Steven Spielberg directs IronMan 2 using alias

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Feb 23, 2010, 3:42:36 AM2/23/10
Spielberg is trying to lure me to be associated with him and one of
his techniques is that he intentionally does not make good movies to
the fullest scope of his ability, but indicates by small fractions of
a whole movie that he can and will only when I join him (become his
animated prisoner). He knows Leni Riefenstahl ranks him at the box
office and he is jealous of this, so he desires to beat her but only
after I am the prisoner. I say as much as he thinks he's fooled
everyone and believes in his head he is a better film-maker, it will
take a test of which Leni will have to willingly be a participant. She
already flatlined him at the box office - TWICE, yet Spielberg thinks
I should find him a better film-maker and choose him over her, even
when I told him I want him locked up in prison for his crimes.

All directors use aliases in Hollywood, so the trailer for Ironman2
looks to be fantastic top ranking movie making.

It's real funny and alluring by the personality in Morton Downy Jr who
is from another moon, perhaps on his home planet/moon the military
ordnance is Ironman suits (you can electrocute them then).

But everything you see in the preview is taken from me, my thoughts
and personality are channeled by Spielbergs psychopath witches (Kathy
Kennedy?), and they use my character for their movies, then try to
allure me to them, patronizing me with my own thoughts & emotions.

For instance, I thought to myself if anything of such technology
existed it would be confiscated by the government, but if you were a
big enough tycoon, you could privatize world peace on your own with
such a weapon. - all came from me, Spielberg stole it, but that's what
filthy Jews do.

But the staying on topic, Spielberg has it in his head he can make a
better film than Leni Riefenstahl/James Cameron. So if we don't get
Spielberg locked up for his crimes, I would like to behind-the-scenes
if must be, have each make a movie based on the same story/subject,
and see who wins, obviously the box-office would be the determinant.
Leni already won, but Spielberg wasn't qued up for a competition.

How can this be done.


Feb 23, 2010, 3:43:46 AM2/23/10

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