Westerners Think They Are Free-Thinking Individualists And It's Effing Adorable

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Aug 7, 2022, 4:25:23 AMAug 7

I knew this FACT decades ago and said so, MANY times here, that Western
filth" on the planet with literally ZERO "independent thinking ability".

WORST PART is, the filth "DOESN'T" have the ability to REMOVE the
brainwashing from their brains, EVEN after told EXACTLY HOW their EVIL
Govt Psychopaths are DECEIVING, MANIPULATING and POISONING them.

Your ENTIRE MSM is "covertly controlled" by the EVIL CIA NSA MI6 MI5
ASIS ASIO Psychopaths.

Did you fucking geddit?

EVERY fucking WORD you HEAR, WATCH, READ from your MSM is "INTENDED" to
"DECEIVE" you.



Western White CLOWNS don't understand that DECEPTION is to DEMOCRACY

To begin with, Western countries are NOT EVEN democracies, but PURE EVIL
Banking, Oil and Pharma ELITES from behind, while PROJECTING the
dumbfuck FILTHY typical low IQ whites like Biden, BoJo, AntAlba as "very
powerful" to the world to DECEIVE and PERPETRATE the LIE that western
countries are "angelic democracies".

"The real rulers in Washington are INVISIBLE and exercise their power
from behind the scenes." ~ Justice Felix Frankfurter, US Supreme Court.

We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the
American public believes is FALSE.
- Former CIA Director William Casey


WAKE THE FUCK UP, you western morons.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT to keep humans, human.

entire human species with Networked Supercomputers AI, to HORRIFICALLY
OPPRESS human species in the near future.


Westerners Think They Are Free-Thinking Individualists And It's Effing


Caitlin Johnstone

The Times has published an article titled "Lady Gaga embodies everything
China fears," subtitled "The singer’s uncompromising individuality makes
her a serious threat to the mass imposition of cultural conformity
through censorship," and its contents are exactly as horrifyingly
idiotic as you would imagine.

Here are the first three paragraphs of the article by Ben Macintyre,
because if I had to read them then so do you:

A woman looking like an extra-terrestrial praying mantis
upholstered in red leather strode on to the stage at Tottenham Hotspur
Stadium, jets of flame shot 100ft into the air, 50,000 outrageously
costumed fans screamed, and I understood why China is so terrified of
Lady Gaga.

For there is nothing so wildly individualistic, so defiant of
convention, so unwilling to be regimented and controlled as Lady Gaga in
full voice, an erotic, exotic ubercelebrity who also contrives to be the
girl next door, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta from New York City.

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball last week was the first UK performance
in seven years by this raw meat-wearing, bisexual feminist who sings of
liberty, drugs, addiction, mental health and the absolute right to
self-expression because she, and everyone else, is Born This Way.
Simultaneously channelling Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana, she is
both an extreme fashion freak and defiantly ordinary, which is why she
is one of the most powerful pop stars in history and, from the point of
view of Beijing’s Communist leadership, a serious threat.

Macintyre goes on to explain that Lady Gaga was banned from China in
2016 for meeting with the Dalai Lama (who just between us is known to
have collected a massive paycheck from the CIA for decades), which makes
her a serious threat whose bold defiance and bisexual feminist
individualism give Xi Jinping screaming night terrors.

"Lady Gaga poses a threat less for her political views, her visit to the
Dalai Lama, and her support for LGBTQ rights than through her
determination to be, and encourage others to be, entirely different,"
Macintyre concludes. "Do What U Want, she sings, and Beijing trembles."

I seriously cannot believe this article was published. Like, anywhere. I
would have been surprised to see it picked up by even the most obscure
clickbait blog in the seediest backwaters of the internet, much less by
a prominent 237 year-old British newspaper.

But from where I sit right now, the funniest thing about it is the way
the article portrays the western world as this bastion of free thought
and individuality. Just that one fact alone eclipses the absurdity of
the fact that the article's author thinks the perfect symbol of this
freedom is Lady Gaga strutting around in a meat dress.

I mean, just the fact that we are ingesting anti-China propaganda to
facilitate the long-term strategic agendas of the US-centralized empire
while reading in the Murdoch press about how free and unique we are
compared to the Chinese shows you how bizarre this claim is.

In an authoritarian regime, you do what the powerful want you to do. In
a Free Democracy™️, you do what you like, and it's only by pure
coincidence that what you like just so happens to always align perfectly
with what the powerful want you to do.

The more you understand about the brainwashing effects of domestic
propaganda in the west, the more adorable it is when you see westerners
talking about themselves as free-thinking individualists living in a
free society in contrast with the citizens of nations like China. A
civilization whose inhabitants are continuously indoctrinated with
power-serving belief systems from childhood until their dying breath is
not individualist, is not free, and is not thinking. Its inhabitants
only think this is so, and they think this is so because they've been
programmed to.

Freedom of thought and freedom of speech only exist on the fringes of
western society, in such small numbers that they make no difference. The
mainstream population whose numbers could be used to effect
revolutionary change are herded into political factions which are
designed to prop up status quo power at every turn and corresponding
media echo chambers which keep them from providing any meaningful
resistance to the machine.

As a whole we are marching in perfect accordance with the will of our
masters: voting how they like, thinking how they like, speaking how they
like, working how they like, shopping how they like, and living how they
like. It is only the power-serving narratives put in our minds by our
education systems and our media which tell us we are free. And it is
only those power-serving narratives which have trained us to look down
our noses at people in nations like China.

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