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Apr 7, 2022, 3:15:12 AMApr 7

Read the column in conjunction with watching this video.

I am a living PROOF of these technologies. The EVIL CIA and NSA
Psychopathic SADISTS have been "READING my PRIVATE THOUGHTS and
EMOTIONS" and also physically torturing me by REMOTELY CREATING PAIN in
different parts of my body, even when I am 8000 miles away from US Borders.

But how is it possible?

With Satellites, Cell Towers and other modes.

Target from Satellites is NOT the cell phone but human brain.
Targeted Individual Program Exposed: Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall,
Bryan Kofron, David Voigts

Once our "UNIQUE" DNA Resonance Frequency is LINKED to NSA HIVE AI GiG,
"game is over". We are NEURAL SLAVES forever.

Their EVIL PLAN is to LINK "every human brain" on this planet to NSA

Technology and Infrastructure are already in place, like I proved in
other posts.

Former Google CEO said "entire human history" can be STORED in JUST 5

So, it is just a matter of finding out each human's DNA Resonance
Frequency and link them to NSA HIVE AI GiG.

WHY do you all think CIA invested in a skin care company Allure?

The CIA Wants to Collect People's DNA Through Skin-Care Products

Your govts got ALL your DNA Resonance Frequency information when you
took COVID tests. They can also get your DNA from your garbage cans.


IF anybody can stop these EVIL Shadow Invisible US Govt CIA NSA
Psychopaths from NEURALLY ENSLAVING the entire human species, IT'S ME
but I don't have power.

I know everything about them cuz they DEMONSTRATED "every technology"
they have, to me in the course of STEALTHILY TORTURING me for the last
21 years.

What if I tell you, that there is SOME EXTRAORDINARY INTELLIGENCE with
literally GOD LIKE POWERS which EXISTS in the "air/ether" around us,
which can READ and PROGRAM our BRAINS and is "commanded" by the EVIL
Shadow US Govt CIA NSA Psychopaths?

Yes, they demonstrated it to me every day for the last few years.

Will REVEAL more info about it soon.

The same EVIL Intelligence in the AIR/ETHER around us, can literally
MURDER ME anytime it wants or the EVIL CIA NSA Psychopaths want, and
there is NOTHING I can do to protect myself.

If anybody can protect me and even all of you, it is either Putin or Xi
Jin Ping.

Nobody else.



by John Fleming

There are various other satellite powers, such as manipulating
electronic instruments and appliances like alarms, electronic watches
and clocks, a television, radio, smoke detector and the electrical
system of an automobile. For example, the digital alarm on a watch, tiny
though it is, can be set off by a satellite from hundreds of miles up in
space. And the light bulb of a lamp can be burned out with the burst of
a laser from a satellite. In addition, street lights and porch lights
can be turned on and off at will by someone at the controls of a
satellite, the means being an electromagnetic beam which reverses the
light’s polarity. Or a lamp can be made to burn out in a burst of blue
light when the switch is flicked. As with other satellite powers, it
makes no difference if the light is under a roof or a ton of
concrete--it can still be manipulated by a satellite laser. Types of
satellite lasers include the free-electron laser, the x-ray laser, the
neutral-particle-beam laser, the chemical-oxygen-iodine laser and the
mid-infra-red advanced chemical laser.

Along with mind-reading, one of the most bizarre uses of a satellite is
to physically assault someone. An electronic satellite beam--using far
less energy than needed to blast nuclear missiles in flight--can “slap”
or bludgeon someone on earth. A satellite beam can also be locked onto a
human target, with the victim being unable to evade the menace by
running around or driving around, and can cause harm through application
of pressure on, for example, one’s head. How severe a beating can be
administered from space is a matter of conjecture, but if the ability to
actually murder someone this way has not yet been worked out, there can
be no doubt that it will soon become a reality. There is no mention in
satellite literature of a murder having been committed through the
agency of a satellite, but the very possibility should make the world
take note.

There is yet another macabre power possessed by some satellites:
manipulating a person’s mind with an audio subliminal “message” (a sound
too low for the ear to consciously detect but which affects the
unconscious). In trying thereby to get a person to do what you want him
to do, it does not matter if the target is asleep or awake. A message
could be used to compel a person to say something you would like him to
say, in a manner so spontaneous that noone would be able to realize the
words were contrived by someone else; there is no limit to the range of
ideas an unsuspecting person can be made to voice. The human target
might be compelled to use an obscenity, or persons around the target
might be compelled to say things that insult the target. A sleeping
person, on the other hand, is more vulnerable and can be made to do
something, rather than merely say something. An action compelled by an
audio subliminal message could be to roll off the bed and fall onto the
floor, or to get up and walk around in a trance. However, the sleeping
person can only be made to engage in such an action for only a minute or
so, it seems, since he usually wakes up by then and the “spell” wears.
It should be noted here that although the “hypnotism” of a psychoanalyst
is bogus, unconscious or subconscious manipulation of behavior is
genuine. But the brevity of a subliminal spell effected by a satellite
might be overcome by more research. “The psychiatric community,”
reported Newsweek in 1994, “generally agrees that subliminal perception
exists; a smaller fringe group believes it can be used to change the
psyche.” A Russian doctor, Igor Smirnov, whom the magazine labeled a
“subliminal Dr. Strangelove,” is one scientist studying the
possibilities: “Using electroencephalographs, he measures brain waves,
then uses computers to create a map of the subconscious and various
human impulses, such as anger or the sex drive. Then. through taped
subliminal messages, he claims to physically alter that landscape with
the power of suggestion.” Combining this research with satellite
technology--which has already been done in part--could give its masters
the possibility for the perfect crime, since satellites operate with
perfect discretion, perfect concealment. All these satellite powers can
be abused with impunity. A satellite makes a “clean getaway,” as it
were. Even if a given victim became aware of how a crime was effected,
noone would believe him, and he would be powerless to defend himself or
fight back.

And this indeed is the overriding evil of satellite technology. It is
not just that the technology is unrestrained by public agencies; it is
not just that it is entirely undemocratic. The menace of surveillance
satellites is irresistible; it overwhelms its powerless victims. As
writer Sandra Hochman foresaw near the beginning of the satellite age,
though seriously underestimating the sophistication of the technology
involved: “Omniscient and discrete, satellites peer down at us from
their lofty orbit and keep watch every moment of our lives... From more
than five-hundred miles above earth, a satellite can sight a tennis
ball, photograph it, and send back to earth an image as clear as if it
had been taken on the court at ground zero. Satellites photograph and
record many things...and beam this information, this data, back to quiet
places where it is used in ways we don’t know. Privacy has died.” This
terror is in the here and now. It is not located in the mind of an
eccentric scientist or futurologist. Satellite surveillance is currently
being abused. Thousands of Americans are under satellite surveillance
and have been stripped of their privacy. And presently they would have
little or no recourse in their struggle against the iniquity, since
technology advances well ahead of social institutions.

The powers of satellites, as here described, especially lend themselves
to harassment of someone. The victim could be a business or political
rival, an ex-spouse, a political dissident, a disliked competitor, or
anyone who for whatever reason provokes hatred or contempt. Once the
target is a “signature,” he can almost never escape a satellite’s
probing eyes. (As an article in Science explained, “tiny
computers...check the incoming signals with computerized images, or
‘signatures,’ of what the target should like.”) As long as his tormentor
or tormentors--those with the resources to hire a satellite--desire, the
victim will be subject to continuous scrutiny. His movements will be
known, his conversations heard, his thoughts picked clean, and his whole
life subjected to bogus moralizing, should his tormentor diabolically
use the information gained. A sadist could harass his target with sound
bites, or audio messages, directly broadcast into his room; with
physical assault with a laser; with subliminal audio messages that
disturb his sleep or manipulate persons around him into saying something
that emotionally distresses him; with lasers that turn off street lights
as he approaches them; with tampering with lamps so that they burn out
when he hits the switch; and in general with the knowledge gained
through the omniscient eyes and ears of satellites. In short, a person
with access to satellite technology could make his victim’s life a
living nightmare, a living hell.

How you could arrange to have someone subjected to satellite
surveillance is secretive; it might even be a conspiracy. However, there
seem to be two basic possibilities: surveillance by a government
satellite or surveillance by a commercial satellite. According to an
article in Time magazine from 1997, “commercial satellites are coming
online that are eagle-eyed enough to spot you--and maybe a companion--in
a hot tub.” The Journal of Defense & Diplomacy stated in 1985 that “the
cost of remote sensors is within the reach of [any country] with an
interest, and high-performance remote sensors (or the sensor products)
are readily available. Advances in fourth-generation (and soon
fifth-generation) computer capabilities, especially in terms of VHSIC
(very-high-speed integrated circuits) and parallel processing, hold the
key to rapid exploitation of space-derived data. Wideband, low-power
data relay satellites are, at the same time, providing support for
communication needs and for relay of remote sensor data, thus providing
world-wide sensor coverage.” In addition, The New York Times reported in
1997 that “commercial spy satellites are about to let anyone with a
credit card peer down from the heavens into the compounds of dictators
or the back yards of neighbors with high fences.” “To date [the
newspaper further noted] the Commerce Department has issued licenses to
nine American companies, some with foreign partners, for 11 different
classes of satellites, which have a range of reconnaissance powers.” But
this last article discussed photographic reconnaissance, in which
satellites took pictures of various sites on earth and ejected a capsule
containing film to be recovered and processed, whereas the state of the
art in satellite technology is imaging, detection of targets on earth in
real time. Currently, industry is hard at work miniaturizing
surveillance satellites in order to save money and be in a position to
fill the heavens with more satellites.

It should be pointed out that although satellites are mentioned in this
article with various forms of technology, the satellite is simply the
most important component of space surveillance, but not the only
component. Since actually a satellite is rather passive in that it
reflects to a ground station on earth a beam of energy containing
information; the giant mirrors and prisms of the satellite do the
crucial reflecting, thereby uniting, in a manner of speaking, two points
on earth, point A, the ground station, and point B, the unfortunate
target. No satellite features an on-board EEG, Neurophone, brain-mapping
device or other nefarious instruments. Instead, the satellite is a means
of delivering information that, when received by a technician at a
ground station on earth, can be used for mind reading, conversation
monitoring, and so forth. Also, no satellite has ever read a person’s
mind per se; that can only be done by a human being in the very special
situation of access to the information downlinked to a satellite’s
ground station. Thus, it should be clear that the satellite in space is
only one link—although an inseparable one—in the technology of satellite

Yet no source of information on satellites indicates whether the abuse
of satellite surveillance is mediated by the government or corporations
or both. More telling is the following disclosure by the author of
Satellite Surveillance (1991): “Release of information about spy
satellites would reveal that they have been used against U.S. citizens.
While most of the public supports their use against the enemies of the
U.S., most voters would probably change their attitudes towards
reconnaissance satellites if they knew how extensive the spying has
been. It’s better...that this explosive issue never surfaces.” Few
people are aware of the destruction of the rights of some Americans
through satellite surveillance, and fewer still have any inclination to
oppose it, but unless we do, 1984 looms ever closer. “With the
development of television and the technical device to receive and
transmit on the same instrument, private life came to an end.”

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