Mind Control? Scientists Have Discovered How To Use Nanoparticles To Remotely Control Behavior

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Jun 25, 2022, 6:18:08 AM6/25/22

Tens of millions of americans and global public's brains were SECRETLY
INVADED by the EVIL CIA NSA MI6 ASIS FBI MI5 ASIO Psychopaths for the
last 40+ years.


With Magnetic Nanoparticles, Scientists Remotely Control Neurons and
Animal Behavior

CIA developed these Mind Control Nanobots by the 1970s and have been
SPRAYING these nanobots in the air people breathe in theaters, concert
halls, stadiums, down towns etc and secretly chipping people.

You can EASILY extrapolate that IF a couple of University scientists
"successfully controlled animals remotely", with JUST a couple of
million dollars budget, then HOW ADVANCED CIA technology would be, given
the FACT that they DEVELOPED it since the 1950s with MKULTRA program
with $8.5 Trillions of Black Budgets and the best of the best Mind
Control Scientists, 70 yrs of TIME and "complete secrecy".

That too Declassified CIA documents stated that they achieved production
capability of controlling multiple species of animals by 1961.

Those Mind Control Nanobots travel through our noses when we inhale, and
attach themselves to our brain synapses like shown in the following
video. Millions of them.

Mind Control Nanobots Attaching Themselves To Brain Synapses


The following column by Michael Snyder about "Mind Control Nanobots" was
removed from endoftheamericandream, but thankfully I saved it.

Mind Control? Scientists Have Discovered How To Use Nanoparticles To
Remotely Control Behavior


Mind Control? Scientists Have Discovered How To Use Nanoparticles To
Remotely Control Behavior!

By Michael Snyder, on July 8th, 2010

Are we moving into a time when the extraordinary advances that have been
made in the fields of nanotechnology, neurology, psychology, computer
science, telecommunications and artificial intelligence will be used by
governmental authorities to control the population? Already,
governments around the world are using the threat of “terror” as an
excuse to watch us, track us, scan all of our electronic communications
and force us to endure “security measures” that are so extreme that even
George Orwell could have never dreamed them up. So what is going to
happen one day when some crazed individual actually does set off a
weapon of mass destruction in a major city? The temptation to use these
emerging technologies to control the public will become almost
irresistible. At this point “mind control” is still a dirty word to
many, but after the next couple of “9/11 style events” the general
population will be crying out for something to be done to ensure their
security. When society experiences a complete and total meltdown in the
years ahead, governments around the world will be tempted to do just
about anything, including using mind control, to restore order. That is
why some of the most recent advances in the field on nanotechnology are
so chilling.

In particular, what a team of researchers at the University at Buffalo
have discovered is truly alarming. The following is an excerpt from
their recent news release….

Clusters of heated, magnetic nanoparticles targeted to cell membranes
can remotely control ion channels, neurons and even animal behavior,
according to a paper published by University at Buffalo physicists in
Nature Nanotechnology.

Using nanoparticles to remotely control animal behavior?

It doesn’t take a doctorate to understand the implications of such a

What if “nanobots” that had the capacity to control human minds were
programmed to search out and attach themselves to key areas of the human

Such “nanobots” would be far too small to even be seen by the human eye,
and people could become “infected” with these creatures without even
knowing it.

Hordes of these nanobots could be released into the atmosphere or in
public areas and infect thousands (or even millions) and nobody might
even realize it.

If governments could find a way to use nanobots to remotely control the
minds of the general population, a mass mind control program could be
implemented without the general public even realizing what is going on.

Yes, this is just how scary this technology is.

But it gets even worse.

You see, when it comes to nanotechnology we are dealing with something
far more dangerous than we can even imagine.

For example, if something goes horribly wrong and we develop
speed-breeding self-assembling nanobots that get out of control, they
could theoretically devour all life on Earth in fairly short order.

Think of the scene at the end of the recent Keanu Reeves movie entitled
“The Day The Earth Stood Still” and multiply it by about a million.

But even if such a scenario never plays out, the mind control potential
of nanotechnology is bad enough.

Not that other mind control technologies aren’t equally as dangerous.

The truth is that all kinds of mind control technologies are being

Video game makers are busy developing games that you control not with a
joystick or a gamepad but rather with your brain waves. So could such a
technology someday be used in reverse?

Of course most people by now have heard of MK-ULTRA and other mind
control programs that were developed by the CIA and other U.S.
government agencies.

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