Super-8 film scanner info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paul H. Cotto

Dec 14, 2000, 8:36:53 AM12/14/00

I just found this cool link to a camera engineer who makes a super-8 scanner
gate for a Olympus scanner. It only does one frame at a time but he also
makes a super-8 film printer wet gate for printing your movies. here is the

I emailed him to see if he could build a super-8 perforation machine!! I
hope he replies to me, if he wags a price I will post the details here.

Best regards,
Paul Cotto

Dec 14, 2000, 11:55:45 AM12/14/00
Very interesting! Unfortunately, the Olympus ES-10 is way too low-
resolution to do a decent Super 8 scan. The ES-10 is a 1770-DPI
scanner, which means the absolute maximum resolution you could expect
to get from scanning a Super 8 frame would be 400x300.

You need a 3000-dpi scanner before you begin to get video resolution
(640x480) from a Super 8 frame.

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Paul H. Cotto

Dec 14, 2000, 4:30:37 PM12/14/00
True, but in order to scan a roll of film the transport must be similar to
the ES-10 flow through design.

Paul Cotto

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Dec 14, 2000, 6:36:09 PM12/14/00
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Thanks for sharing this with us! I checked out the link and I'm pretty
excited....I wonder if the designer has devised a system to advance the
film frame by frame? I don't care if it takes an eternity to scan, so
long as you could leave it running unattended it would be great.


Paul H. Cotto

Dec 15, 2000, 9:57:21 PM12/15/00
Here is a copy of the email Klaus the engineer sent.
The scanner gates for the film formats of 8mm,super
8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, 28mm are $ 400.00 each.
The 35mm gate is priced at$ 500.00.
The Liquid gate systems are selling at $16000.00 each.
Systems consist of the gate with transportation
mechanismn and two drive sprockets.Prices are quoted
in US dollars and are F.O.B. from Ottawa.
If you could forward your telephone number,I would like
to speak to you about the re-perforating machine.
Best regards.


If you want his phone number email me and let me know. I Did not get the
price for the super 8 perforation machine yet, I still need to call him to
discuss it. My guess would be over $20,000.00 US Dollars. You must remember
this is a one off custom design and all hand machined.


Paul Cotto

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