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Never Underestimate Foes - Iran Militia Faked-Out US Base For Drone Attack

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Jan 29, 2024, 7:39:19 PMJan 29

An enemy drone launched by Iranian proxies that killed three
U.S. soldiers was able to evade detection by approaching the
base in Jordan as a U.S. drone was returning to the facility,
according to a Defense Department official.

The attackers, members of an Iran-backed militia, saw an
“opportunity” and “exploited” it, said the official, who
was granted anonymity to discuss a developing security

. . .

Clever, gotta respect that. Sent their drone in just as
US drones were returning - couldn't tell it wasn't ours.

Never underestimate enemies. We've done that before and
PAID for it dearly. The enemy may seem primitive, oafish,
ridiculous - but that does not mean they can't fight
smart as hell.

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