Neil Peart sexual predator kidnapped children, had sex with then murdered them

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Mar 3, 2010, 1:08:00 PM3/3/10
10-12 years old he kidnapped, had sex with them and then murdered
them. This is what was confirmed to me by the informant who is a
master psychic and the one that informed me Neil has a pencil penis.

So to prove or disprove this persons credibility we should get
Virginia Newbon to reveal the truth since Neil won't. But the movie
Taken showed Neil kidnapping underage girls close to 18 usually the
age of 16 & 17 because the Arab tycoons do not have pencil penises
most likely so they want more matured girls, and Neil having police
all under his control by having the NSA as his power - GIVEN TO HIM BY
STEVEN SPIELBERG & GEORGE LUCAS - Neil used kidnapping for himself as
well as to profit by selling human beings as sex slaves in other

Neil Peart is being depicted by Boy George and Mike Mosbach is being
depicted by Auden Carlsen why do you think there is such a strong
resemblance? Boy George really does resemble Neil. Good picks by those
that are communicating the message.

So Neil is definitely kidnapping people and murdering them, but is he
high on drugs when he does it or is it just normal urges not fulfilled
due to his deformed penis not enabling fulfillment of which he is in a
rage state to remedy his sick state of being?

You can definitely tell it's Mike Mosbach and Neil Peart being

Anthony Jacob Woolston

May 18, 2015, 6:32:46 AM5/18/15
I've been investigating Rush's involvement in human trafficking etc. They reveal their agenda in their lyrics. Their song "The Analog Kid"(Signals 1982) is clearly about child abduction and murder. LIBERATOR, if you see this message, message me. I would like to get more information on what Rush is really doing.
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