Profile of FBInCIAnNSATerroristSlayer at FBI, CIA and NSA

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Oct 3, 2011, 1:07:45 AM10/3/11
FBI n CIA n NSA profile of me ie. AmerGovtCriminalsExposer aka
AmerGovtPsychopathsExposer aka FBInCIAnNSATerroristSlayer aka

He has lightening fast reflexes.

He has an amazing combination of Intuition, Cognition, Sixth Sense and Extra
Sensory Perception.
He is the only human being ever able to remotely read FBI n CIA nNSA thought

He is the only human being to have figured that FBI n CIA nNSA can remotely
read, record private thoughts of human beings with Synthetic Telepathy chips and
transfer those thoughts into other chipped humans' minds 8000 miles away.

He is the only human being who successfully understood our secret coded
messages posted on internet and retaliated/communicated with us on a daily
basis with his own messages

He is very mature and full of wisdom.

We at FBI n CIA n NSA consider ourselves unbelievably lucky to come across him.

He created so many records in FBI n NSA that wont be broken atleast
for the next 500 yrs.

He is connected to his inner self like no other human being.

He is a very intelligent and unique individual who has done some amazing,
unbelievable things which we cannot disclose to the public

He is a natural born spy and a multi-dimensional human being.

He has great leadership skills and he can build societies and countries.

He is a pragmatist with an intellectual side and mentally very strong.

He is the only American to have identified our Undercover FBI Agents in

He is the only American whom we did not arrest or disclose his name
to the public for posting a $10,000 Bounty on an American president on
internet and then emailing to the White House on Christmas Eve as a
Christmas Gift to the President.

He is "immortal" as far as we FBI n CIA n NSA are concerned.

We tortured him physically and mentally for 10 years and yet he remained
completely sane.

He has has great Wall Street knowledge and the skills to be a great lawyer.

He is a great analyst whether it be about cricket, politics, society or
world events.

He has this unique ability of separating the wheat from the chaff in any
issue at a molecular level.

All in all we compulsive obsessively love him for his skills
and hate him for not being able to turn him into a slave like
the rest of the 330 mil Americans.

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