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"Comrade Soldiers ! Line Up For Parade (in a war zone)" - Guess What's Next ...

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Feb 21, 2024, 7:41:30 PMFeb 21

Russian forces were hit by one of the single most devastating
blows of the war when a Ukrainian HIMARS missile strike wiped
out 65 soldiers ordered to line up in formation by a
blundering commander.

Harrowing footage taken by horrified survivors showed how
dozens of bodies were left strewn across a pockmarked,
charred field in the aftermath of the strike.

The soldiers and officers were killed en masse - with
more wounded - because they had been ordered to line up
for an impromptu inspection by leading war commander
Major-General Oleg Moiseev, 49.

. . .

Oh, just WOW ! What a fuckin' MORON ! With
commanders like that no wonder half the
Russian army has died in Ukraine.

Next, line-up all your tanks and trucks
nice and neat ........

Sorry, can't blame Ukraine for anything here.
Their drones saw what was going on and it
was just TOO tempting !
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