Plato On Making Love - And Defining Loneliness {HRI 20041114-V2.1}

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Koos Nolst Trenite

May 25, 2007, 5:10:54 PM5/25/07
Plato On Making Love - And Defining Loneliness

14 November 2004
{HRI 20041114-V2.1}

(Version 2.1
on 25 May 2007)


When Making Love is feeling another person sexually, then, like all of
life, it is a spiritual matter, of course,

as any FEELING is spiritual. In fact, it defines spiritual.


Then we say, that Making Love is a matter of creating and of feeling
sexual Life Energy, and that doing so,

largely consists of feeling the soul of another, of the one with whom
you are creating and feeling sexual Energies.


Loneliness is (and therefore it is defined as) the blocking Energy
that is projected by a Criminal Mind, and that prevents you from
sensing and feeling the souls of other people.

Loneliness is not a normal condition, because normally you feel
people, wherever they are:

Therefore it is an enforced condition, 'loneliness' IS the Energy
that blocks you from feeling others, and that blocks others from
feeling you.

That Energy, as you know by now, is only inflicted by
Criminal Minds

- because normal people want others to enjoy and to
feel each other. *(1)


You can remove that Energy, as it also responds to your
thought, and - 'Poof!' - the loneliness is gone the moment
you can feel the soul of others again,

which has nothing to do with distance, by the way,
because you can be in a crowd or in a city, and still
feel lonely; or on the other hand,

you can feel the soul of someone you love, the warmth
and aliveness of true love, and you can also feel the
sexual feelings someone has for you, from a thousand
miles away.

Feeling - any feeling - is spiritual.

So also what people call by all kind of strange
names, such as "self-pleasure" or such, or 'you
have sex with yourself,' there is much
interaction going on at a spiritual level,

which people are educated not to talk about to
each other, or they pretend that sex is "not
spiritual," and they expect, that you do not
mention, at least not in words, that you were
happy to feel their sexual feelings for you.

And these feelings are indeed connecting Energies.

Thus you feel the soul, the person - and you feel the
loving and caring, and also the sexual Energy, if
projected at you, or at or into your body, from
another for you. Or maybe just the Energy of a kiss
on your forehead, or a radiation of another's intense
happiness about you.


Criminal Minds try to block that connecting,

they try to mess it up, to get in
between, and they do all kind of most
repulsive and unimaginably indecent
things, spiritually,

they impersonate (making it feel to you
AS IF "you feel the one whom you do
love"), and

they pull away your connecting Energies,
your Love Energy, and your Sexual Energy
too, and even your Energy for DESIRING to
connect and for DESIRING to feel, and

that blocking is done with harmful Energies and
with extremely mean lies, that they create and
project for you to feel "as true," or "as your

or they set this up as a religion

- in Islam for instance, as it now is
becoming a nuisance to civilized
society, how they DESTROY love between
boys and girls, and men and women,
by means of very repulsive methods -

with celibate, or other highly IMMORAL

Criminal Minds have everything
in reverse, so they make it so,
that having loving, beautiful and
truthful feelings of sex, to be
"immoral," and they make it so,
in any manner or circumstance
they can manage to insinuate their

that NOT expressing, yes, even
that NOT feeling the very natural
and very intense love that people
very naturally have - as their
greatest God-given quality, some
might like to say, quite correctly
by the way - for each other,

that NOT feeling sex "is moral,"

so, that THEY can dictate to you

- and THAT is their only purpose -

NOT to love others that you do love,
and indeed,

Criminal Minds use this generally to
dominate and to destroy your life in
many ways, by

BLOCKING your feelings for others, or
the connection to others,

which connection is entirely done
WITH FEELINGS, including sexual
feelings, ANY FEELINGS

which Criminal Minds distort, deny and
block, by means of

Harmful Energies (harmful ideas, harmful
intentions, and harmful feelings)

Harmful Energies intending to make you feel

Energies that intend to prevent you from
feeling Love, and to stop you from, to destroy
your feeling Beautiful sexual sensations, *(4)

and what then remains, is what they
want to enforce on you: that "Sex
is Ugly" or that, if you want to have
sex, "you can only have Ugly or only
dishonest or treacherous or perverted
sex," or none at all,

because normal, beautiful and loving
sex - which means freely created and
freely received and freely exchanged
sex - is "forbidden,"

or otherwise blocked and prevented with
what Criminal Minds create and project
as Harmful

Energies that try to make you feel Pain or
Ugliness when you desire sexual feelings, etc.,
and that result eventually in various medical
conditions "of old age,"

if those BLOCKING Energies are not removed in
one way or the other. *(2)(12)


'Loneliness' IS (feeling) the Energy that blocks you from feeling
others, and that blocks others from feeling you.

That Energy, as you know by now, is only inflicted by
Criminal Minds

- because normal people want others to enjoy and to
feel each other. *(1)

It has become so bad, that you have adopted as the "safe" way to go
about in in life, is

'To NOT Love or Feel people, but instead to ADMIRE them.'

That is "safe," because Loving includes - of course - actual
looking at another, and seeing another's actual condition. *(n)
[Definition of Friendship]

On the other hand, Admiration does NOT involve looking, but just
giving someone the Energy of "feeling good:"

Admiration is the Criminal Mind's SUBSTITUTE for Love,

as a Criminal Mind is neither capable of actual Love,
nor desires actual Love, but in fact detests it,
loathes it, hates Love, from the depth of his (or
her) soul,

because they do not want to be looked at as
they really are. And they want that others
ALSO do not look at who people really are,
and so they hate actual Love, which DOES look
at the soul of another, and at its condition.


So you - or I do get (I have to deal with) certain
people who greatly, intensely Admire me, but

wonder oh wonder, who do NOT Love me, regardless of
what they say or do to make it SEEM otherwise.




Criminal Minds try to separate people, and they try
to and do make people sick,

and they try to and do confuse your understanding of
life - even by separating and making things seem to
be opposed that naturally are not separate and not
opposed at all:

Such as 'thinking and feeling,'

(feeling IS - a very efficient
form of - thinking; and
thinking IS feeling things
about a certain subject).

and 'emotion and reason,'

(your emotions are how you
connect to life, and about
how life connects to you or
is felt by you, and naturally
that is guided by you with
reason - that already DEFINES
sanity). *(11)


And Criminal Minds try to make it so, that also Love
and Sexual feelings "oppose each other," like "Pure
Love can only be pure, without sexual feelings," and
so on. *(3)

But Love and sexual feelings are
very much related, and it is rather
a matter of how well you direct
those that you feel from yourself,
to others, and

how you handle those that you feel
(and that exist whether you feel
them or not, or whether you like
these or do not like these) from
others, to you;

and it is rather a matter also of
how well you relate these feelings
to the type of body (gender) you

how well you are able
- meaning not blocked or
frustrated - in desiring to
feel your own body and its
Energies (its gender) and
also in desiring to feel
the opposite gender,

in connection with these feelings.



And if you have sex with another, you want of course - because you are
a human being and not an animal - to see or feel or sense the soul of

Feeling another person sexually, is, like all of life,
entirely a spiritual matter, and all feeling IS spiritual.

And this then makes obvious, what you already know and have

That you can, and do indeed feel another sexually also without
physically touching,

which you may call Platonic sex, if you like, and which is part
of every day life and of every night too,

and, in the case of Plato certainly, is an expression of
one's intense Love, and is Beauty felt, and is Truth

So when a man and a woman meet, who very strongly love each
other, then there is a great deal of Platonic sex occurring
between them, also when their bodies do not touch, and even when
they are thousands of miles apart.

Such is the nature of life, and of Love between man and

The above example, of course, applies when they are
not already in another sexual relation that feeds and
satisfies their desires.




Having sex is a tremendously powerful expression of Love between a man
and a woman who really Love each other, and then also

having that sex indeed brings about an enormous increase of Love

(by and while having sex as an expression of Love, and when it is
based on Truth and on Beauty, then - as you know of lovers - they
strongly create the Energy of Love, and thus health and sanity

not only in themselves and in each other, but also in the world at


Thus to wait for or want to be given permission to do so, from anyone,
is a situation and condition that must be avoided and handled by any
available means

by which you counter those Criminal Minds *(6)(7)(8)(9) who since
ever installed and who forever will try to continue to enforce
rules, customs or even laws

by which they,

Criminal Minds and the Destructive Cowards who help them,
with a never ending stream of pretenses,

try to prevent you or to hinder you and others from being alive,

who try, as much as they can, to hinder you and others who ARE
capable of great Love,

to create and express such tremendously powerful and socially
enormously beneficial Love also by having sex. *(10)


Having sex is then indeed making Love - to increase the Trinity of
Beauty, Truth and Love *(5) - and it should be.


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

'God gave Solomon wisdom
and very great insight,
and a breadth of understanding
as measureless
as the sand on the seashore.'

1 Kings 4:29


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