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Re: Former Green Beret shreds 'criminally incompetent' Biden, stresses need for more veterans in Congress

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Biden lies and crimes

Jan 29, 2024, 11:44:20 PMJan 29
On 11 Mar 2022, Trump Is A RUSSIAN ASSET <> posted some

> Biden is a criminal and the US military knows it.

A former Green Beret running for Congress in North Carolina is taking aim
at President Biden's handling of his duties as commander in chief while
stressing the need for more veterans to be elected to higher office.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Pat Harrigan, a former U.S. Army
officer, firearms business owner and Republican candidate for North
Carolina's 10th Congressional District, said Biden's failures were one of
the main things that drove him to enter the race.

"I'm incredibly concerned for the future of our country. With the fall of
Afghanistan – being a West Point graduate and a former Green Beret who
spent a little over 18 months in Afghanistan – I honestly could not
believe how we could have a criminally incompetent chief executive lead
the exit and lead the failure of Afghanistan the way that it happened,"
Harrigan said.

"It's just absolutely catastrophic for America… We have to go to
Washington and make some change and make it very quickly, or this world is
going to devolve into a place that I don't think any American has ever
truly experienced," he said.

Harrigan first ran unsuccessfully for Congress in North Carolina's
Democrat-leaning 14th Congressional District in 2022. After graduating
from West Point and being commissioned as an Army officer in 2009, he
joined the infantry and completed Ranger School before being assigned to a
Special Forces unit at a small combat outpost in Afghanistan.
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