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Nicholas Weaver

Nov 12, 1998, 3:00:00 AM11/12/98
FreeBSD 2.2.6-STABLE #0: Sun May 3 22:30:48 PDT 1998

10/29 CS/Eng Society Swing Dance, Thurs Nov. 12, for details, ~jones/swing

09/24 Corporate spam now available in /csua/pub/recruiting
07/07 New soda mail relay policy! For details: /csua/adm/doc/mail-relay
05/20 If your utmp entry ever gets messed up, please save a copy of
/var/run/utmp and the output of "fstat" and mail mconst.

**/** Mail root for -administrative- questions. For assistance, mail help.

[See also: /csua/pub/jobs/* & /csua/pub/housing/*]
11/11 /csua/pub/recruiting/applied-materials

11/11 Systems Administrator needed with Berkeley CS degree for startup.
e-mail ax for details
\_ Speaking of system administrators, what's the average salary
for a good UNIX system administrator?
\_ UNIX admins make $60-65K/year average, NT admins less - remind
jctwu to post a link tomorrow if it's not here by then
\_ I have 5 years experience and I make a hell of a lot
more than that.
\_ Congratulations - I'm sorry. -jctwu
\_ Only on soda could offering a CS grad a high paying SA job
cause reams of debate. I was trying to do you guys a favor! -ax
\_ No kidding. Let this be a lesson to all you anti-social CS
pricks. Learn to be normal, even if you have to pretend.
\_ A CS degree has *nothing* to do with being an SA. In fact, a
CS degree guarantees *nothing* about one's skills.
\_ However, having a degree (not nec. CS) means that you can at
least focus long enough to take req. classes and not flunk
out. I would never hire a SA who doesn't have a degree. Saw
too many bad things last time (good talent, highly flakey).
\_ what kind of company. if it's a software company the engineers
should learn to do their own sysadmin. it's not that hard to
do and it saves on a pay check per month.
\_ That's what I said, but they are hell bent on spending
a ton of money on a sysadmin, so I thought someone here
should benefit. They have a weird business model
and don't fit under any company stereotypes. -ax
\_ Even if the engineers can do it (and most of them aren't as
good at it as they think they are), shouldn't they be
spending their time doing what they get paid to do? --dim
\_ I actually find it unusual that someone who isn't directly
involved with some project is responsible for maintaining
the system that the project is being worked on and its
security. After all, if a group of people are working
on a project shouldn't the only people allowed to have
access to those files be those engineers and not some
random guy named root. Having super user access can
actually save time because if an engineer finds that they
need some tool installed or notice a problem they can fix
it quickly without having to ask someone else to do it.
\_ Yeah, right. "root's little helpers" fuck things up
more often than they fix them and aren't as paranoid
about security as they should be. And, the SA often *is*
part of the team working on the project. --dim
\_ sysadmin with CS degree is a waste of a CS degree
\_ Maybe, but 154K for browsing netscape all day aint bad.
\_ What's the average salary for a good UNIX sysadmin?
\_ True. But a good SA is the one who has good problem solving
skills. The field of CS changes so frequently...CS degree
wouldn't help much. MOst of the education come from being up
to date with today's technology and hands on experience.
A CS degree is just a piece of toilet paper.
\_ what the hell do you know about it, schmuk? For any non-trivial
installation, a sysadmin WITHOUT a CS degree is worthless.
\_ WTF does a CS degree have to do with SA? As an SA and a
Berkeley CS alum, I find my degree worthless in my daily
work. There is zero application for your CS degree in SAing.
Pretty much, you have no idea WTF you're talking about.
\_ I disagree. There are a lot of competent sysadmins (and
even s/w developers) without a cs degree. Then there are
those that aren't. But if you leave Berkeley w/ a cs
degree and you don't know how to take care of a computer
then there's really something wrong with that picture.
\_ How many Berkeley CS students know VMS? With the onset of
NT, how many will know UNIX? What about IOS? "Taking
care of a computer" != "sysadmin" except in a broad
sense. --dim
\_ I meant maintaining a multiuser system. Nevertheless
unix is still more widely used than NT in places
where reliability counts. And since most things
coming from NT is a flaked out derivation/implemenation
of some Unix feature, knowing Unix shows that you
have a good understanding of a system in general.
I personally would not hire a cs major who didn't
understand unix.
\_ And exactly which classes teach you to maintain
a multi-user or even single user system? Where
does CS require you to learn unix to that extent?
You are clueless. -SA with Berkeley CS degree
\_ Agreed. Having a CS degree does not mean non-
trivial installations get any simpler. I'd like
to see your avg. CS dewd install R/3 without
screaming for support. -SA without Berkeley CS degree

\_ Using "User Manager" != "sysadmin".
\_ Setting up a PC != "sysadmin".
\_ Alt-Cntrl-Del != "sysadmin".
\_ Fu is fickle. A degree doesn't guarantee it, lack of
a degree does not scare it away. It lends itself to the
worthy. -ax
\_ One thing about being a Sysadmin is the requirement that you
wear many hats in the course of doing your job.
\_ How many CS graduate know how to tweak kernel parameters?
Or, setup a Sun or HP box from scratch?
\_ None. This isn't taught in classes. The idea that an SA
_needs_ a CS degree is ridiculously stupid. Only a
pointy haired zero skill management dilbert world idiot
might think that.
\_ Man, you guys are all on the wrong continent. The cool thing
about the US is that despite there not being any formal way to
learn SA-type stuff, we all still have an advantage just by
being or having been in a university where we can play with these
things hands-on, in places like the ocf and csua. That just
doesn't really exist outside the States. -John

Starts tonight 6pm.
\_ remember to behave professionally if you go -- Don Marti is

11/10 Does anyone here know if Solaris 2.6 for x86 has support for
Ultra 2 scsi?
\_ Check the HW compatibility list.
\_ Ultra 2 SCSI is fairly new. I believe Solaris 2.7 or 7 will have
support for it. I don't think 2.6 has it or will.

11/10 Does anyone know if the 100MHz SDRAM is compatible with non-100Mhz
bus? The reason I ask is because I need to buy new RAM for my
overlocked 83MHz bus w/ P250 CPU and I prefer not to spend money
on traditional 66MHz RAM that is practically obsolete.
\_ I don't know if they're compatible, but don't see why not.
Since RAM standards are going to change before you can upgrade,
why do you care? You'll be buying Rambus DRAMs soon enough...

\_ suggests that Rambus isn't all its
cracked up to be.
\_ 100 MHz SDRAM will work. I frown upon non-66, non-100 system
bus frequencies. :( Yer peripherals are choking. -jctwu

11/10 Any recommendations on a good web hosting service? (I already have
dialup connection, just need a larger disk quota, CGI, and
preferably, some mailing list capability.)
\_ Try - they're pretty competent & very cheap!
\_ $30. 25MB. shell/pop. cgi. unlimited mailing lists.
multiple aliases. domain name capability. frontpage support. fast.
\_ avoid my friend had nothing but problems with
them, not the least that half the time she couldn't access her
site. their servers run on SGI IRIX, which may explain it.
\_ Cheap, reliable, and scalable to your budget.
Quote for the above from best net: $10.30/month for pop, cgi, unix
shell, 25MB quota, full domain name. $5.95/month per mailing list
(with discounts for more than three.) Check it out.
\_ Time travelling? Is it tomorrow yet???????? --xtine
\_ It's been 11/10 all day today (Tuesday).
\_ No; it was 11/11 this morning, then someone edited it to 11/10

11/10 Job openings at Inktomi: /usr/local/csua/pub/jobs/Inktomi

11/09 I'm thinking about a laptop like: Pentium II 233, 64MB RAM, 4GB drive,
CD, floppy, 13.3" Active Matrix. What's a cheap, solid brand/store?
\_ Don't get a laptop unless you require a laptop. Always get
desktops if mobility isn't a requirement. Laptops break more
easily, are stolen more easily, cost more, do less, have shitty
keyboard, upgrades options are near-zero, and no they don't make
you look cool to the babes.
\_ unless you really have to, avoid laptops. I regret it myself but
if you absolutely must IBMs and Apple PowerBooks are sure bets.
Don't expect to be able to expand later on though.
\_ D'accord. I just spent $450. to replace the hard drive
on my PB, which was never a problem on my desktops.
\_ I disagree. I just sold my Pentium II desktop and switched
to a laptop. I can do almost everything I need to do. It's
\_ "almost" is an interesting word.
very convenient since I can bring it to my girlfriend's place
and use it and still able to spend time with her. :-)
\_ So you can ignore her in person instead of long distance?
Good call.
\_ I agree with the above. Buy a good desktop computer, and if you
really need a laptop, buy a low-end model to use when you can't
use the desktop.
\_ Totally on the mark. This is the way to go.
\_ I disagree, using a notebook as your main machine is prob.
the best bet, considering how often one travels nowadays,
\_ One? Who exactly is doing
all this travel?
it's good to have all your eggs in one basket, just make
sure to back up at least once a night.
\_ I don't travel. I find it convenient when I have to
transfer files (using DCC) from my work PC to my laptop to
do work at home. I can browse the web while lying on my
bed or sitting in my living room sofa or eating breakfast
in morning.
\_ Dell Latitude is the best laptop I have experienced with. Sony
is ok. Hitachi is ok, too.
\_ Dell won't guarantee the quality of the LCD panel. Just ask
them if they'll replace it if there's a single bad pixel.
"Up to 9 bad pixels are allowable..." My ass. If I send you
$3000 for a computer, I at least expect to not have to look at
something that looks vaguely like an undermaintained
\_ Laptop LCD are more fragile than any other kind of
computer hardware. I really doubt other vendors
would want to warrant any damage to LCD display. Dell
XGA laptops are around $2000, which is pretty good price.
\_ I was talking about condition _ON_DELIVERY_! If I
drop the damn thing and bust the LCD it's my fault,
sure, but I'm not going to accept delivery of
defective merchandise.
\_ Dell's also go really bad if they do go bad, then again
reformatting the disk and downloading all of the
different drivers from Dell sometimes works.
\_ Sony laptop comes with a system recovery CD that
allows you to restore all the software that
initially comes with laptop in no time. Sorta
similar to how the Mac does it.
\_ ALL Fujitsu notebooks guarantee 3 years of perfect matrix.
\_ At my work we have a bunch of Winbook laptops and we have never
had any problems with them and they are normally quite a bit
cheaper than anywhere else that we have looked. The only
problem that some people have with them is that they do not
come with all of the bells and whistles, which is a good thing
if you know what you are doing.
\_ I'm about to buy from WinBook because: 30-day moneyback
guarantee (if they won't replace it because of an LCD
problem, I just tell them I want my money back), good
price, no sales tax. (Would've bought from Gateway,
but paying multiple hundreds of dollars extra didn't
particularly appeal to me) Only downside is the
*3 week* lead time. And the default shipping option
is overnight. Heh.
\_ HP Omnibooks (somewhat old, but) seem to be fairly nice. We
have one. an actual ball for a mouse. Plus external monitor
port built in. And the keyboard is decent. So, when at home,
plug into big monitor, and enjoy both worlds.
Oh, it also has a scsi port.
\_ I just bought a Gateway Solo that has exactly the same stats
you mentioned, except that it has a 14" display. I'm really
happy with it - and it was only $2300. Check it out on their
web page.

11/09 What are the bay area ISPs that offer unix shell accounts?
\_ An account with lets you have both PPP and a shell.
\_ Why is autobahn an "org"? I thought that was reserved
for non profit organizations.
\_ Prolly cuz someone took
\_ That's really not a good enough reason. It is
misleading. People might think it is a charity
connected with the nat'l autobaun society.
\_ So is there really a society dedicated to
the German highway system here in America, or
is it just that you're an idiot who can't
spell? Either way, people who think like that
deserve to have their money taken away.
\_ Chill out guys. They are already renaming their operation
as Regardless of the .org, it is still quite
an affordable service for students.

11/09 The brightness control on my monitor is broken. I can decrease
the brightness but can't increase it. Does anyone know of a
program I can use to control the brightness of my monitor or
reset its brightness to a default value? I'm hoping for something
like xvidtune which can also control the brightness. My monitor
is a Hitachi SuperScanPro 620 in case it matters. If nobody
knows about such a program I would appreciate suggestions on how
I could get the info to write one. Thanks. -emin
\_ Not under warrantee anymore?
\_ It was given to me so I don't have the warranty
registration. -emin
\_ what OS?
\_ LINUX or Win95. If you have a solution for another OS
please let me know anyway. -emin
\_ Win95: Intel i740 chipset video cards (most available
are AGP) have gamma correct built-in to the Display
properties. Works well. Not quite monitor hardware
control but it may help. Borrow an i740 from a friend.
\_ Why don't you take it for repair? It's highly unlikely that you
can control the monitor brightness with software.
\_Cuz he stole it.
\_ 1) Turn off for at least several hours.
2) Open case
3) turn up brightness from control that is broken from the
\_ Turning off the monitor even for several hours does not
insure that the charge built has dissipated, be carefull.
-ERic, having fun in E238
\_ Best to just discharge the CRT once you turn it off, then you
can be reasonably sure its safe. Not something I'd recommend
for someone who's never done it before, or who doesn't know
how to safely discharge a CRT.
\_ Someone told me I had to lick both my thumbs and press them
against the tube while I was standing barefoot in a puddle of

11/09 How do I go from a domain name to a numeric IP address?
\_ nslookup, host, or dig
\_ gethostbyname
\_ CSUA: gethostbyname
gethostbyname: Command not found.
\_ gethostbyname(3), silly. man 3 gethostbyname
\_ CSUA: man 3 gethostbyname
No entry for gethostbyname in section 3 of the manual
\_ What's your MANPATH?
\_ CSUA: env | grep MANPATH
\_ add /usr/share/man or use the default

Nicholas Weaver

Nov 18, 1998, 3:00:00 AM11/18/98
FreeBSD 2.2.6-STABLE #0: Sun May 3 22:30:48 PDT 1998

11/15 Dealing with people who get their passwords sniffed is a waste of the
CSUA's time. Learn to use ssh -- read "/csua/adm/doc/ssh-howto". -brg

10/29 CS/Eng Society Swing Dance, Thurs Nov. 19, for details, ~jones/swing

09/24 Corporate spam now available in /csua/pub/recruiting

05/20 If your utmp entry ever gets messed up, please save a copy of
/var/run/utmp and the output of "fstat" and mail mconst.

**/** Mail root for -administrative- questions. For assistance, mail help.

[See also: /csua/pub/jobs/* & /csua/pub/housing/*]

11/18 -- after SEVEN years, the bike plan
is finally completing, please send a letter of support
(even a one-click email is a help) --jnat

11/18 Can anyone recommend a decent sound card that isn't too
\_ I picked up a Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI and it sounds fairly good.
Only cost me $29.95. Perhaps you should mention what your price
range is and what kind of audio you want. --marc
\_ Anything with a ESS1869F chipset for $11-$15 for an ISA card.
I've bought 4 of these, am using 2 and have had no probs. Go
with the SB Live if you want to spend > $50. -jctwu

11/17 Sun wins lawsuit
\_ I'm sure M$ will appeal. It isn't done yet but it _is_ looking bad
for M$.
\_ So what! Java is still hella slow to do anything useful.
\_ your Java fu is weak, grasshopper. Use a JIT.
\_ useful like say CORBA?
\_ Good for Microsoft. Good for Java. Good for programmers. -jctwu
\_ Wrong. Sun won the injunction. The lawsuit is still in
progress. Though it looks like they'll win the suit as well.

11/16 Anybody know of software like MS Frontpage that produces clean HTML
files instead of MS proprietary .asp files? I need something
powerful and easy to use like Frontpage but I don't want to be tied
to windows. Thanks.
\_ Macromedia Dreamweaver. It's used heavily by web development
professionals, and combines a powerful graphical environment with
direct source level access. It comes with free, fully integrated
copies of Allaire Homesite (Win) or BBEdit (Mac), for better quality
source level control. Very good stuff; I'm a way satisified
user. Bear Bytes sells it with a student discount. Try a 30 day
demo at
\_ netscape composer?
\_ Never use MS products for web development! Try Homesite by Allaire.
\_ I've heard that the Macromedia one (DreamWeaver?) is good,
although I've never tried it personally. I think you can even
download a demo version of it to try out.
\_ -rwxr-xr-t 2 bin bin 1990656 Oct 17 1997 /usr/local/bin/emacs
the elegant solution to all your text editing^H^H^H OS problems.
\_ -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 159744 Dec 4 1997 /usr/local/bin/jove
-- the bastard son of the elegant solution
\_ -r-xr-xr-x 6 bin bin 274432 Jul 15 02:03 /usr/bin/vi
-- vi h0zer
\_ -r-xr-xr-x 2 bin bin 126976 Jul 15 01:51 /bin/ed
-- the standard text h0zer
\_ -r-xr-xr-x 1 bin bin 57344 Aug 18 13:42 /bin/cat
-- real men don't need to edit; we get it right the first time
\_ -r-xr-xr-x 1 bin bin 12288 Aug 24 17:25 /usr/local/bin/pico
-- a h0zer's tool. period.
\_ Symantec VisualPage isn't too bad, has WSIWYG and allows you
to edit the source, and puts a minimum of extra crap into the code.
Should be able to download a demo from

11/16 Congratulations to the Berkeley teams in the ACM Pacific Northwest
Regional Programming Contest. [summarized from ucb.cs.undergrads,
original post by pnh] --jon
Team #1 (1st place) Team #2 (4th place)
Nikita Borisov Robert Schneck (G, Math)
Misha Dynin Alex Fabrikant
Michael Constant Aleksey Potashnik

11/15 Anyone know any good links to cd rippers and mp3 encoders for linux?
No, of course I'm not pirating music, uhum.
\_ Use a search engine.
\_ Usually the links for players have good ripper
links. -John
mp3 encoder:
I've been using cdda2wav , though paranoia should be beter. Let
me know how it works if you use it. -ERic (eagerly waiting for
paranoia to be ported to free/net bsd)
\_ This is the first thing I've ever ripped but it seems to work
fine. I'm not sure what distinguishes a good from a bad one
but I'm fine with it. It does actually rip a track a lot slower
than it would to actually listen to that track.
\_ I thought freebsd could handle linux binaries.
\_ Emulation on any platform can only take you so far.
\_ but this isn't emulation. Same architecture, different
\_ then again you should be able to compile it on free/net bsd.
\_ cdda2wav uses a linux scsi api that is not supported under
free/netbsd. The binary runs but fails to work under emulation.
The source fails to compile, badly. I briefly looked at porting,
but it was just easier to rip on some spare linux machines I
had lying around. -ERic
\_ isn't this illegal :) jk...
\_ kind of ironic: "Free Os for Free Music!!!"
\_ What is a ripper?
\_ street term for software that converts
cdda (compact disc digital audio) to wav. --sly
\_ cdda and wav are both PCM. rip just means
transfer from CD to your hd. --aaron
\_ Is PCM, pulse code modulation? --sly
\_ I stand corrected.
So, what is pcm, and while on the topic, what
do you guys think of Diamond's Rio
\_ Anybody know if this is legal. You own a cd it gets destroyed
or stolen. You find the same music on the net and you download
it. Is this still legal? If you can make a copy for yourself
then why wouldn't it work in this case. I am taking this from
the same view point as rom rippers who have notices that say
if you don't have the originals or have ever owned the
originals then destroy these copies after a day or so.
Just curious...
\_ Umm, that argument would imply that you've bought a
general license to listen to that audio. I'm guessing
it's more like you bought a license to listen to that
audio as embodied in that medium. You can, by law,
make copies for personal use (e.g. tape a CD to listen
to in the car), but I'm not sure courts would interpret
downloading someone else's backup off the net as being the
same as using your own.

11/15 The Star Wars Episode I trailer will be shown on Tuesday, 11/17
at Jack London Cinema with Meet Joe Black and The Waterboy. After
that, the trailer will open to the public starting 11/20.
\_ Trailer online at a variety of places. official one @
***IF*** you can even get into the site.
\_ Igonore all the flamage below this line and go to:
\_ The complete list of theatres is available at
\_ It's a movie... it's only a movie... relax. Count down from 75.
\_ It's not just a movie!
\_ It's just a movie. Son, you need to count down slowly
from 1 million, taking a valium after each 10,000.
\_ infidel!!!
\_ I thinik you have the valium dosage too low, it should
be at each 100.
\_ You're right. I didn't realise this wasn't even
the movie, but a trailer for a movie. We'll start
him off with 5 valiums to start and then just do
an IV drip until he's at the edge of OD.
Dangerous, I know, but it may be the patient's only
\_ " Help me, Obi-Motd. You're my only hope."
\_ It's only a _trailer_. Even worse.
\_ it's only a MOTD entry. Just slit your wrists for
responding to it.
\_ it's only my asshole. now shut up and lick.
You don't realize how many times this line was shown on ____/
the 306 Soda projection screen during the Help Session
today... I mean, yeah, sure, people are allowed to say what
they wish and to make themselves out to be as loudmouthed
and stupid or as cultured and educated as they want, but
does it really *have* to be the case that the soda motd
and wall are seemingly-infinite sources of tastelessness
and pointless flamage? Might not this sort of babble be
part of the reason that newbies are turned *off* to walling
and the motd? In order to make my point stick, signed: --brg
\_ Yo Mr. Genius, heard of a .hushlogin file? And no one is
impressed that you're willing to sign your high horsedness.
\_ -rw------- 1 brg csua 0 Sep 7 1997 /home/digital/brg/.hushlogin
I wasn't teaching the help session. Sign your name;
you're not "everyone". Besides, my complaint is not that
blocking it out is impossible; incidentally, 7 Sept. 1997
is also the day I got my CSUA account. The complaint is that
anyone who chances to see it thinks "Holy shit, the CSUA is
full of three-year olds!" As officers of the CSUA it seems
like we should be working to make the CSUA less obviously
full of cliquishness and rampant pointless screaming and
more like a place and a community where CS undergrads who
*aren't* already part of the CSUA feel like they could join
in without getting themselves toasted the first time they
try to say something by some vengeful tenured undergraduate
they've never met and never will meet who happens to have a
chip on his shoulder. The fact is that the core group of
active CSUA members (and by that I mean outside of soda the
machine) is pretty darn small these days, and "come get a
soda account so you can wall" is something I can only barely
say with a straight face to someone I don't think has a skin
thick enough to classify them under the species of Armadillo
or Tortoise. --brg
\_ As far as I remember, the "active" membership hasn't been much
bigger. Active wallers, same thing. Just because the old
members are still around doesn't mean there's no new blood.
And if there isn't, it's probably due to factors far beyond
dirty words on the motd. I think that having an informal
online environment, in addition to public machines in the
lounge, donut runs, help sessions and stuff like that actually
would increase the csua's attractiveness. -John
\_ Ok, you've proved you're a genius. Now you can go and apply
that genius to changing the personalities of everyone you
think is a loud mouth on soda. Good FUCKING luck. When
you're older maybe you'll understand you can't change people.
Having a dinky title like "CSUA Librarian" doesn't give you
either the power or the authority to change anyone, much less
the right to try. I suggest you jon the Star Wars fans in the
Valium IV Drip Club. You're not just the President, you're a
client. -- not a whining bully like brg
\_ Too, I have noticed the resounding lack of new blood
in the CSUA, and until the day we can all join hands
and sing, let's take this to the next logical step.
What are some ways we can attract more people to
enliven this community? Are there ways we can agree
on? Do we necessarily want new blood, because if
not the name-calling, purported levels of eliteness,
and ass jokes will continue! - tpc
\_ I kill all of you. - danh
\_ It's time for . . . Happy Point!

11/14 A while ago someone was asking about good file viewers for linux.
Here's a really kick ass looking one I found (but unfortunately
in development)
which was basically a link from the site. Can't seem to
figure out what wm he's using. It sure beats the hell out of explorer
\_ presumably, the gnome wm? and/or KDE?

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