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UK Mil is AFRAID Of Ukraine Drones - Knows They Can be Automated Easily

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Feb 4, 2024, 11:08:45 PMFeb 4

Death from above: Ukraine's new suicide drones are the start
of a 'terrifying' arms race British military chiefs fear could
create the next 'weapon of mass destruction'

First-person view drones are the latest revolution on
Ukraine's battlefield

. . .

What they're referring to are quite small drones, with a
live video link and operator - and something like a
hand-grenade attached.

There's a vid of one chasing a Russian around a damaged
tank. He climbs all over trying to hide - but they get
him anyway. Boom. Affixing some kind of small gun might
be more resource-efficient though ... could nail several
and maybe bring the drone home for a reload.

Ukraine has been forced to make-do against a serious foe
but with just a shoestring budget. One of their tricks
has been to build and leverage drones. Countless battle
tanks have fallen to them, and plenty of supply convoys
and soldiers too.

What seems to worry the Brits is that the current designs
could easily be fitted with some kind of "AI" ... meaning
a human would only have to guide them just-so-much and
they could identify equipment and soldiers on their own
thereafter, spend their last moments as autonomous
weapons, piloting around better than a human could do.

Well, hate to say it, but China seems to have been putting
a LOT of effort - right down to generational "AI" chips -
into making exactly these sorts of autonomous weapons.
Instead of worrying about Ukraine, better LEARN from them
and TRY to update their designs - quick.

If it ever gets bad with China, maybe Russia, the battlefield
will look less like WW-2 and more like something from the
"Terminator" movies - smart fast armed drones that can
exactly target troops and hardware. Send in the Marines
and they'll all be dead within minutes. A whole new
war paradigm.

I don't think the 'west' is keeping up ... more like the
last years of Japan and the Samauri - "Let's just BAN guns !".
That didn't last very long ....

Neither Russia or China or NK or Iran have the slightest
desire or intent to ban autonomous military drones. They
push full speed ahead.
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