Driller Killer Orb #66 - by Seung Bum Kim (c)opyright 2013

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Jun 29, 2013, 5:38:01 AM6/29/13
Actually I made this one to benefit humans..since Flowers are growing out of my Heart..-sbk

By making an opaque Titanium Orb that has strong magnetic resonance in which the Orb and its metal is lightweight of less than 7lbs. by its opaque being dominated by magnetic resonance the orb would be suspended in flight in attraction to objects in which object calibration can be done by ionic auora emission in which R&D must be used to make pre-set calibration based on varying ionic emssions and upon contact through magnetic attraction the snout of the orb must be centered on the object it touches based on maximum attraction potential in which through it a drill can be activated that drills in blood activating a suction tube and chamber in which the blood is released through an posterior ejector. The Titanium Orb must be charged as a spherical electricity emitter aka the Tesla coil and through its lightweight it would attach itself onto objects and made specific through my entry on calibration..in which one the Orb contacts the object upon a specific high emission potential area the drill must project into the skin and lodge in the skin through its triangular edge and rotate where the blood is collected through a suction tube within the blade and eject the blood through the posterior through a motor device. For gravity suspension the orb must be a independent Principle. This can be done where magnetic resonance is determined entirely by the orb itself. Upon this the levitating orb can travel vast distances to nab targets through pH readings that correspond to pre-set data and upon this high iodine would be Asian skin auora while dark pH readings would be black skintype as an example. Now sensory detection of obstructions can cause avoidance of such obstructions through location default in which a command chip must also calculate directional possibilities so that it travels without being hindered by obstruction as it chooses the optimal path. by making the superconductor operate through an analogue pressurizer in which the gravitation force is made geometrical and analytic then it would cause geometric movements rather than free loose movements. The orb would then lodge itself in the body and the drilling blade would spring through the minute cavity and through a twisting rotary motion it would lock into the flesh and draw out blood when an adjacent suction tube is there to draw blood and propelled by a posterior motor that causes blood withdraw force and also works to eject blood from a dispensary posterior. Now to digress on suspension if magnetic energy is contignent only to itself as self-reliant energy and gravity is suspended beyond teleos or teleological suspension by a immense level of magnetic resonance to cause independent principle then the orb can be suspended from Earth's gravity through vortex logic or a vortex field that displaces the orb from Earth's gravity by entry into such a dimension by means of self-gravitational or magnetic pressure and if the orb operates through analogue motors then it would travel in linear fashion..with the Titanium metal in ratio of greater bulk than Mass then upon entry into the flesh after the blood has been withdrawn completely to the point of cessation then the drill can be withdrawn and the polarity shifted to central suspension as the orb moves also through a periphery of Force..upon suspension after the drilling is done it can then adjust or calibrate the Identification device to another target of accurate pH readings so it then drops the body and moves to the next target. For suspension the inner central chamber should have a circular magnetic generator that accelerates so fast that it causes rotation into the center of the orb through a regressing spiral pathway and the force of this dynamic enough to gain central mass while the titanium exterior is lightweight and through this suspension is made and direction of travel is determined by the angular periphery of the force as well as the magnetic attraction through the Tesla coil. Now upon suspension the next addage is that of attraction. In which Tesla electricity generated causes a bondage to calibrated targets and upon this the orb would rotate to face the object through direct transmission of the electrical energy so that it interfaces the human or object. Upon this there must be 6 pathways of travel through the peripheral dominance of energy in one biased peripheral direction of the 6 possible directions..Upon which command chips with pre-existing data can through tesla transmission calculate all possible outcomes and travel the pathways that 1)avoid obstruction through a resistance force that is mechanically operated to repel itself from obstructions 2) find the pathway that is closest and also doesn't face ultimate enclosure. Upon this the orb would target the individual based on the variations of pH in their positive ionic makeup and lodge itself into the body to drain blood..and the Doctor is In..*bzzz* Upon the magnetic energies delivered to the centre of the Orb in accelerating oscillation then the centre by its congealed magnetic input must then find an absolute Center in which this would cause levitation and suspension of gravity. Being of Titanium shell even though lightweight it would be difficult to penetrate and afford it time to lodge onto the victim through the drill and to eradicate its blood supply in which the drill would retract and withdraw through a peripheral degree of the magnetic energy of sine with posterior Cos and then the target would be recorded as deactivated from the memory chip as such default to the next closest target. Now upon the oscillating magnetic energy eminating to the center where it with complete equilibrium touches the Absolute centre then then upon this 'centre' projecting as a Field then the Orb would be set to be in suspension. For the purposes of directional travel through adjusts in the transistor that calibrate between sin and cos these angular adjustments can be used to cause motion and travel through angular magnetic polarity adjustments hence motion through biased magnetic polarity of direction. Now to attain non-teleos suspension of the orb from gravitational independence through the superconductor energies that spiral according to unision in Pi it must cause the energies to become rigid bodies in which due to the equilibrium that is absolute according to its spheric shape the particular value of the forces that act on it must be P=0 in which |A| of Forces must enough to be outside of gravitational set through Magnetic intensity where Kinetic value of G = any other angle of the Sphere but in Sum of all angles Particular Force or P = 0 through = equilibrium of all Kinetic Forces. Upon spiralization of the magnetic energies driven to the centre and the circular force of constriction if the energy resonates as a field once it reaches the centre with equilibrium it produces levitation. The Titanium must be centerally T=C2-C2ON-C4=C2OP. Centre of gravity rests in the unit yielding to ΣFv = R4 +RB - W = 0 with exacting equilibrium through ΣFy = Vc - W. In which in transformation as spiralling superconductor energy to this equivalence the orb can be suspended and the drilling process requires basic mechanics. Now for suspension light energy travelling by the spiralling force of the Superconductor would cause a magnification of light ether energy which is needed for suspension so it becomes an independent force in which the oscillating force of light through superconductor polarization if generated in mass through the magnetic energies of the superconductor then the mass itself would suspended from gravity but not even in teleos..teleological suspension of the orb would not work. To drive the force of the oscillating energy to its final center in order to cause Force and stabilization one must apply the formula for the wedge N/P = 1/2(sin 0 + f cos 0) so the driving force is accurate and it maintains a force that is of static effect through pressure or pressure of the oscillating field. Now upon a magnetic centre and the pressure it causes in the center through energy equilibrium. This is configured by v1^2/2g + p1/y +z1 = v2^2/2g + p2/y + z2 + losses (1-2). Upon this equilibrium the energies must converge. But along the limits of K = - Δp/(ΔV/V) = pdp/dp where V is volume of the plasma substance and p is the pressure effect upon the limits of expansion through a conservatory process. In which polarity must be adjusted through particular shift in polarity with accurate sin and cos adjustments so that the static effect in which the pressure equates to unified balance becomes biased balanced through harmonic motion in which this way the movements are analogue represented by the formula for time and harmonic motion T = 2pi/w, then from a = -Sw^2, w = rt. (-a/S) and T = 2pi rt[-(a/S)] or T = 2pi rt.[-(a/S)] in correlation with sin and cos adjustments. In which non teleos from gravitation forces can cause movements that are controlled precision movements in which if non teleological suspension is the dominant force of motion then cos adjustments can cause analogue motionb according to p = pRT in which R is a Gas constant so that static pressure result causes fluidic movements. In order for movement to occur the spiralling energy by an incremental percentage enter a capacitor chip that orbit 360% through a railway sliding mechanism so it causes the extraneous energy to enter the chip and cause motion in the same degree that the chip is shifted in location. While for altitude an auxillary engine must be used exploiting the energy of the orb's power to suspend itself.

Driller Killer Orb for Levitated Warfare - by Seung Bum Kim (c)opyright 2013
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