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Desperate Housewife US Military Releases New All White Recruitment Ad, Gets Flamed

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D. Ray

Nov 10, 2023, 2:10:47 PM11/10/23
US Military recruitment has been in the toilet for years now. Last time we
checked in, they had tried rectifying the situation before by going back to
mostly White recruitment ads, albeit with a Kang Of Colour as the
centrepiece. It didn’t appear to work, and the online flaming was as bad
for that as it was for Rangz of the Kangz and other Hollywood
(((product))). This makes sense, as the owners of the military and the
owners of Hollywood are one and the same, and you will in fact be dying for
trans jewlattos of colour and their adopted lesbian sons.

Normally I’d download the video, edit it, upload it to Odysee and then
embed the video, so as to make sure that we still have it even if the
original tweet goes down. In this case, I find it not worth my time. All
you need to know is that this is the first time I’ve seen White People
getting representation in advertising since those assisted suicide ads.

Shockingly, the commentariat is not so easily pleased.


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