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The Federal Reserve act and Jewish origin

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Nov 13, 2007, 6:06:04 PM11/13/07
The 1929 U.S. Stock-Market Crash

Jewish bankers caused America's greatest financial disaster.

The U.S. Federal Reserve banking system was created in 1913 supposedly
to make the U.S. banking system safer and to make the U.S. economy
more stable by curbing 'boom-and-bust' cycles. But the truth of the
matter is that the creation of the Federal Reserve did just the
opposite -- it created the conditions that led to the greatest
financial collapse in history : the 1929 stock-market crash [1].

How did the Federal Reserve come to be created? At the urging of
Jewish bankers. The Federal Reserve Act was the brainchild of Jewish
banker Paul Warburg, a partner in the Jewish-led investment firm Kuhn,
Loeb & Co. and a representative of the Jewish Rothschild banking
house. Congressman Carter Glass of Virginia co-authored the Federal
Reserve Act [aka Owen-Glass Federal Reserve Act of 1913]. It was based
on a report from a subcommittee of the House Banking and Currency
Committee headed by Glass. But Warburg was the key player in the
creation of the Act [2]. Furthermore, the man who managed the Federal
Reserve Board during its first 30 years was also a Jew, Emmanuel

Here is a quote about the passage of the Federal Reserve Act:

"Left to itself and to the conduct of its own legislative functions
without pressure from the Executive, the Congress would not have
passed the Federal Reserve act. According to Colonel House, and since
this was his report to his master, we may believe it to be true, the
Federal Reserve act was passed because Wilson stood firm; in other
words because Wilson was under the guidance and control of the most
ferocious usurers in New York through their hireling, House. The
Federal Reserve act became law the day before Christmas Eve in the
year 1913, and shortly afterwards the German international bankers,
Kuhn, Loeb and Co., sent one of their partners here to run it." --
Louis T. McFadden's speech in the House of Representatives, 10 June
1932. Translation: "well-known Jewish servant Woodrow Wilson did the
bidding of Warburg and his Jewish pals." The word 'usurers' is common
code-speak for 'Jews' [3].

The American systems of stock speculation, credit and credit buying
expanded at a stunning pace after -- and due to -- the creation of the
Federal Reserve. Americans -- many of whom were naive about money
matters -- simply became too overconfident regarding their financial

The upshot to this topic is that the violent financial expansion/
contraction that resulted in the 1929 stock-market crash was caused
largely by Jews.

More about Jewish involvement in stock-market crashes and other
financial disasters Here.

[1] the stock market boom [leading to the crash] as being caused by
citizen overconfidence via the creation of the Federal Reserve: Here.

[2] Warburg as pointman for the Federal Reserve Act: "Paul M. Warburg
was the inventor, perfector and director of the Federal Reserve System
of the United States." -- Henry Ford, Sr., Jewish Power and America's
Money Famine, his Dearborn Independent newspaper, July 1921

[3] Wilson was friends with many top American Jewish leaders,
including Rabbi Stephen Wise

[4] Federal Reserve as harming America financially: "The Warburg
Federal Reserve System has been badly misused, badly manipulated, and
the country is suffering from it." -- Henry Ford, Sr., Jewish Power
and America's Money Famine, same as Note #2

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