out
there that wants or needs this esoteric info.

"x86 BIOS calls used by grub and Linux" by Colin King, Feb 10 2010

"A Study of BIOS Interrupts as used by Microsoft Windows 2000" by
Adam Sulmicki

"A Study of BIOS Services as used by Microsoft Windows XP" by Adam

"Legacy-Free Hardware and BIOS Requirements" by Microsoft, Dec 4,

"Linux 2.4 BIOS usage reference" by Alan Cox, Jun 22, 2001
linux.kernel, Usenet MSG-ID

"FreeBSD BIOS Coupling on i386" by Bruce M. Simpson, Apr 8, 2006
mailing.freebsd.current, Usenet MSD-ID

"BIOS types" by Hale Landis, Jan 25, 1995, Usenet MSG-ID

"Reverse-Engineering DOS 1.0 - Part 1: The Boot Sector"

Rod Pemberton
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